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by Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Publisher and SAAB


Healing health information is deliberately depressed so that profitable prescriptions can dominate our modern health care system but that is NOT good for you. covered the horrific 2003 Bali nightclub fire where over 400 people were horrifically burned. Bali (an island in Indonesia) had only two hospitals, one new and modern, the other old and outdated.



Most victims made it into the new hospital but the overflow of burn patients were taken to the old hospital where the adage ‘Honey heals’ was proven as their burns were treated only with honey. Medical records show they healed quicker and more completely than the burn cases treated at the new hospital. {Ref #1 Nightclub fire}


The treatment results made medical journals history! Patients treated with honey recovered faster, with less tissue damage and scarring than those treated with conventional methods. Doctors acknowledged that 91% of burn patients treated with raw honey were free of infection within seven days as compared to only 7% who were treated at the new hospital with standard therapy.


Sadly, medical doctors are so at risk for lawsuits that most are not taught these things and those who do independent research may still consider “old healing methods” risky compared to modern medical protocol. We understand. Many of our writers and close friends are medical professionals. Every day they weigh “proven protocol” ($$$ ) against ancient healing and “folk remedies.”



Honey is among the best examples of natural healing vs. profit protocol. Humans have kept bees since 7,000BC not only for their delicious honey but health and healing as recorded in the world’s oldest medical journals. Honey was used as a remedy by the ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans and despite being “world’s apart” the medical use of honey was well understood in China and India.


Even as isolated as New Zealand was and is, the native Māori people referred to Manuka honey as taonga or ‘treasure’ and used it as both internal medicine and wound dressing.


Since the development of modern medicine, it is difficult to find out about many effective herbs and proven poultices. Indeed, one has to wonder which is more important today, profit or healing? Recorded history shows honey has been used medicinally for thousands of years. Every civilization had a taste for honey and even the most primitive people recognized the healing power of honey, both internally and externally.


Modern day scientists discovered MGO (Methylglyoxal) is a naturally-occurring compound found in Manuka honey. It is antibacterial grade and good for general skin treatment but especially for wounds or burns. The higher the Unique Manuka Factor (UMF) number, which for significant health benefits should be above 30 MGO, the more antibacterial activity the honey exhibits.


Honey has also been used as a preservative since humans began to eat and store meat. Quora says “when preserved in honey, meat can last up to one year without any spoilage.” Your great-grandparents knew that. They didn’t have refrigerators…


Referenced Information: {#1} Nightclub Fire EST 1998 © Jan 2024



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