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Homeopathy is safer than most prescription drugs and often as effective.  Fleas are everywhere but there are safe remedies to protect your dog and keep him tick and flea-free.




Non-Poisonous, Non-Toxic Flea Control

by Dot Martin, AKC Group Judge & Pom Breeder


Non-toxic flea killer is important because cats, dogs, and even some humans have fleas. They are everywhere - indoors as well as outdoors.


We spend hundreds of dollars every year trying to get them out of the carpet, out of the yard and off our companion animals. Many, many years ago, humans used lap dogs to keep the fleas off their own bodies.


I found this flea product when I first started making my own dog food in 1986. - I admit that I didn’t get it to prevent fleas and had no idea at the time that it worked for that purpose. It was suggested in a book “Reigning Cats and Dogs.”


The recommended usage was for the home made dog food which contains raw beef. The product destroys E. Coli and Salmonella in the meat. Every time I made a batch of food, I added Nutribiotic (the brand name) Grapefruit Seed Extract, aka GSE, to my moist food and fed it to my dogs.


After some time, I began to notice that any fleas that were on the dogs were already immobile and/or dead. This was always the case. Upon discussing the phenomenon in my homeopathy class, I learned that this was a bonus to be gained from use of GSE.


That was 14 years ago. Since then I have not had fleas on my dogs. We attend dog shows, have other dogs in close proximity to our dogs and still any fleas that turn up during a bath are dead. How much money I have saved, I do not calculate. An additional bonus is the departure of tapeworms that were at one time painfully obvious on the pants of my Poms. Fleas are part of the life cycle of the tapeworm.


A 4 oz. bottle of GSE costs about $20.00. There is a smaller 2 oz bottle for $12.00. Since the dosage is one drop of GSE per ounce of water, we only need to purchase one bottle each year. Add to that the cost of those worm preparations; the savings are quite welcome for me.



For a gallon container of moist food, I add 20 drops of GSE. Then my dogs get the benefit each time they eat. It must be used each day and be in the animals’ blood so that when fleas bite, they are poisoned by the GSE.


Some of my friends who use commercial dog food put the GSE in their dog’s water each day so that the protection is provided when the dog takes a drink. Either way, your dog won’t be poisoned and you will save money to spend on other things.


Humans can use GSE when they have eaten something that may have been a bit off color and has upset one’s stomach. Again the dosage would be 1 drop GSE to 1 Oz. of liquid. Don’t use directly in the mouth. It is quite bitter and you will not enjoy the taste.


Consider the humble product that is never advertised and therefore, not well known but the word is spreading and perhaps some day we could all have “flea free dogs.”


To your continued good health and sensible flea control. Click here or the GSE bottle to go to their website


Editor's note: We've had calls wanting to know where to get the product Dot uses.  I have added a direct link to the Nutribiotic website and the product image for reader convenience.

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