Prescription drugs and veterinary medications can cause deadly allergic reactions.




The 4th leading cause of HUMAN death is prescription medications - no statistics on PetMeds because animals can't talk and dog owners don't demand necropsy reports.


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Animal prescriptions can be more deadly because even if a veterinarian recognizes a medication reaction, he/she may not admit it, thus doubling the risk that your dog will get the same medication again.  Always get a copy of the prescription insert and write down the common name so you have it for your records.


Pet Prescription Safety Risks



Medication dosage errors and over-use have become deadly!


Consuming Steroid Hormones



FDA says hormones aren't harmful so why is rbST banned in other countries?


Medication Mistake Kills Dog



Surgical or medication errors in veterinary medicine are rarely reported.


Prescribing Death

PLUS a 6 minute video on the sick truth on prescription drug marketing.


Pet Medications Dosage

Human-canine conversions, kilograms to pounds and precautions...


Veterinarians Ignore FDA Warning

Attorney on withholding Client Information Sheets (CIS).


Adverse Drug Reactions

How to recognize symptoms and report allergic reactions!!!


Drug Side Effects

Did the veterinarian explain risks? See this Canine Medication Dosage Chart


ProHeart 6 Lawsuit & Recall

Buried details on Fort Dodge 2004 deaths from sustained-release shot.



This revolutionary SECTION launched when the owner questioned protocol.


Horrible Heartworm Odyssey

Doctor's detailed case notes on devastating health effects of Revolution on her Doberman.


Pfizer Settles Lawsuit

Rimadyl class action win benefits all pets and pet owners.



Cocaine, heroin, opium were OTC, had less deadly side effects, and made you feel good... A lighthearted comparison of "drugs" today.


FDA Approved Drug Fatalities

WHY prescription drugs are a leading cause of human deaths.


Heartworm Prevention Update

FDA data reveals Trifexis kills dogs; can be more deadly than the heartworms!


Killer Grapes & Poison Control:

the latest ruse to cover up a cascade of DogMedsFirst' deadly adverse reactions


canine heart infested with heartworms clearly shows the damage adult heart worms can doHeartgard Failed

Does your dog CHEW his tablet? Be sure to read this misleading label information.


Vet Prescription Tragedy

Roma went to have her teeth cleaned but it ended in DEATH!



Chronic allergies are an environmental irritant whereas allergic reactions occur as a result of medication!


Offer your dog a cup of tea?  Of course, and serve with a dog biscuit!Prescription Lawsuits

Front page news on Rimadyl, ProHeart, Deramaxx.


The Best Prescription a grain of salt and a heap of truth when your vet prescribes medicine.


Antibiotic Alternatives

Big Pharma ignores evolving antibiotic-resistant “thinking” bacteria but treatments exist… EST 1998 2000-178196205R2209


*None of the statements contained herein as regards human or animal health have been evaluated by the FDA.  Information is provided for educational purposes only.  The ii NetPlaces Network advises you to always check with a licensed veterinarian or medical doctor.  Information or products offered are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any illness, disease, or condition, whether animal or human.  This disclaimer is due to FDA restrictions designed to protect you, the consumer.  It does NOT however, protect you from malpractice, prescription drugs, or vaccines.

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