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Power towers, cell phones, microwaves, smart TVs, all emit Electro-Magnetic-Frequencies that adversely affect brain, cognition and emotional health in people and pets.




EMF Pollution: How to Mitigate The Effects

by Preston James, Ph.D.


For dog owners who may be skeptical about the seriousness of electromagnetic emissions on living organisms, allow me to preface this information with a recent citation.


European health studies conducted by Medical Doctors showed 3-6% of the populace have altered EKGs and EEGs. In at least one Scandinavian nation, EMF sensitivity is a recognized medical disability and a sanctuary city has been set up with highly reduced EMF emissions for those who are designated as EMF sensitive or affected. See ii EMF effects and symptoms


Smart Meters and Dirty Electricity

EMF experts claim that power company Smartmeters (now digital instead of the old analog) are no longer UL rated and that these newer meters have caused larger electric bills with the same prior usage, in addition to numerous complaints about sleeping problems, headaches, nervousness, agitation and various illnesses. These devices not only provide the Electrical Utilities with the remote ability to bill for electrical usage but also to monitor specific “smart appliances” such as your refrigerator, furnace and A/C.


The electrical utilities providers demonstrate no concern for the EMF smog that Smartmeters can produce nor how EMF sensitive individuals or children are affected.  Smartmeters have been documented emitting large EMF pulsed beam bursts. This can affect electro/EMF-sensitive individuals, disturb sleep, and cause behavioral problems such as excessive anxiety, night terrors and depression.


Counter measures include using grounded stainless steel screen or two thicknesses of grounded aluminum screen wrapped around the Smartmeter itself, and by hanging an EMF shield of special fabric inside which adequately blocks the inward emissions. To be sure that you have reduced the electro-magnetic-frequencies you will need to purchase an EMF detector. (see short videos below) There are many good quality ones available ranging from $80 to $400. A certified EMF detector may cost up to $2,000 and will tell the difference between regular microwaves and pulsed beam microwaves and in what intensity in microwatts per square meter, etc. The gold standard for analysis of these AC (alternating current) harmonics is to analyze them with a properly connected AC oscilloscope, a fairly expensive piece of equipment.


I have personally tested AC circuits for dirty electricity using a Greenwave Dirty electricity meter[1] and after finding very high levels, I then installed Greenwave Electrical Filters[2] which have dual capacitors, are grounded, are UL rated and are RoHC compliant (RoHS = Restriction of Hazardous Substances). RoHS, also known as Directive 2002/95/EC, originated in the European Union and restricts the use of six hazardous materials found in electrical and electronic products. I prefer the Greenwave meter because it has an audio function that increases in volume with increased dirty electricity and a calculator that estimates the percentage of decrease when you add a filter. The Stetzerizer®meter and electrical filters[3] are also popular.


A Simple Check For Dirty Electricity and Lilly Waves

If you cannot afford an electrical indicator/meter, you can detect significant dirty electricity and Lilly Waves by turning on an AM radio and moving the dial through the channels. AM channels will be very buzzy or fuzzy and reception will be very poor. FM is not affected by dirty electricity.


Instant Information on ii Lilly Waves: In some locales these behavioral and health altering wave forms are purposely generated by special outside mounted line boxes into your household AC circuits. The effects can make you impressionable, disturbed, disrupt your sleep, cause relationship conflict or breakdown of the family system. Dirty electricity in excessive amounts can be detected by electrical meters (Greenwave or Stetzerizer® or by using an Oscilloscope which is typically quite an expensive piece of equipment). If detected, these waves can be mitigated by the installation of Greenwave or Stetzerizer® Filters. The use of large line filters attached to your electrical supply work great but they start at about $5,000 and for most the cost is prohibitive. Correctly installed small AC filters which are between $25 and $35 each are effective in reducing Lilly waves and other forms of dirty electricity including that from Utility company Smartmeters.


Common Electromagnetic Frequency Emitters

Remote phones: I have swept a number of homes using sophisticated EMF meters. In homes where the occupants had serious complaints of sleeping issues, headaches, loss of energy and/or irritability, EMF levels as high as 4,500 microwatts per square meter, high enough to cause behavioral and health problems, especially in those who may be electro-sensitive. Now here is the strange part.


Extension phones emit EMF pollutionWhen I swept a well-known federal Whistleblower’s home, I found significant dirty electricity in the AC circuits but I also found especially high microwave levels being emitted from his two remote phone base stations which are of course, powerful transmitters. When I said aloud that the reading was 4,400 microwatts, the level immediately reduced down to about 1,000 microwatts. When we went back into the room later it was back up at 4,400 microwatts and again immediately dropped when I audibly related the numbers to the home owner.


This has alarming ramifications, i.e. language can be monitored in real time through the remote phone system, most likely by use of automatic A.I. (artificial intelligence). I have been told by Intel friends that they have purposely commented to another person something like “I am going to ask my Smartphone about that…” only to have the answer given as they recite the first word or two into the phone. One individual told his fiancé he was going to ask his Smartphone what day he would have to turn the clock back for the end of Daylight Savings time. As he recited the first word “when” the Smartphone recited the complete answer to him before he could even finish the question.


