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If you have ever wondered about homeopathy, try it on your dog and you'll know it WORKS!  No placebo effect there! AKC judge, homeopathic authority explains...



What Is Homeopathy?


by Dorothy “Dot” Martin


It constantly amazes me that the American Medical Association, aka the AMA, has such an ambivalent attitude on the subject of just what Homeopathy is and how it works.


Homeopathic remedies are the same for dogs and just as effective.Choose one of the following to best describe your current opinion.

1: A placebo    2: A harmless sugar pill    3: A therapeutic medical science    4: A harmful substitute for medical care.


If you selected #3, you are on the right track. On the one hand, it is dismissed as a harmless little sugar pill that has no effect on the human body and no healing powers. At best it may be a placebo. On the other hand, those of us who use it and recommend it to others are considered dangerous enough to be prosecuted for practicing medicine without a license. It is not against the law to purchase it and use it ourselves (since it won’t cure disease) but heaven help us if we tell others about it.


Milk thistle has used since ancient times - because it works.  It is available in most good health food stores and is inexpensive when compared to the price of most over the counter medications and prescriptions.


I tell my medical doctors that I am a user of Homeopathy and that I have good results. They have never told me to stop, nor warned me that I am doing a harmful thing. I don’t visit them often and usually only for the routine checks that we are told to have as a preventive for cancer. The following information is not intended to discourage you from visiting your doctor regularly. You should take advantage of every method of improving your overall health.


How Did Homeopathy Get Started?

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, (b. April 10, 1755 – d. July 2, 1843) a German physician is considered the father of Homeopathy although it probably was used even earlier. There was an outbreak of malaria in Germany and many patients were dying even while using the newest medical miracle drug, Quinine, made from Cinchona bark.


Dr. Hahnemann decided to try diluting the quinine and giving a less potent dose to younger patients and those who were weaker. Surprisingly, more of his patients recovered!! A “new” method of healing had arrived.


What is Homeopathy and how does it help?

The first theorem of Homeopathy is The Law of Similars – In Latin “Similia Similibus Curenter” Similar cures Similar or Like Cures Like. In the book Poisons That Heal by Dr. Eileen Nauman, DHM, (UK) on Pg. 1 it states “While a substance given in large crude dosages, will produce specific symptoms, when reduced in size and administrated in minute doses, it will stimulate the body’s reactive processes to remove these symptoms. For example, Ipecac, if taken in a large quantity, will produce vomiting. Yet, when it is taken in minute doses, it cures vomiting.”


There are over 2,000 homeopathic remedies available. Anything in nature can be made into a homeopathic remedy thru the dilution process. However, everything that claims to be Homeopathic is not necessarily so.


The recent popularity of the word has caused manufacturers to latch onto the word “homeopathic” as a sales tool. True homeopathic remedies are identified by the Latin word for the name of the plant, animal or substance from which it is made. It is followed by a number and a letter, for instance, 30X.


Thirty is the number of times it has been diluted and X (Latin for 10) is the number of times it was stirred between dilutions. By the time a plant, even the most poisonous, has been diluted 30 times and shaken or stirred 10 times, there is no trace of the original element that can be detected. You can take Arsenicum Album (Arsenic Trioxide) on a plane or thru customs and no test will reveal the original source. Arsenicum Album will stop the action of many poisons if taken soon enough after ingestion.


Is Homeopathy Safe For Dogs?

One of my dogs proved that remedy for me a few years ago when she dug into a plant to which I had just applied a potent poison to drive out bugs before taking the plant indoors for the winter. I caught her in the process but wasn’t sure if she had tasted it. It was a lethal poison. After about 20 minutes she started to heave, gag and vomit. In a panic, I got the Arsenicum and put it in her mouth. It was a soft tablet and melted quickly under her lip. I was getting ready to travel to the vet but the reactions began to subside. I waited a few minutes and watched her. Soon she returned to normal and lived for several more years. There were never any adverse side effects.


First-Aid Homeopathy Example

It is easy to remember a remedy like Arnica Montana for bruising. It is famous for that aspect and is very good in cases of concussion (bruising of the brain.) It also works on some colds and is almost the “Dr. Feel Good” of the remedies. Everyone should have it and use it when bruising has occurred. Recently, I hit my ankle on a sharp corner. I started for the Arnica. When I checked the damaged spot, the skin was broken and some blood was present. This indicated a different remedy. Millefolium (Yarrow) has “Bruising with bleeding as in nosebleed” in its description. Within 30 minutes there was no throbbing and I had forgotten about the ankle.


The most difficult thing about this healing method is the fact that some time and attention must be given to learning the remedy “pictures”. In an emergency, knowing what is needed can save lives until conventional medical attention arrives. For 13 years I have been a member of the National Center of Homeopathy and have attended a local study group. This does not make me an expert but I know more than the average person.


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Many good books on homeopathy are available to help in the quest for knowledge. Here are some links you can explore to get you started.


You have the freedom to use Homeopathy in the way that suits you best. You may have some favorites that you use under certain circumstances or you could invest some time in learning more for use when visiting the doctor or vet is not urgent or convenient. I use it more than I visit the doctor. Most everyday things can be served well with it. It saves a lot of money and pain for my family, human and canine. Feel free to contact me by e-mail: with private questions.


Best wishes for good health and long life. EST 1998 © 124159



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