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Electro Magnetic Frequencies Playing HAARP?

by Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher, AKC Master Breeder


2018 updates on EMF generated weather phenomena, animal attacks, mass shootings, and how hidden electromagnetic fields in the home affect human and canine health.


It's been five years since HAARP turned level-headed people into conspiracy theorists, and with good reason. First, for those who are trying to figure out what a harp has to do with crazy people and pets acting weird, here’s the official description.


HAARP emits massive electromagnetic frequency (EMF) pulsesHAARP is “… (a) High-Frequency Active Aural Research Program."

The first American “weather” installation was funded by the US Defense Department and the University of Alaska. DOD says HAARP’s function is to “analyze the ionosphere and seeks to develop technologies to improve radio communications, surveillance, and missile detection.”


If that sounds harmless, it is meant to. More accurate is the purpose described by prominent scientist Areshev who writes (HAARP’s) “true aim is to create new weapons of mass destruction in order to destabilize environmental and agricultural systems in other countries."


Built near (nowhere) Alaska, the cloak of secrecy has been partially pierced. HAARP is described in a declassified document as an “ultrasonic or acoustic weapon to destroy (aircraft) runways, buildings, bridges” with an EMF or “acoustic wave that causes structures to resonate, and thereby destroys them.


By 2013 there were a dozen such facilities world-wide and savvy animal owners, vets and holistic physicians are even more concerned. See Instant Information ii EMF EXPOSURE SYMPTOMS. Electro Magnetic Frequencies can play havoc with the brain waves of all living creatures, interfering with navigation, health, and behavior. Science reports on EMF effects discuss mood and mental balance, i.e. “strong EMF reduce serotonin, melatonin … such reduction is the cause of violent behavior and suicide in many people ... depression, strongly associated with suicide, … precursor is associated with high EMF exposure…(Brown et al., 1982;) Arango & Underwood (1990).


Certainly something is putting a serious kink in animal and human behavior even though globally, they share very little in terms of environment, food, or other influences. Just HAARP.


More tangible to us lay people are weather records from the National Climatic Data Center. From Montreal to Memphis to Mexico City, North America broke regional rainfall records in 2011 and then closed 2013 with the driest year on record and tornadoes were off the charts! 2018 has already broken weather records with the "coldest April on record."


TheDogPlace Video Theater (below) presents “impossible” weather events that would have once been called phenomenal but are, since completion of HAARP construction, no longer rare.


EMF Waves Proven To Interfere With Brain Signals

Did HAARP's electromagnetic frequencies kill thousands of drumfish?The power of Electro Magnetic Frequencies, especially as amplified by HAARP, is one of the top internet keyword searches. In 2011 blew the carefully crafted press release suggesting 100,000 drum fish committed mass suicide right out of the water. (ref #1) Ditto the more than 4,000 blackbirds that scientists said dove to earth in another high profile suicide close to the same river in Arkansas. Refuting that trumped up press release, TheDogPress published a map of GLOBAL animal deaths and provided information on the only thing that could account for “aural” interference with birds, fish, penguins, etc. Sure, waterspouts suck up fish or frogs and drop them miles away but when dog owners were told that storms or mid-air collisions caused mass animal suicides, well, we knew better.


Michio Kaku, an obscure Professor of Theoretical Physics, told Fox News a “lemming-like mass suicide can occur if a flock leader dies and falls from the sky… sometimes other birds may follow.” Carefully parsing the far-fetched theory, Kaku said it “happens all the time” and clinging to the speculative limb, he inadvertently waved a red flag, stating “fish deaths could be caused from chemicals, pathogens, and trauma.” If that was meant to ease fears, it was a blowout for the professor.


In 2018 researchers are looking at exploding suicide, autism, violence, and dementia rates as evidenced by mass shootings from Kansas to Kenya! Laboratory-created viruses such as Plum Island’s Lyme Disease are no longer secret. The ease with which contagious diseases capable of causing mental degeneration can be introduced into the population was reported by The internet was then permeated with parental concerns on childhood inoculations and we have warned about excessive vaccines since the 80s.


While many also associate the violence with vaccines and the stuff contained in them, there are reliable studies involving dogs which conclude that disrupted magnetic frequencies interfere with animal “equilibrium” and behavior. Due to government secrecy, even under the FOI Act, it’s hard to make the same case against HAARP but some disturbing facts are emerging.


