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Do you know about Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth? Does it really cure everything from the plague to bad breath? I tested it on my dogs and…




Sherry Shivley, 2014 Journalist Award


I read about the wonders of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. It seemed to cure everything from the plague to bad breath so I decided to test it out on my own dogs.


this is what diatomaceous earth (DE) looks likeFirst, I looked it up. One definition of diatomaceous earth said it is “soft, crumbly, porous sedimentary deposit formed from the fossil remains of diatoms.” Okay I get that it is very old stuff but what is a diatom? I looked it up, one site said it or they (?) are “tiny, aquatic organisms.” Another said “Diatomaceous Earth is microscopic one celled plants (Phytoplankton) called Diatoms which lived in oceans and lakes in the Western US and around the world.” Wow! Miracle mud?


So basically, diatoms are like the grass of oceans and lakes, the food for fresh water grazers. If you would magnify DE, it would look like a spiny honeycomb.


These spines are what destroys internal parasites by raking along them, causing them to dry out and die. Whatever, it is safe to ingest and I remember being taught that all life came from the ocean so…


When I gave it a taste test, I gagged. Humans and dirt don’t mix apparently. But one of my boxers loves to catch dumb bunnies and birds, then devour them. This lead to constant worming but a 12 oz jar of the diatomaceous “earth” only costs about $15 so I thought I would give it a shot.


First I sprinkled it dry on their food. It caked on their noses and was like cement coming off with a wet rag. Then I mixed it with low sodium chicken broth. BAM!! Big hit, bowls were licked clean, and no cement on the schnozzle! So I make mud pies for my dogs and they gobble it up.


And just like the information said, in just two days I began seeing dried bits of what looked like uncooked spaghetti in my dogs’ stools. After a week of feeding the powdered-earth, I saw no worms in the poop and only some white residue on his rear. Could it really be this easy? No stress on the system? No worrying about accidents?


It has now been 3 weeks and I am seeing NO evidence of worms at all. He is gaining weight and his coat is soft and shiny.


a little diatomaceous earth added to your dog's food can be beneficialYou can also use Diatomaceous Earth as a flea and tick treatment. Instead of using chemicals, just sprinkle a bit on your pet and rub into its coat. It smothers any critter living there! This is a plus for me because my cat cannot tolerate pour-on flea and tick treatment. You can also lightly sprinkle it on their beds and loafing areas.


Diatomaceous Earth is used for hogs, horses, sheep, and cattle too. You can also use it around the yard to kill ants and keep bugs away from flowers and vegetables.


After trying it, I am convinced of its safety and effectiveness. Make sure you get FOOD GRADE Diatomaceous Earth because the other is treated with chemicals and can be highly toxic.


So that’s my news, at least it was good news to me Diatomaceous Earth is an easy way to treat internal and external parasites and it even helps with tooth and bone density because of the silica in it. It has a long shelf life if kept dry and is inexpensive to use. Yup, I will continue to use this fossilized “earth”. I hope you give it a try and see if it works for you as well.


See ya around the ring ~

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