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Prescription drugs are the #1 cause of human drug fatalities and FDA approved drugs are the 4th leading cause of death overall.





 Many Drugs Deadlier Than Disease - Medication Marketing 


Barbara "BJ" Andrews - Publisher,


The sick truth of medication marketing! Prescription medicine is big business for veterinary and medical practices but this information inspired a video expose'!


It doesn’t take an invented flu "epidemic" for the latest "get your flu shot" panic which now includes canine influenza and "respiratory disease" immunizations!


Prescribing Death, The sick truth about prescription drugs and vaccines.Still, behind every headline, there's a story and this one will amaze you. Vaccines can and do cause sickness which leads to prescription mediations which often cause side effects that require another trip to the doctor or veterinarian.


Most of you reading this will not recall the absolutely impossible intercontinental eruption of parvo virus(1) back in the eighties.  There was panic and a purported rush to manufacture a canine-derived vaccine. As a columnist for the dog fancy's first newspaper (Holly Meir's The Dog), fellow columnist Dr. Erbeck and I both suspected that parvo virus erupted not at a dog show but in a laboratory.  Reproduction specialists reaped a bonus income treating the side-effects of parvo vaccine. Fact: prior to the onslaught of new medications and vaccines in the seventies, very few cattle, cat, or dog breeders had ever experienced such massive infertility problems.


And then there was "Canine Flu"(2) which also erupted before there was an internet and whoops - just before the canine flu vaccine was released...  You've gotta read it to believe it!  The point is that even back then, medical researchers knew that repeated vaccinations do serious damage to human and animal immune systems and they were more than happy to reap the peripheral benefits. In 2016 we had a new disease, Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease(3), but not to worry, Vanguard released a vaccine along with the news about CIRD®.  Yes, it had an acronym before most vets had heard about the new vaccine...


Thanks to my medical-writer colleague, I began a shocking education in pharmacological strategies. The result is an ongoing collaboration with veterinarians and medical doctors who concur with and support this inoculation against the prevailing health hype. With the advent of internet, became the world's first mainstream website to reveal the truth about veterinary and medical marketing, see Vaccine Risks Index and Dog Meds (pharmaceuticals) Sections.


Prescription Deaths & Health Care Costs

For 70 seconds, suspend your trust in the pharma-giants. Open your mind to the indisputable fact that we are cajoled into taking harmful, even deadly prescription drugs. What I’m about to tell you might be hard to believe unless you think about the alphabet ranging from Avandia to Vioxx, just two of the deadly prescriptions taken off the market due to terrible side effects.


First a staggering fact:  In 2003 a ground-breaking medical report by Drs. Null, Dean, Feldman, Raisio, and Smith revealed that over 750,000 Americans die every year from prescription drugs. Extrapolate that to today's U.S. population numbers.  Then ask yourself how it is that in 2006 we spent only $34.2 billion to prevent terrorist attacks (ref Dept. Homeland Security) but that same year, we spent $282 billion on deaths caused by medical mistakes, including drugs.  While you're absorbing that sobering information, consider this hard-to-swallow fact...


We're told exorbitant prescription costs are because it is so hard to get a drug approved. The drug companies have to get their investment back before the patent runs out, at which point people can buy it over the counter (OTC). But here's a hard pill to swallow - prescription medicine is the most powerful industry in the western world and the biggest advertiser in broadcast media!  We are bombarded by clever commercials promising everything from sexual success to mental clarity and "no more dry eyes" but neither "mental clarity" nor moistened eyes have given us the ability to see through cures for diseases not yet invented!


Were it not for the internet, the truth would still be hidden from the masses.  Many drug companies choose to have their prescription drugs made offshore in order to diffuse lawsuits.  They ignore overwhelming evidence of health risks and just as the tobacco companies did, big pharma spends billions of dollars refuting the irrefutable.


As regards tobacco, here's the part you missed:  Tobacco had a thousand-year history of safe use before the addictive chemicals were added.  Ah but that's just a blip on the radar screen compared to the prescription drug market.


Of course has been threatened by the prescription-makers.  But it is hard to sue the truth, as Merck and Pfizer discovered.  Here's another uncomfortable truth - I believe the main reason formerly legal drugs (like tobacco and alcohol) are declared illegal is to transform them into controllable ("controlled substance") substances or prescription medications, both of which makes huge profit for doctors, pharmacies, and of course, the drug companies. [see #3]


The Prescription Drug War Is Real!

You’ve heard about the war on drugs. To protect ourselves and our pets, we must recognize the real drug war. For almost every prescription drug, there’s a safer, natural, and infinitely less expensive alternative but that fact is rigorously suppressed. It was a close battle to prevent passage of CODEX, an international law that would have prevented us from buying OTC vitamins like “C”, “E”, and B-complex. Whatever your political position, say thank you to Senator Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, who has steadfastly protected our legal access to vitamins and safe supplements.


Do your own research but be cautious because there are thousands of websites pandering to our fear of illness, a fear largely created by the medical industry and TV ads.  Beware seeded information by pharmaceutical companies masquerading as health-related information sites. Cross-reference what you believe to be true and if you can’t document the science through unrelated sources, reject it.


Cancer Treatment Cost

Cancer is the most clouded and protected arena in medicine.  In many states a medical doctor can lose his license if he recommends any "alternative medicine" treatment for cancer other than “slash, burn, and poison” meaning surgery, radiation, and chemo. Dr. Julian Whittaker reported a long-time patient, newly diagnosed with cancer, asked her cardiologist where she might find that "apricot seed stuff". Her doctor kindly suggested some sources she might explore. The California medical board revoked his license and as of this writing he is suing the state. He wasn't the first doctor to be slapped down, therefore most medical professionals cannot or will not discuss "natural" or herbal medicine.


If you know someone who is fighting the dreaded proliferation of abnormal cells (that’s what cancer is) you should do careful research, starting with the knowledge that the average cost to treat a cancer patient was $670,000 in 2011 and survival rates had not improved.  Susan Thorpe-Vargas PhD reports on causes of canine cancer, phytochemicals & elligac acid


Health care, which includes prescription medications, is big business whether it's your pet or your family. Sadly, the world of veterinary medicine is a murky mess because the animals can’t talk and the greedy get by with murder. There is no oversight. In fact, in many states there are laws to protect incompetent doctors and veterinarians.  If you doubt any of this, see Veterinary Medication Marketing Convention.


ref 1 Parvovirus Vaccine History   ref 2 Dog Show Crud = Canine Flu   ref 3 Immunize Against Inprobable


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