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2021 COVID 19 statistics exaggerated? Corona virus is ‘cause of death’ in only 6% of hospitalized patients compared to those who die from aging or accidents.






Put another way, 94% of people reported as dying from coronavirus actually suffered other serious illnesses and/or were very elderly. Of the more than 230,000 deaths attributed to corona virus only about 17,000 actually died from COVID-19. {Ref #1 Reuters}



Most people who died with COVID-19 had complications due to pre-existing conditions such as liver disease or heart problems. Therefore, unless a person has other major health problems, the chances of dying from coronavirus are extremely low. Per medical statistics, if you are younger than 19, your chances of surviving the COVID 19 coronavirus are 99.99% and even the at-risk population (people from 50 to 69 years old) have a 99.5% chance of beating the coronavirus.


The truth is that the lockdown is having serious consequences on physical and mental health, especially on young people “aged 18 to 23”. The American Psychological Association notes that age group “already have the highest level of stress of any age group in the nation.


Will getting the COVID vaccine reduce your stress level? Only you can decide but it should be done with reliable facts and knowledge. For example, Corona virus may be listed as “cause of death” because “Mortality Statistics Branch at the CDC’s National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS)” which are filled out by a doctor or medical examiner who lists “any causes or conditions that contributed to the person’s death…” The death report specifies any pre-existing condition that started a “chain of events that ultimately led to the person’s death”. {Ref ~ Reuters News Service}


According to Hal Gantt, “One of the good things about COVID-19 is that it caused a drastic decrease in ‘deaths by flu’ statistics to go way down…


Equally confounding, there is evidence that the lockdown is statistically more harmful to young people than is the coronavirus! In fact, the stress of confinement could raise the risk of contracting COVID-19 to the same degree as would financial problems or job loss.


Another statistical anomaly is that deaths due to unreported illnesses are skyrocketing because people are too terrified to go to the doctor! Cancer screenings, routine checkups on heart patients or those with other major diseases are going untreated due to a news media that trades on fear-mongering. found other interesting statistics caused by the COVID-19 lockdown but if you are a dog owner, you don’t need to be reminded how dreadful this has been for your family pet. Hopefully you have a securely fenced yard or area where the dog can get exercise and most importantly for YOU and for him, sunlight! (see information displays below)



The best way to confront worry is to get the facts! 71% of Generation Z Americans said they felt miserable and unhappy. 81% of 13 to 18 year-olds said they were suffering negative consequences due to the lockdown and school closures.


Cancer treatment patients are suffering an increase in heart attacks because of stress over missing their chemo-therapy. Domestic abuse is rising. Tyson Medical reported devastating effects on mental health with a staggering 5,000 Americans so miserable they consider taking their own lives.


As if that weren’t enough, the meltdown over inability to get hydroxychloroquine even though it has been safely used around the world “for nearly a century by over a hundred million people” is beginning to make thinking adults question our Food And Drug Administration.


Dr. Brian Tyson and other top medical professionals explain that hydroxychloroquine is known as a malaria drug, has been around for a long time and is very powerful. Hydroxychloroquine came out in 1955 and Dr. Tyson said it is on the “WHO (World Health Organization) list of essential medicines of the world and it's never been a problem..” Another doctor interviewed on TV said “I've been in prescribing hydroxychloroquine for years and years with no ill effects…


In Africa, where many countries are already taking malaria medicine and there are huge populations, “45 million people practicing no social distancing whatsoever.” That’s because they are ahead of the U.S. on COVID information and the simple inexpensive treatment.


Conversely, the Lancet, one of the world's leading medical journals, published a study that claimed taking hydroxychloroquine could significantly increase your chances of death. Fortunately, another study said that was totally bogus and the Lancet authors were forced to retract the report and admit their testing methods were deeply flawed.



Is it profit or politics getting in the way of an inexpensive, commonly used medicine? That’s a puzzle. Both doctors and political leaders are saying it is time for Americans to wake up and tell the politicians to stay the hell away from our Healthcare.


So do your own research while you are a bored, frustrated, increasingly stressed prisoner in your own home. In the meantime, get up from the computer or put down your mobile device, relax and get much needed sunshine {Ref #2} by walking the dog for a few blocks.


One thing we do know is that dogs are good for our health. Talking it out with your dog often helps you work through problems as effectively as going to a mental health consultant. Your dog offers no “professional opinion” but he’s generous with undivided attention, psychological support and expects only your love as payment.


COVID 19 may be a political curse but dogs are surely a medical miracle!


{#1} 94% of people reported as dying from coronavirus suffered other serious conditions  ~  {#2} Sunlight For House Dogs EST 1998 © 21S01



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