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Nel Liquorman, Health & Nutrition Investigative Reporter


We all need and obtain micronutrients from fresh meat, chicken, fish, and veggies and most commercially prepared pet foods add the necessary supplements so…


I am not saying that supplements are a NoNo but simply put, mega doses of any supplement has consequences in our pets as well as ourselves... The aim of all manufacturers is to sell as many units of the product as possible but in the case of vitamins and minerals, we only need what our bodies require and the same goes for dogs and cats. Liver and kidneys have been damaged and bank accounts likely took a hit, all by way of MEGA DOSES OF VITAMINS OR NUTRIENTS.


To explain risks, we will use protein as an example. It is touted by all pet food makers and it is a necessary nutrient but too much protein is a health hazard. Symptoms of excess protein range from indigestion, dehydration, exhaustion, irritability, headache, and diarrhea to cardiovascular disease, blood vessel disorders, liver and kidney injuries, seizures and even death. Type 2 diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and osteopenia have also been linked to chronic overuse of protein supplements.


Who is monitoring correct protein levels in pet food? Most cat and dog foods stress "real protein" and "high protein" on the labels.  The Mayo Clinic cautioned that “Vitamin D toxicity is usually caused by mega doses” in supplements. Mayo indicated that common side effects of excess vitamin D are hypoglycemia, skin irritation, cramps, diarrhea, blood in urine from kidney problems, along with general muscle weakness, and weight loss. Heart and liver problems are also a possibility.


MEGA Doses Of Anything Are The Enemy Of Good Health

When there are mega bucks to be made, doctors get in on the act. Some years ago, a friend and her husband took advice from such an "expert" who advised them to juice 50 pounds of carrots each week and drink it. I soon noticed that the couple looked orange. Then the Chiropractor treated their cat. The cat died. After months of not seeing the two, I learned that the woman had lost a lot of weight (husband said she was down to 70 pounds) and he also had many problems. Their "doctor" was indeed a quack. They were on many Nutraceuticals (supplements?) that he prescribed and sold and the woman had become a multi-level marketer for those very products!


Now people are literally eating “dirt” by way of diatomaceous earth that is being sold as a supplement. There are many such additives and supplements being sold for dogs and cats. The pet food chain is awash in Nutraceuticals and owners often do not read labels and research ingredients.  Cat owners have been going from one cat food to another because their cats were sickened by “herbal extracts” in their food and/or also using litter that contained herbal ingredients not identified on labels. Consumers never identified those Nutraceuticals as toxic to their cats even when they stopped using the litter pan. A tragedy for many that got thrown outside.


There has been some improvement since I wrote several times to President Donald Trump and his White House Team regarding pet foods and other toxic substances. The pet food aisle is filled with potential toxins as are the human vitamin and supplement shelves. 


Mega doses of vitamins, minerals or any supplement has the potential to become another pet food disaster. Don’t let it be your cat or dog. Or for that matter, your family! EST 1998 © 1911



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