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Melamine contaminates human and pet foods. FDA warning ignored by media as offshore manufacturing imports contaminated ingredients.




Melamine Risk, China's Secret Weapon?

Nel Liquorman, Pet Health Editor


Test firing? Melamine killed pets in 2007, killed Chinese babies in 2008.  Walmart pulled melamine-contaminated eggs.  Why does the media ignore USDA warnings?


In October 2008, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent members of the US food manufacturing industry a warning letter expressing serious concerns that melamine contaminated foods and ingredients produced in China were being exported to our country. Warning ignored.

At the same time, across China, Walmart pulled eggs from their shelves due to melamine contamination. The culprit, chicken feed! Just one of many ways to taint the world’s food supply, but there are thousands of pathways. Notably, mainstream media failed to report widespread melamine contamination.

December 26, 2008 CNN reported on the Chinese trial for the person responsible for the melamine in milk that killed 6 babies and sickened 290,000 people in China. But, news report did not tell us that this same milk has been found in products exported to the USA and other countries and quietly brought about recalls. (list below)

2009. The same melamine that was in the food that killed American pets in 2007, Chinese babies in 2008, is now in the U.S. and world food supply. There’s no reason to assume that pet food is safe now that melamine is showing up in food intended for the human population.

Melamine is an organic compound intended for fertilizers and plastics. We must wonder how the FDA can possibly arrive at any allowable amount of this deadly substance in any food product. Yet, it showed up just in time for the holidays in cookies, cocoa mixes, candy, and other goods containing milk products. It was in quantities high enough to warrant recalls. It is especially frightening that the company in Vietnam which made many of the cookie products listed below, also makes private label products, so any brand could be affected. Their cookies tend to be Danish style

The Minnesota Department of Agriculture tested imported cookies that triggered a recall by the Vietnam manufacturer, Wonderfarm and the Interfood Shareholding Company located in Hanoi, Vietnam. Vietnam says that its melamine contamination source was ingredients from Australia but China is the country with all the factories that produce melamine. This means millions in sales. There is no reason to believe that Vietnam got its melamine from anywhere but China, although it may have taken a side trip to Australia.

China operates in a global market with 22 known melamine factories. Although deadly to humans, melamine is very profitable for the Chinese. While they make claims of underground melamine tainting operations, melamine in livestock feed is their open secret. Until there is a U.S. body count big enough to cause an arrest, nothing will be done by the Chinese to stop the destruction.

Driven by greed, many US companies continue business as usual with China. Unwarned, consumers continue to buy! Could this potentially deadly substance permeate our food supply? What about pet food? Will there be another round of poisons in 2009?

Unknown to most of us, on November 13, the FDA advised consumers not to consume the following products because of possible melamine contamination:


G&J Hot Cocoa Stuffer      Item 120144

G&J His and Hers Hot Cocoa Set      Item 120129

G&J Cocoa     Item 120126, sold in 2 flavors: Fr. Vanilla & Dbl Chocolate

Wonderfarm "Successful" Asst Biscuits New!

Wonderfarm "Royal Flavour" Asst Biscuits

Wonderfarm "Lovely Melody" Asst Biscuits

Wonderfarm "Daily Life" Asst Biscuits

Topaz Hazelnut Wafer Rolls  w/Hazelnut Chocolate Creme Filling

Sweet Time Christmas Dressy Bear with Chocolate Bar

Fresh and Crispy Jacobina Biscuits

Koala’s March Cr?me filled Cookies

YILI Brand Sour Milk Drink

YILI Brand Pure Milk Drink

Blue Cat Flavored Drinks

White Rabbit Candies

Mr. Brown Mandehling Blend Inst Coffee (3-in-1)

Mr. Brown Arabica Instant Coffee (3-in-1)

Mr. Brown Blue Mountain Blend Inst Coffee (3-in-1)

Mr. Brown Caramel Macchiato Inst Coffee (3-in-1)

Mr. Brown French Vanilla Inst Coffee (3-in-1)

Mr. Brown Mandheling Blend Inst Coffee (2-in-1)

Mr. Brown Milk Tea (3-in-1) Infant formula "Manufactured in China"


While our best gamble is to look for MADE IN USA on every label, we cannot know that a cheap ingredient from China has not been included in that product..


Product recalls due to melamine contamination are wide spread, including in Canada, the Netherlands, Thailand, Taiwan, South Korea , Singapore, New Zealand, South Africa, Australia, and even in China as well.  Shockingly, there are big name brands such as Nabisco Ritz, Lipton, Nestle, and Cadbury along with Chinese and Vietnamese companies.  Be aware that the term “Distributed by” is not the same as “manufactured by” - it allows sellers and brand name manufacturers to conceal the country of origin.


Best Advice: Don’t buy products that fail to list the country where the product was made.  Reputable companies in the USA proudly want you to know that their products are made in our own country.  But sadly, others are so greedy and uncaring that risky ingredients may still be added to any prepared foods and treats.  By avoiding goods that don’t actually state where they were made, we can eliminate USA corporations that have off-shored the manufacturing process, and companies that import recklessly. 


Nel LiquormanMore Advice: Eat and drink at your own risk!  Melamine is indeed a weapon of mass destruction.   It is in our food supply and the problem will continue to grow.  Only you can force your government to take action against this problem.  Even though China is heavily invested in the U.S. economy through U.S. Treasury Bonds and the stock market, stop spending your dollars on imported food products, and when food manufacturing profits dive, don’t allow your government to give them a bailout. 


Where are the saber rattlers when we need them?  Express your outrage!  If the public is ever going to rise up against consumer fraud, let it be the risky imported foods and cheap ingredients from China.  And, let it be now before it is too late, and they have killed us all, including our pets! EST 1998 © 093159165



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