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Pet owner, breeder, or exhibitor; everyone depends on you. Here are resolution-solutions to keep yourself and your pets happy, healthy, and energized.





Resolve to watch your dog to prevent dog theft.  Dog-napping has become the new urban crime but also occurs in the 'burbs.WATCH MY DOGS! Dog theft is on the rise and not limited to urban areas. Dec 28, 2012 CBS New York reported “Dogs are being stolen out of cars, yards, off sidewalks and even out of shelters at an alarming rate, according to the American Kennel Club.” The Cavalier King Charles “Marley” made TV news when a lady bought the dog from a peddler, knowing he had to have been stolen. She took him to the vet, had the purebred Charlie scanned for a microchip, and thus located his broken-hearted 7 year old owner.


AKC told CBS News “Last year for example we tracked more than 432 pet thefts and that’s just scratching the surface,” Peterson said. “For the first time ever we’ve seen a trend now where shelters are being broken into and purebred and mixed breed dogs are being stolen.” AKC offers a great deal on microchips so resolve to order today!


TheDogPress has had several reports of stolen purebreds, including valuable dogs seized by Animal Control. Microchip your dogs, and be alert, especially if you own a small breed.


POWER NAP: As a dog breeder, there’s always something else to do but depression and physical disorders can be caused by lack of sleep. Karen Schwartz, MD, associate professor of psychiatry at John Hopkins Medical Center, says her New Year’s resolution is “giving myself a bedtime, 11 PM every night, and I’ll wake up at 6:30 AM, so that’s a good, consistent 7 ˝ hours."


Okay so you may have to get up to feed the new litter at 3 AM but during that time it is even more important to get an afternoon power nap. Human biorhythms slow down between 1 and 3 PM and studies show, even 20 minutes during that time period, will rejuvenate and refresh us. An afternoon nap does so much to relieve work-related stress and increase productivity that many companies have installed nap-rooms.


So learn from your dogs. Perhaps it is their ability to relax and take frequent naps throughout the day that accounts for their unfailing good mood and joy in living.


Resolve to give your dog fresh in-season fruit and veggies and avoid imported produce which is unnatural and has lost its vigor.SEASONAL FOODS: In order to provide optimal care for your dogs and your family, you have to remain healthy. Melina Jampolis, MD is a nutrition specialist. Her New Year’s resolution is to eat less refined foods, more fresh produce and only what’s in season.


That applies to your dog! Sure he’s primarily a carnivore but like his first cousin the bear, he will relish certain fruits and vegetables. The best he can do is sneak a mouthful of green grasses but in the wild, he would also eat other fresh vegetation.


Dr. Jampolis emphasizes we should eat fruits and vegetables when they are in season. The conveniences of modern life are largely responsible for increased human health problems even though we live longer. We drive instead of walk and we eat imported, out of season vegetables and fruits. Enjoy your steak or rack of lamb but skip the carbs and choose at least two fresh in-season vegetables and a fresh fruit dessert. Your waistline will thank you. So will your dog.


Public image is important, resolve to project a positive image of yourself as a dog breeder and dog show exhibitor.  Jake and The Fat Man were great for the Bulldog's image!PUBLIC IMAGE: Resolve to project a positive image everywhere you go as a dog owner. Even though Animal Rights activists smear dog breeders and much of the media makes a mockery of dog shows, negative press is effectively countered when the nation’s most glamorous dog jockeys make their grand entrance into the group rings with breathtakingly beautiful or delightfully huggable dogs. Westminster, Eukanuba, everyone is impressed.


It is at the local show where harried handlers slog ankle deep in mud, the bulldog gasps in blistering heat and the Saint slings slobber into a spectator’s face that our slip begins to show. It sags to our ankles when, running late for ring call, we’re accosted by a family with four sticky-fingered children reaching for our Sammy. That's when we have to hang onto our dignity, image, and common sense! Invite them to run with you to ringside so they can watch your breed perform. Remember, they probably came to a dog show to decide on a breed and where to buy a puppy.


As harried as you may be, don’t send them to the pet shop! Don’t blow undercoat in the young couple’s face when they stop to admire the Akita on your grooming table. Either shut off the blow-dryer and take a break or explain that your dog is due in the ring in a few minutes and with a smile, ask if they can meet you there to clap for her or come back in five minutes and help escort her to the ring. Sale saved. Public image preserved. Good job!


NURSING BITCH HUNGER STRIKE? This isn't a New Year's Resolution. We hope you don't need it but our staff said you should resolve to try it for any fussy eater. It is shared by Violet Denney, All-Breeds UKC judge and Toy Fox Terrier breeder.


Resolve to try this "make milk" formula the next time a new mother refuses to eat.1 lg. package of vanilla pudding -- I like the kind you cook

1/2 cup of sugar

1 can goat milk, mix it up with water, until it makes 1 quart

4 egg yolks, save the whites


Cook on low heat, until it starts to get thick, stirring often, so it won't stick. When thickened, put in fridge right away. Take out a bowl each morning--1/2 cup or even 1 cup---whatever she will eat, and warm in micro-wave. If she doesn't want to eat it (most bitches will at least try it) then suck it up in a large dropper like a turkey baster - you can buy one from Wal-Mart - and force feed her if you have to. This is a super rich formula and will make milk for her babies.


Then take the 4 egg whites, whip them up and pour into a small frying pan. Sprinkle with grated cheese, cook until formed, then flip over and gently cook the other side. This makes a great omelet for the mother. My moms just love it and it gets them to eating on their own.




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