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Faced with COVID-19 virus, it is critical to know about effective but commercially suppressed natural cures that work against un-natural viral attacks. Quick Facts!





Barbara J. Andrews, Publisher and SAAB Member


Whether COVID-19 is an accidental mutation or a retaliatory attack from China (due to our withdrawal from the “trade deal”) it is a virus against which there are natural viral killers. That said, there is also a reason that so many herbs originate from China and why “ancient Chinese medicine” {Ref #1} is still in vogue.



The amazing exception is the herb echinacea purpurea which only grows in North America! The fact is that Echinacea, especially when combined with Goldenseal, is a powerful, proven, inexpensive, and effective herbal cure for viruses we are led to believe can only be cured by prescription medicines. Echinacea is also known as purple coneflower or hedgehog coneflower.


Echinacea History

A 1985 study found that echinacea, a common herb found only in America, stimulates the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow of patients undergoing radiology treatment. Then, within a year, a double-blind study of 203 patients with vaginal candida revealed that echinacea was three times more effective than conventional methods.


The following is partially extracted from the Australian Journal of Medical Herbalism volume 4(4). The AJMH is a professional scientific journal which accepts no product advertisements and is therefore purely motivated.


Echinacea Medicine

The amazing medical properties of Echinacea was recognized and introduced in 1887 by Dr. H.C.F. Meyer in the form of Meyer’s Blood Purifier. Echinacea was effective and thus hugely popular in America - until the February 27, 1908 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association. The AMA had launched in 1883 and that 1908 editorial was already becoming typical disinformation.


Then, in another attempt to discredit that which had been proven by “uneducated” herbology experts, the November 1909 issue of JAMA published an article titled "Echinacea Considered Valueless".


Yes, that is how long ago “organized medicine” began to erase the competition of natural, effective, low-cost herbal solutions.


Echinacea only grows wild in North America. Early settlers first discovered it in the early 1800s before the “Indian Wars” began. Native Americans used the narrow-leafed purple coneflower for all internal and many external infections and in fact, it was their sole option for snake bite. Interesting side note: cancer was unknown among the indigenous (Native) Americans.



Echinacoside has an interferon-like activity. It also has mild antibiotic activity against Streptococcus and Staphylococcus aureus. In fact, 6 mg. echinacoside is equivalent to one unit of penicillin. Oncolytic activities (destructive to tumor cells) are attributed to the volatile oils of Echinacea.


An additionally amazing fact - echinacea may be more effective as an antibiotic than cortisone. Just 0.04 mL of fresh plant extract possesses a hyaluronidase inhibitory action equal to 1 mg of cortisone.


The healing power of echinacea is clinically proven but suppressed because it is natural, plentiful, non-patentable, and cheap.


Clinical Studies Of Echinacea

A 1954 study of 200 psoriasis patients showed that 90% had a definite remission.


A 1964 double blind study of 121 children with whooping cough. 50% were free of symptoms in five days. The other 50% were free in ten days.


In 1978 a 5-month study involving 4,598 patients with skin conditions involved 538 physicians outside of hospitals from all parts of West Germany. Results were:


a) Inflammatory skin conditions (212 patients) has a success rate of 85.4% in 8.5 days


b) Wound category (1,453 patients) achieved a success rate of 91.5%


c) Eczema (628 patients) with a success rate of 82.3%


d) Burns (626 patients) with 96.3% success.


e) Herpes simplex (222 patients) with a 91.4% success.


f) Varicose ulcers (900 patients) 81.1% success.


Echinacea Experimental Studies in 1984 by H. Wagner et al studied purified polysaccharides (EPS) from echinacea purpurea. It was observed that they strongly activated macrophages. These macrophages developed pronounced extracellular cytotoxicity against tumor cells. In 1991 German researchers found that mice (fed Echinacea) were protected against otherwise lethal infections.


Indications: Stress, harsh environments, allergy seasons, or whenever the body is in need of reinforcement. Echinacea may supply the boost required to maintain the natural lines of resistance to mend injured tissue and to stimulate body functioning.


In 1985 a study found that echinacea stimulates the production of white blood cells in the bone marrow of patients undergoing radiology treatment. A year later, a double-blind study of 203 patients with vaginal candida revealed that echinacea was three times more effective than conventional methods.


My personal advice: Get a 1 oz. vial of liquid Echinacea and Goldenseal from your health food store. Put it on any cut or skin infection (it is said to even be effective on psoriasis) or take orally for any viral infection and be prepared for a miracle, often within 12 hours!


Also for any upper respiratory infection, my personal “magic alphabet” is vitamins A, B, C, D and Zinc taken orally every 4 hours. Results should be obvious by the second dose.


Does echinacea or other natural infection-fighters work in dogs? Veterinary information says yes, and in other animals. I have no medical degree, so I don’t give medical advice. I can only say what works for me and my dogs.


{Ref #1} Your Dog, Your Health - Why COVID-19 and so many viruses originate in China, how it mutates and what it means to you. EST 1998 © 20S12



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