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Canine Cancers and auto-immune disease are two of the Top 10 canine health problems.  Here's one simple way to prevent cancer.




Tam Cordingley, CSI Instructor, SAAB Member


Cancer - The word strikes fear in our hearts. 40 years ago there was virtually no cancer in dogs. Now canine cancer statistics are staggering.


FEED YOUR DOG  REAL FOOD, NOT CANCER CAUSING PLASTICSAuto immune disorders were a rare event, now it is commonplace.  Combine the science on plastics and look at where and how we (and our dogs) are surrounded and affected by plastic and it may explain the cancer and auto-immune disease rates.


Let’s consider how dogs and their people lived in the 50’s and 60’s.  Houses were constructed of wood, or stone, or brick.  Floors were wood, carpet was wool. 


Now virtually every home built in the last 25 years is wrapped in plastic.  Window frames are a form of plastic as are plastic floor tiles and synthetic (plastic) material for carpeting. 


Even the materials that cover furniture are often a form of plastic or synthetic material.  Insulation is either foam or fiberglass. 


Then the entire house is wrapped in vinyl (plastic) siding.  Furthermore the air isn’t even natural, it is heated and air conditioned.  Filtered and recycled.


Food is another item in soaring cancer rates.

Meat used to be delivered to the butcher in sides.  Hanging and clean but with the bones attached.  Same with poultry.  In fact when I was a child in Chicago a long time ago, our local butcher had live chickens in the back and would kill and clean one when a customer wanted chicken.  Meat was cut from the side of beef or pork and kept in refrigerated glass front cases. 


When one ordered hamburger it was taken from the case and ground up before your eyes.  And all the ground meat came from one animal.


Now meat is delivered to the grocer already wrapped in plastic.  The local “meat manager” simply removes it from the big plastic wrappers and puts it in smaller shrink wrapped packages and that’s what we buy.  The ground meat comes from the packing house in 10 pound tubes, again plastic, and it is a little cheaper in 5 pound logs.  For the cute little packages that come with a parsley garnish, it is just run thru the grinder again to get that fresh ground look and re-wrapped in individual shrink-wrap packages. 


Vegetables used to go bad.  They seldom do anymore because they are sealed in a plastic bubble.  Many are gassed or irradiated before being shipped to your local grocer.  They are sprayed, packed, shipped many miles from the grower to the distributor, and then to your grocery.  The only way to get fresh produce is going to your farmer’s market at the break of dawn, which is often inconvenient. 


The dog food isn’t made in your kitchen, or if it is, the ingredients come from the grocer.  Commercial dog food came into being only after WWII.  Before then dogs ate meat, eggs, vegetables, bread, in short what people ate.  Then the cereal companies found a ready outlet for their leftovers.  You are aware that the biggest dog food makers are primarily cereal companies?


Plastic Is A Known Carcinogen

Dogs used to live on wooden or concrete floors, the lucky ones dug a hole under the house, a shade tree, or slept in the barn on a pile of hay.  Their crates were varnished wood, or chromed metal, not plastic.  Their toys were rubber.  Now most are plastic. 


Is this a problem?  I tend to think it is.  Of course I also think it is a problem for people.  Look around your home and kennel.  How many sources of plastic do you and your dogs come into contact with daily? 


There was a very interesting article in the Food Production Daily (April 2005) stating that plastic, when used to wrap food, was potentially dangerous.  Since that time there has actually been an increase of plastic in food containers.  Even mayo and peanut butter come in plastic rather than glass containers.  Many people use plastic dog bowls for both food and water.  We all use plastic crates, and of course most dog toys are plastic, including nylon chew bones.


Do your own research.  Dioxins are linked to cancer, BPA is linked to both cancer and diabetes.  Plastics release excess estrogen, which isn’t good for females, much less men and male dogs. 


Dogs need grass, fresh veggies and fruit but not chemicals and pesticides!A Google search brings up some very interesting items.  Speaking of BPS (bisphenol A) there has been some publicity about avoiding polycarbonate products like water bottles and cans that are often lined with the plastic stuff but here is an example of how we are surrounded by plastic.


Exposure to BPA in very small amounts can cause gender-specific behavior problems in babies that can last up to two years.  Girl babies are more aggressive and boys are anxious and withdrawn.  Right here at the University of NC they did a study of pregnant women and 99% of them tested positive for BPA.  I wonder how dogs that spend all their time in plastic would test?  Since their life span is shorter, if it takes two years for the effects of BPA to dissipate, could that be why so many male dogs are a little on the shy side?  Just wondering.


TAM CORDINGLEY KNOWS DOGS!It is not difficult to do a “back to the 50’s” type home and diet, for you and your dogs.  Use only products packed in glass jars.  Don’t buy meat or vegetables wrapped in plastic, and tell your grocer why.


Organic foods are a big deal now but unless you buy them fresh and local, they are packaged in plastic, plastic-lined cans and freezer packaging.


Really try to buy locally grown food, it may take a little more effort but it is worth it.  Be aware and see if your health and your dog’s health doesn’t improve.  You might even avoid cancer for yourself and for your dogs.




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