A retired military source told TheDogPress that HAARP has the capability to “cause birds to hit an aerial shield or cause a rapid change in water temperature.” Compare that to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission’s suggestion that the blackbirds collided with each other! Oh sure. Makes perfect sense - except that they were flying at night!


Only owls do that. In addition to the blackbirds and drum fish, penguins were wiped out in New Zealand, massive fish deaths occurred in Cambodia and Brazil, etc. The global map on TheDogPress also showed inexplicable mass animal suicides such as 8,000 turtle doves in Italy, starlings and eagles in China and hundreds of other similar “suicides.”


Talking to long-time breeders and judges across the country (and in other countries) I see a disturbing pattern of erratic, often violent behavior in animals, including dogs.


Electromagnetic Frequency = Violent Behavior

There are very few charts but between 2005 and 2011, fatal dog bites averaged slightly less than 30 per year. In 2012, the same year the weather, birds, and fish went crazy - the number of fatal dog attacks jumped to 35. Astounding! Granted, dogs do reflect their owner’s stress but what if there’s more to the agitation WE are feeling than just the economy and politics?


Wolves are affected by electromagnetic frequencies (EMF)OK, let’s look at a species unaffected by owners, dog food, or stress, one which is actually doing quite well under current U.S. Fish and Game laws. (Ranchers will vouch for that with a raised fist!) The dog’s closest kin is the wolf. I turned to Wikipedia for global stats since CDC doesn’t track dogs, much less wolves. The results were astoundingly conclusive.


Fatal attacks by wolves doubled in 2012 and by 2013, wolf attacks had TRIPLED.


Other animal attacks, from bears to bees, have dramatically escalated. Hornets killed 41 people in northern China, with another 37 in critical condition. Discovery, Fox, ABC; all report a record number of bear attacks. The animals are agitated and we don’t have to be coal miners to take warning from them. Our pets are personal canaries when it comes to external health threats.


The prudent animal owner will weigh vaccines as vectors for otherwise inexplicable aggression but as regards EMF agitation, it should be noted that non-domestic species are not vaccinated.


Magnetic Frequencies In Your Home!

More to the point of electromagnetic frequencies; if you are surrounded by “wireless” devices such as alarm systems, computers, wireless routers, cell phones, signal boosters, etc. you might want to hurry up and do the research before your cognitive ability is too much affected. No smiley face, this is serious stuff. The earth’s magnetic fields, Ley lines and EMF affect mental and emotional health, even reproductive ability.


HAARP is everywhere but you need to know what generates EMF in your house and how smaller “waves” of electromagnetic frequencies affect your health and your dogs, including kennel dogs. The Electromagnetic Health Organization says “Radiation emitted by cell phones and cell towers has been linked to DNA damage, cancer, immunological impairment, neurological diseases, impaired fertility and impacts on neurological function, including cognition, behavior, performance, mood status, and disruption of sleep.


EMF Symptoms are uncannily similar to mild radiation poisoning. Depending on exposure levels, magnetic frequencies generated by computers, TVs, microwave ovens (duh!) can cause people and pets to exhibit behavioral abnormalities. Are you irritable, forgetful, and/or depressed?


What about your dogs? They suffer silently but pets can have all of the ii EMF EXPOSURE SYMPTOMS, including forgetting the potty area or familiar commands. Instead of scolding your best friend, look under the hair coat for rashes, check lymph nodes, and evaluate any changes in food or exercise tolerance. Hold your family and animals close, keep your mind open, and stay tuned.


Ref #1 Drumfish, Montauk Monsters, Blackbird Suicides



To view the power of electromagnetic frequency go directly to HAARP:  HISTORY, MYSTERY COLLECTION and choose from extraordinary (short!) best-pick videos - #1 HAARP as a weapon, exposed by History Channel, #2 HAARP weather control and Soviet science, #3  HAARP in Action, extraordinary cloud "crop circles" and "holes in the sky" and #4 HAARP burning tornado in Persian Gulf (best footage is at about 2 minutes, including scientists examining porpoise and whales burned to death! EST 1998 © Nov 2013U1581805



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