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Chronic exposure to high-power lines, faulty home wiring, satellite or cell towers is proven to adversely affect hormone balance, the immune system, and brain function.





Electromagnetic Frequencies

by Barbara J. Andrews, SAAB and Research Staff


Cell towers sprouted like mushrooms in 2010, disrupting electromagnetic fields which had guided navigators for centuries.  By 2018 most Americans had cell phone access to GPS and earth was surrounded by electronic signals.  What does this mean to you?


ELECTROMAGNETIC FIELDS & FREQUENCIES CAN SICKEN DOGSAncient explorers noted that migratory birds and other animals were guided by something powerful but it wasn't until global navigation and earth mapping became possible that scientists could "see" the magnetic fields marking the earth's surface.


Ley Lines (ref #1) that linked ancient sites around the globe are now revealed by aerial photography but were accurately described by Erich Von Daniken in his 1968 classic Chariots Of The Gods.


There is much to explore about these natural magnetic fields but the purpose here is to warn animal owners that consistent exposure to manmade electromagnetic radiation (ref #2) can cause immune system damage, heart irregularities, and fertility or behavioral problems in both humans and animals.


If your home is exposed to electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) (ref #3) such as is emitted by satellite towers, you may experience difficult to diagnose medical problems.  High voltage power lines also emit “stray voltage” which has been proven to cause crippling deformities. “Electromagnetic pollution may be the most significant form of pollution human activity has produced in this century, all the more dangerous because it is invisible and insensible.” - Andrew Weil, M.D


For example, in the mid-eighties, Wisconsin dairy farmers were awarded multi-million dollar settlements after new power grids that had been run across their pastures affected milk production and sickened their herds. There were other cases until power companies and livestock owners developed strategies which often involved land or right-of-way buy-outs. One of the most notable legal challenges was in 2004 wherein the court denied the Idaho Power Co. appeal of a $17 million judgment in a stray-voltage case again involving dairy cows.


The point is that these were large commercial operations with top notch veterinarians and legal resources.  Who is looking out for you, your show dogs and that precious gene pool of breeding stock?


Electromagnetic Radiation Symptoms

Electromagnetic science is no longer new but many veterinarians and medical doctors remain stubbornly unfamiliar with the effects of prolonged EMF exposure. How many small animal vets would associate the following with electromagnetic exposure: reproductive problems, lack of coordination, dizziness, nausea, swelling or dryness of mucus membranes, and loss of coordination, memory, and concentration as evidenced by training problems or what is often diagnosed (in humans) as early onset senility?  Click for Instant Information chart ii EMF EXPOSURE SYMPTOMS.


Your dog can’t tell you about tooth and jaw pain but when he rejects dry dog food, think symptoms instead of spoiled dog.  When he hesitates over the jumps or doesn’t move out in the show ring, he may be experiencing muscle or joint pain, not apathy. Radiographs may not reveal connective tissue deterioration until too late.


Cardiac palpitations can be picked up during a veterinary exam but are unlikely to be associated with electromagnetic hypersensitivity, often referred to as EHS. A primary symptom of chronic exposure to electromagnetic radiation is difficulty sleeping which leads to irritability and loss of focus. 


The same is true for your dog but how would you or your vet know he isn’t sleeping well?  Another well documented symptom in human patients is a high ratio of infertility and miscarriages.  If your breeding program has taken a downturn due to missed matings or aborted litters, take this article to a top canine reproduction veterinarian such as Dr. Barber or Dr. Fayher-Hoskins, both of whom are on our Science & Advisory Board


Underground Electromagnetic Fields:

There are many environmental elements your dog can sense but which are beyond human ken.  In addition to magnetic pulses, underground water veins cause mild but constant cellular vibration, similar to how a microwave (ref #4) cooks food.  If your puppy won't use the bed you lovingly provided, move the bed!  If a dog isn't doing well in a new run, move him to the other end of kennel. Some dogs are more EMF sensitive than others.


