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You need to know how a military and veterinary tested photonic LED healing device can reduce medical costs for horse and dog owners - and your family!





Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher,


We shudder at the thought of using dogs for laboratory testing but we urge owners and science to employ photonic therapy because our pets are in so many ways, the basis for human health and longevity.


Stop and think about how much companion animals contribute, directly and indirectly, to our sustained good health. Research has proven that taking care of a pet stimulates physical activity which for the elderly, ill, or handicapped, would not otherwise be a part of daily routine. Stroking a pet lowers blood pressure, heart rate, and provides tactile comfort. Certainly being so unconditionally adored by a dog is good for morale and self-esteem.


But what about peripheral health education? Most of us learn about vitamins, supplements, homeopathic and herbal remedies through trying them out on our dogs. We’ll try any product guaranteed to grow a better coat, insure conception, reproductive ability, or prevent hip dysplasia!


So actually, we all do animal testing. Intelligent owners recognize and respect one simple fact - there is absolutely no placebo effect in animals.{1} We can’t convince them that what's written on a prescription pad is going to help them. Animals pay no attention to the bombardment of TV commercials promising to cure everything from dry eyes to sexual dysfunction. You can tell them how much it will help them as you conceal a pill in cream cheese or peanut butter but they are only interested in the treat, not the cure. Our pets simply eat what we give them, swallow their pills, and prove or disprove our theories.


That's why animals are such reliable subjects for testing new therapies. It’s not because they can’t report unsatisfactory results to the media... No, the results, good, bad, or negligible, are genuine and quicker in animals.


How many know that All Breed Judge Dr. Wilfred Shute discovered and pioneered the importance of vitamin E?  He was a famous heart doctor, a Canadian if I remember correctly. There are other doctors and veterinarians who, despite the unwillingness of allopathic (conventional) medicine to acknowledge new science, have explored herbs, vitamins, and the new field of energy medicine.


Here's a personal example of how dogs dramatically convinced this skeptic of the miraculous effectiveness of “energy medicine.” I have two dog/horse friends who both have a truck-load of common sense. In 2002, through my Texas friend-researcher, we learned about energy medicine and successfully applied that knowledge in treating my husband’s cancer.


 Photonic Health, LLC 

Hope, health and harmony with

red light therapy, we are

"Lighting the way to natural pet care"

So a couple of years later, when Tam called to say there was a gadget we should know about, we took her advice and purchased the original photonic torch, introduced by Brian McLaren, a medical doctor, acupuncturist and equine veterinary legend.


About a year later, worried about rabies reports in my rural county, I lost confidence in my own advice and took one of my older dogs in for a rabies booster. The rest of the day passed swiftly, dogs napping, me working at the computer but that evening Hugely wasn’t doing his pogo stick routine at go-out time. In fact, he didn’t want to stand. I picked him up, stood him on the floor and said "Let's go out". He wobbled unsteadily to the door, head down. As soon as his feet touched grass, unable lift a leg, he settled for a puppy-squat and then struggling to maintain his balance, came back to stand before me, head still lowered.


Hands shaking but brain functioning, I whisked him to the table and reached for the LED torch. The rabies injection site was lumpy and tender as I applied the photonic red light to all therapy points while pondering a trip to Emergency. Less than ten minutes later, I set him back on the floor and watched as he returned to his bed, turned around and around as though testing himself, then he laid down and curled up. Was it my imagination or had he been steadier on his feet? I decided against a trip to the emergency vet, electing to observe him instead.


Two hours later, I called him from his crate and sure enough, his head was carried, if not high, at least higher than spine level. He walked normally to the door, across the yard, and lifted a leg on his favorite rock. Obviously pleased with himself, he shook vigorously, up went the tail and he trotted off to anoint a bush. My mouth was agape as I realized what the torch had done. We had used it many times but never with such dramatic before-after results.


I called Tam and she just laughed. They had used photonic therapy on a lamed-up horse with similar results. We agreed my dog's partial paralysis was caused by an outdated veterinarian who still gave rabies vaccine between the shoulder blades. We recalled that our horses used to get shot in the neck (further from the rear legs) but they now get rabies vaccine in the haunch - further from the brain stem! My regular veterinarian was on vacation and while I was turned away talking to the vet tech, the old fool fill-in gave Hugely the rabies shot right between the shoulder blades!


Here's the take-away from that horrible experience.  Were it not for paying attention to what animals teach us, I would never have discovered the torch. I’ve shared the photonic therapy device with friends and seen other “miracles” occur. The U.S. Military uses a similar but more powerful LED device that was field tested in Afghanistan where soldiers suffering from severe burns or shrapnel wounds returned to active duty over 50% sooner than with conventional treatment. My veterinarian ordered a similar device but she said it cost over $20,000. I thought about that when I paid the bill.


We all abhor the use of highly evolved animals like dogs and monkeys for laboratory and medical testing.  But observant animal owners can learn what medication, devices, therapies, herbs, and foods actually work.  We are thankful for all that our animal friends do for owners who keep an open mind to the "possibilities" that are proven by our pets.

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