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Dog Meds And Pet Rx


Prescription drugs are the #1 cause of human drug fatalities and FDA approved drugs are the 4th leading cause of death overall.





Dr. Roberta Lee, D.D., Ph.D., N.D., Science Editor, SAAB Member


There is concern in the medical community as medication dosage errors and over-use of both human and animal products become all too common and often deadly.


Editor’s note: This prophetic column was published in the Dog Meds section of in 2005. Think about that. We knew you would… that’s why we are bringing it to you again in 2022. Dr. Lee gained another title… prophet.


I have recently learned that many of the modern medications which cure disease and the inoculations intended to prevent disease are either contaminated or compromised. As doctors and veterinarians, we do not have to ask each other “Why?” We know that many of the pharmaceutical companies we have trusted since veterinary or medical school are being outsourced.


Human or animals, prescriptions made in foreign countries may not have the same safety laws, protocols, and manufacturing procedures as are mandated in America. At the risk of being censured by my colleagues, many of whom are medical doctors, I am compelled to speak to you on behalf of our beloved pets.


Veterinarians and doctors can speak for themselves and the pharmaceutical industry has a dragon’s voice but very few are speaking for the animals.


I will spare you my theological perspective on why God Almighty gave us dogs and other animals to keep us “human” and humanitarian. But I am compelled to remind you that we owe our humanity to the lessons learned from the dog and from Jesus Christ. Christian, Mormon, Hindu, Buddhist, all religions recognize the dog as friend to mankind and most cultures consider dogs as sentient beings.


Yes, they still use dogs in medical research but that will change as people like you become more aware of the plight of such intelligent and God-given animals. No dog should never be tortured in the name of medical science.


Is human health or ever more prescriptions more important than the life of an animal? Of course it is but that is why God made rats and other lower forms of life. All animals serve a purpose even the scavengers that clean up waste and insects that pollinate plants. God did not by accident make the dog, a creature that represents the ultimate in devotion, loyalty, and protection of and to the human species.


My personal belief is that He knew we would need a dog. What the Creator did not consider, even though He sees forever, is that his 2nd creation would serve Mankind by being kept in a tiny cage and fed, injected, incised, and otherwise tortured in the name of medical science.



Can we change this abominable protocol in the future? I do not know but my studies, teachings, and my personal beliefs convince me that torturing any of God’s creations is going to bring retribution. The world we live in is in delicate balance and while nature (or God, depending on your personal beliefs) strives to maintain itself, we are risking a lot by tampering with its balance.


There are pests and then, there is pestilence. Everything we need is provided for us and to think we can or should make it “better” (for the money) is an insult to the planet that sustains us.


So I am also concerned about the chemicals being used to medicate us and our animals. God gave us knowledge and a plentiful planet. Man should be satisfied with that and be very careful about how we use man-made medicine to cure the health problems never encountered by early man.


It seems to me that the more cures we have the more disease we develop and the more our pets suffer for it. EST 1998 © Oct 2019-20052209


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