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Homeopathy: Soft Drinks Bad For Health

by Dorothy “Dot” Martin


Some people have escaped the mind-numbing effects of the chemical and toxic assaults to which we are exposed. We value their wisdom because what affects us can affect our dogs - and vice versa.


Everyone wants to save money these days. Here is a suggestion that could save you starting right away –today-and give you some extra to spend on that rising dollar amount at the “pump.”.


You need to stop taking the vitamin and mineral supplements that are supposed to be making you healthy and wise. Forget the “wealthy” part. If you are drinking even one drink per day with carbonated water in it, the vitamins that you take are being washed right out of your body with ever swallow. Never mind the ones that you paid those hard earned dollars for, because included in the mix is what ever nutrients are left in your veggies, fruits and meat after they are cooked.


We all know what drinks have carbonated water, don’t we? That would be your soft drinks, sodas, pop and includes the name brands that they often go by.


It is no wonder to me that a large percentage of Americans are over weight starting with our children. Our food is a “waste-line”. Add to that the dirty air we breathe, chlorinated water we drink, pills we take and sugar we eat, how does anyone get to be 50 years of age these days?


Well, enough of the doom and gloom. There are substitutes for the carbonated thieves.


It is a well-known and recommended statement by the medical profession that every man, woman and child should be drinking WATER. That would be an 8 ounce glass 8 times a day. If you switch to the water, you will have little room for anything else. But tea, coffee, fruit juice and other drinks that you may prefer can be used in addition while you are drinking all that water. The money you were spending on vitamins will now be much cheaper than what you are spending on soda. I know how it feels to go thru “Coke” withdrawal. I was once a “6 packer” per day Diet Coke junkie. You don’t have to go thru rehab to recover and once they are out of your life, the addiction fades to nothing.


Remember “Man does not live by bread alone”. Water is a vital part of life.


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Homeopathic remedies are not taken to prevent illness as shots are. They work best when used shortly after an illness begins or an accident happens. Their job is to encourage the body to heal. For the same reason, you would take them when you experience pain or as in surgery, just before it is to happen. You stop taking them when the pain subsides or the injury is healed.


Another nice thing about them is that they are not expensive and are available at most health food stores.


There are over 1000 various remedies made from various things in nature that can help when things go “bump” in the night. Think of Arnica when bruised.


Always seek the help of your Doctor or Vet. Homeopathy does not replace good medical care.


To your continued good health. EST 1998 © 065126159


Editor’s Note: The International Sports Medicine recommendation is ? oz water per pound of body weight for inactive persons and active people can safely double that amount because they will flush excess fluid through the pores, i.e. sweating.




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