CONFLUENCE OF U.S. LEY LINESSo are some people.  Underground streams can be located by a highly trained dowser who can pick up electromagnetic currents above and below ground.  Breeding and racing stables know this.  They do not build over underground streams and particularly where two or more such veins interconnect.


As an interesting side note, the Pentagon is built directly over subterranean branches of the Potomac River.  Many of our nation's political observers hasten to point out that strange fact!  But of even more significance, the United States seat of government is at an amazing confluence of Ley Lines.


The strongest underground pathways are geopathic energy fields (ref #5). They are the result of natural radiation distorted by electromagnetic fields which are created by subterranean running water, usually along fault lines or through underground cavities.


Geopathic energy fields can be magnified by certain minerals in the earth and such distorted energies are very detrimental to human health.  Many researchers believe they can be even more harmful to pets that are confined to the property and thus, long-time exposure to geopathic energy.


Rage Syndrome and Magnetic Energy?

Rage syndrome in dogs may be more than genetic.  Researchers have also linked magnetic energy fields to otherwise inexplicable elephant attacks.  Elephants “hear” with their ultra sensitive feet and are capable of picking up low frequency sound emanating from miles away.  What would confinement within a highly charged electromagnetic field do to such a sensitive beast or more to the point, to your dogs?


Even though humans move about much more in their daily routine, you should know that EMF waves pass through walls, floors and closed doors and can change according to the season or time of day. Though invisible, like radio and cell phone waves, electromagnetic energies have a powerful effect on all living things.  Scientific and medical studies show that sleeping or working in highly charged magnetic or geopathic areas can lead to emotional and physical health problems.


Certified dowsers can locate underground water or electromagnetic frequencies (EMF)If this is ringing a bell for you, call a certified dowser to check your property.  EMF fields may be identified with divining rods, a pendulum, or kinesiology because highly sensitive people can “sense” these energies.  This is not news!  In the early 1970s Jacob Stangler created an instrument to detect subterranean gamma radiation and measure the ionization of particles from underground water courses. More recently, NASA scientist Dr. Armin Bickel developed a supersensitive scintillation counter with a built-in computer to pinpoint water veins, oil, and certain minerals that were over a mile underground.


If you or your dog are experiencing strange symptoms which on the surface seem unrelated, think outside of the box.  Your health could depend on it. See this information on How To Mitigate EMF Pollution, by Preston James, PhD


#1 Ley Lines ~ So mysterious that they were once considered folk lore, the movie based on von D?niken’s book Chariots of The Gods visually revealed Ley lines and other unexplained formations which have since been charted by satellite.  The study of ley lines is, like the lines themselves, linked throughout the world. Type in Google > Geo Group > Ley Lines


#2 Electromagnetic radiation is generated by electromagnetic waves moving through space or solid substance in the form of radio waves, infrared radiation, visible light, ultraviolet radiation, X rays, and gamma rays.


#3 Electromagnetic Frequencies (EMF) sources of electromagnetic radiation include GSM and 3G (UMTS) antennas, DECT wireless telephones and WIFI wireless networks. According to Medical News Today and the World Health Organization, symptoms may include dizziness, restless behavior, headache, heart palpitations, joint pain, etc.


#4 from the FDA website: “Microwaves are a form of "electromagnetic" radiation; that is, they are waves of electrical and magnetic energy moving together through space. Electromagnetic radiation ranges from the energetic x-rays to the less energetic radio frequency waves used in broadcasting.”  This is why radiation precautions are advised with microwave ovens which, by the way, “kill” water.


#5 Electromagnetic Fields (EMF) and Geopathic information at


NOW PLAYING IN VIDEO THEATER....To view the power of electromagnetic frequency go directly to HAARP:  HISTORY, MYSTERY COLLECTION and choose from extraordinary (short!) best-pick videos - HAARP as a weapon, by History Channel, HAARP weather control and Soviet science, HAARP in action with "holes in the sky" and HAARP creates a burning tornado in Persian Gulf and then shows scientists examining porpoise and whales burned to death!

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