This is not to imply that everyone is monitored but if you have concerns, try it.  This strongly suggests that Dimensional wave (D-wave) quantum physics may be integrated into some Smartphones and remote phone systems.


It should be noted that some remote phones can emit 4500 microwatts per square meter.
The new European standard is no more than 100 microwatts per square meter within 10 feet.


Cell Phones and Smart Phones: Today it is apparent that many of these have real time A.I. interaction-oriented, quantum based surveillance powers. Some insiders have alleged that the particular wave forms and frequencies have been designed to entrain attitudes, thought patterns and even beliefs. The jury is still out on this claim, but based on what I have seen so far it wouldn’t surprise me.


Plus there is now national concern by medical researchers that holding these phones close to or in contact with one’s head may cause various types of brain cancer. OJ’s attorney Johnny Cochran bragged how he got rid of one of his secretaries after he decided to do all his business by cell phone. He was on it many hours a day, held it close to his head. He died of brain cancer soon after the OJ trial ended. Mere coincidence or damage caused by too much EMF, too close to his head?


There are several ways to mitigate this excessive EMF from Smartphones and ordinary cell phones. Talking with the phone at least 4-6 inches from one’s head, use of certain styles of remote earphones (air powered are the best), or the use of the speaker phone.


Wi-Fi Connections: The technology which allows computers, smartphones, or other devices to wirelessly connect to the Internet or communicate through an onsite router, has been and is being removed in an increasing number of public schools in Canada and Europe. This measure is due to health concerns for children and their undeveloped neurological systems which can be more vulnerable to the harmful effects of EMF.


Pulsed beam microwave transmitters were first installed in a national sporting goods chain as a mind-kontrol test by an NSA proprietary. Several managers and employees with no mental health histories suddenly “cracked” and had to be taken away by paramedics. It was later determined that the pulsed beam microwaves had been turned up too high and the adverse reaction was from excessive EMF pulsing into their brains.  Wi-Fi systems were next installed and tested in selected public high schools. In one installation I monitored, Wi-Fi was deployed as a psychotronic weapon system to make targeted “stand up” highly moral teachers very, very sick. Some cracked, some just quit. This testing was invoked and covered up under “national security.” It should be noted that the children rotated to other rooms during the day and were therefore less affected.


Good counter-measures for those sensitive to Wi-Fi include hard wiring all computers, eliminating all Wi-Fi in one’s home and shielding a joining wall if one lives in multiple dwellings where other persons’ Wi-Fi come through with strong signal strength. Wi-Fi has been known to cause the same type of behavioral and health issues that are now linked to dirty electricity, Lilly Waves, and excessive EMF in general.


We now know for certain that EMF does not have to heat the human cell or human tissue (as we have been told for years by the CDC, the USAF and various electrical engineering departments at major universities) in order to entrain the brain or influence attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.


Cell Phone Towers: Those living close by cell towers have reported sleeping difficulties, behavioral effects such as irritability, marital conflicts not there before and new, unexpected health issues. Painting and grounding walls will special EMF blocking paint available from and other vendors can be effective in reducing intrusion-emissions for electro-sensitive individuals or those who are concerned about being too close to cell phone transmission towers.


External Electromagnetic Frequency Sources

Radar and Dopplar radar: For years medical effects were denied by the USAF even as significant proof emerged that those airman exposed to radar in the workplace had increased frequency of cataracts and certain cancers. Those who work too close to these emitters can use grounded screening on interior walls or special grounded EMF blocking paint which is the same paint the NSA uses in their SCIFs. It is now available from numerous vendors. It is fairly pricey but it is a one-time expense.


Ground-based EMF systems: These systems are quite complex, working in tandem with other technologies and are deployed against whistleblowers or targeted individuals who have been randomly selected to serve as experimental controls. The talk inside deep Intel circles is that these systems are calibrated and experimented with using A.I. (artificial intelligence). It is expected that the Government will integrate all collective knowledge to centralized control run out of the NSA Bluffdale, Utah Base, using the new world’s largest Quantum computer, Vesuvius.


Here are some places to gain more information, bearing in mind that much of the American Internet is censored through the search engines which have NSA and/or FusionCenter intercepts using advanced real time Algorithms, so it is very hard to get good information.  There are also numerous misinformation intercept articles on the web to mislead and detract from the now evident EMF dangers. Many such sites are especially designed for children and college students who do in-depth research.


In the meantime, check out two short videos about EMF's in your office, home and cell phone.  Animals are still our canaries in an increasingly polluted world - see Animal Suicide Around The World.  There is much to learn and Video Theater makes it easy! And for the "big picture" on EMF, see for yourself - HAARP: RAGE AND RUIN 5 extraordinary (short!) best-pick videos.


Reference Links:

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