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"There is NO PLACEBO effect in animals!"


Why hasn’t someone developed hormone replacement for surgically sterilized dogs? For the same reason women are given synthetic hormones instead of bio-identical hormones!




Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher - April 2011


This press release for natural breast enhancement got our attention because we know the serious health effects of canine castration and “hysterectomization.”


Get ready to think and ladies, don’t dismiss this. We are about DOGS but we love people too! Links to the back-story at the end of this page!  Don’t laugh.  When this press release came in, Dennis almost “junked” it but smart guy that he is, a light bulb went off in his non-doggy mind.  He popped it on to my inbox, I called Denise in and we discussed it.


Being on deadline, I Googled the subject and although it was only a superficial search, dozens of sites promoting natural, herbal, and hormonal “breast enhancement” came up!  This company was at the top of the list.  So then, curious, we searched for natural hormone replacement therapy for dog and got an amazing return!  No time to explore them now but we promise to do so later and provide that information!


Too many owners are coerced or “persuaded” into having their pets surgically sterilized, i.e. spayed or neutered.  What nice words to cover up what really happens.


For right now, we are running this press release and leaving the link intact.  The company is legit, the product makes sense, and for any aging woman – of any cup size – it makes sense to explore this safe herbal therapy.  If you haven’t read Suzzane Somers books on hormones and menopause, hormones and cancer (I think that was Knockout!) I personally recommend that you do.  The medical establishment really “doesn’t want you to know…”




CONTACT:     Health Quest Laboratories

(316) 648-6633


Natural breast enhancement supplements may help women with problems of aging, including those who are post-menopause.


(APRIL 6, 2011, WICHITA, Kan.) – When Rosalie* entered menopause she expected to deal with the usual symptoms.


But nobody warned her that her breast cup-size would drop to an A from a C.

“Distressed hardly seems to be a strong enough word for how I felt,” said Rosalie. “On top of everything else, to lose my figure was overwhelming.”


So Rosalie began investigating breast enhancement but quickly ruled out surgery and padding. Her research led her to natural breast enhancements made of herbs and herb extracts and ultimately to Health Quest Laboratories and Bosom Naturalé.


Created by Dr. Dan Ostrander, a physician who is also a naturopath, Bosom Naturalé’s formula has been compared to the other major natural breast enhancement supplements and is believed to be the most effective by far.


“It [Bosom Naturalé] never promoted post-menopause treatment, but I thought it was worth a try,” Rosalie said. “After the 4-month treatment my breasts fully returned to a generous, firm C-cup and have remained youthful.


“I am now approaching 65 years-old.”


Bosom Naturalé is comprised of pharmaceutical-grade herbal extracts which are the natural but more powerful form of whole herbs. Marketed by Health Quest Labs in Wichita, Kansas, this natural breast enhancer is available online at, or call (888) 464-4552 or (316) 686-7557. EST 1998 © 114159



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