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Mitigating The Effects of Electromagnetic Frequency Pollution

by Preston James, Ph.D., edited by Barbara J. Andrews


Digital power meters are reported to cause headaches, nervousness and agitation in people, house-pets and stabled horses which are more susceptible to EMF frequencies.


Disclaimer: presents this updated document for your consideration in 2022 because so many dog owners have questions about their dog’s health and/or stress level after moving into new housing or having had their electric meter replaced.



We have simplified Dr. James’ report which was quite technical and 8 pages long but this version answers many of your questions regarding health effects in both humans and animals, including horses that spend more time in the modern barn than in outdoor in pasture. Any confined animal will suffer from constant exposure to Electromagnetic Frequencies.


Electric power usage meters are part of every private dwelling and many outbuildings (workshops, kennels, barns, etc.) and most apartment complexes have individual readers for each unit. Activists claim that the digital power consumption readers which replaced the old analog meters, have caused house fires, sleep problems, headaches, agitation and various strange illness.


Animal owners must trust that veterinarians are becoming aware of the effects of Electric Magnetic Frequencies (EMF).


Not many people think about it. A radio station owner who shows his dogs gave us a crash course on the changes in modern broadcast capabilities. Gone is the annoying static which was common in older radios and transmission towers but he said getting information on Electromagnetic Frequency interference depended on an individual’s location and electric power company. He said his stations broadcast at the strongest frequency allowed but that yes, they have had complaints from locations that should have excellent reception. He shrugged, “it’s a puzzle we can’t put together.


We are told that most power companies show no concern for any Electro-Magnetic-Frequencies “smog” which their “Smartmeters” might produce nor do they acknowledge how EMF-sensitive individuals or children are affected.


Since this information was first published in 2012 the problem has increased! It is so common in 2022 that you can now buy EMF detectors online. Amazon reasonably priced hand-held test meters for electro-magnetic-frequencies.


 So what can you do if an EMF reader-detector test shows pulsed beam bursts or significant amounts of dirty electricity in your AC circuits?


Counter measures include using grounded stainless steel or aluminum screening around the Smartmeter itself. A certified EMF detector may cost a thousand bucks but it will tell the difference between regular microwaves and pulsed beam microwaves and intensity in microwatts per square meter and also provide a record of accumulation per time period.


For your health and that of your house pets, it will be wise to have a professional check for stray or large electric bursts and analyze AC harmonics with a properly connected AC oscilloscope, a fairly expensive piece of equipment.


I have personally tested AC circuits for dirty electricity using a Greenwave Dirty Electricity Meter {Ref #1} and after finding very high levels, I then installed Greenwave Filters {Ref #2} which have dual capacitors, are grounded, are UL rated and are RoHC compliant (RoHS, also known as Lead-Free, stands for Restriction of Hazardous Substances).


Before you worry about this, you can test for significant dirty electricity and Lilly Waves by turning on an AM radio and moving the dial through the channels. AM channels will be very buzzy or fuzzy and reception will be very poor. FM channels are not affected by dirty electricity.


For those who cannot afford dirty electricity filters, one can at least turn off the breaker that feeds power to where they sleep at night.


EMF EFFECTS: I have swept a number of homes using sophisticated EMF meters. When the occupants had serious complaints of sleeping issues, headaches, loss of energy or irritability, EMF levels were in the range of up to 4,500 microwatts per square meter, high enough to cause behavioral and health problems, especially in those who may be electro-sensitive. Now here is the strange part.


HIDDEN ELECTROMAGNETIC FREQUENCIES: When I swept a well know federal whistleblower’s home, I found significant dirty electricity in the AC circuits that were easily reduced down to an acceptable level by the installation of Greenwave Filters. But I also found especially high microwave levels being emitted from his two remote phone base stations which are powerful transmitters. When I mentioned aloud that the reading was 4,400 microwatts, the level immediately reduced down to about 1,000 microwatts


Later when I slipped into the room again it was up to over 4,000 microwatts and immediately dropped when I mentioned that verbally. This has alarming ramifications. This means that language can be monitored in real time through the remote phone system, most likely by use of automatic A.I.



ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE: I have been told by friends that sometimes they will comment to another person something such as I am going to ask my Smartphone…” only to have the answer given as they say the first two words into the phone. This strongly suggests real time A.I. (monitoring of speech patterns within a certain distance of that Smartphone.


The alarming implication is that Dimensional wave (D-wave) quantum physics have been integrated into some “smart” cell phones.


WI-FI: Wireless Fidelity has been removed in an increasing number of public schools in Canada and Europe due to significant health concerns in children including under-developed neurological systems which can be more vulnerable to the harmful effects of EMF.


Pulsed beam microwave transmitters were first installed in a national sporting goods chain as a mind-control test which was an NSA proprietary. Several managers and workers with no mental health histories suddenly and unexpectedly “cracked” and had to be taken away by paramedics.


The pulsed beam microwaves had been turned up too high and those employees reacted badly from excessive Electro-Magnetic-Frequencies to their brains.


The next place these Wi-Fi systems were installed and tested was in selected public high schools, including the one visited by Bush2 when he was president. In one installation which I monitored, Wi-Fi was deployed as a psychotropic weapon system to make some targeted “stand up” highly moral teachers very, very sick.


NOTE: The following EMF reports occurred some years ago and are 100% coincidental to problems facing teachers and parents in 2022.


As an adjunct to Wi-Fi testing was secretly tested on certain targeted teachers. Some got cancer, some died, some cracked, some just quit. These tests were covered up under so-called “national security” which was invoked. Other stand-up targeted teachers who withstood the EMF assaults were then wrongly accused of accessing pornography websites. In one particular High School where this was done, some administration people were linked to Intel and/or were stealing millions of public funds using sophisticated means. Complaints to the local US Attorney with good evidence supplied and to the US Department of Education Inspector General resulted in an early retirement for the US Attorney and nothing else…


Wi-Fi has been known to affect some sensitive individuals and can cause the same type of behavioral and health issues that are now linked to dirty electricity, Lilly Waves and excessive electromagnetic frequencies. We now know for certain that EMF does not have to heat the human cell or human tissue (as we have been told for years by the CDC, the USAF and various electrical engineering departments at major Universities) in order to “entrain the brain or influence attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.


References: {#1} Greenwave Dirty Electricity Meter {#2} Greenwave Dirty Electricity Filters EST 1998 © Nov 2022



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EMF AND CANCER CONNECTION: The adverse effects of EMF (electromagnetic fields, both psychological (mental and emotional) and physiological (normal functions of living organisms), are significant but suppressed in medically-funded studies on the association between EMF exposure, autism, leukemia, and cancer.

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