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How To Show Your Dog


Whether dog shows are a hobby, social sport or business, these Pros show you how to pose or free-stack, bait and gait your dog to the winner’s circle.




Doped To Win

Is doping so common that our dog's health and temperament are at risk?


DOPED TO WIN: Is doping dogs to enhance performance so common in today’s dog show rings that dog health is impaired and bad temperament masked and the risks unchallenged?


Dog Show Judges Have Opinions

This multi-group judge has seen the dog show sport inside and out and opinions count!





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How Dogs Talk

Dogs understand us but we have problems understanding them?



Dog Show Suicide By Excess

Dog shows are killing themselves, becoming only a win-points for ratings.



Looking Ahead To Breeding In 2021

As we dog breeders grow older, time speeds up with good times ahead...



Know Your Breed History?

Judge asks about dogs with positive health clearances and mental soundness?



Hurting Or Helping Purebreds?

Are show breeders breeding out the very characteristics that endear dogs to us?


Show Dog Toplines

These photos define the correct backline, standing naturally, posed or trotting.



Darned Dog Show Judges

AKC Judge on how to understand the process and become a successful exhibitor.


Selling A Pet Puppy

Don't shoot yourself in the foot with complicated contracts, strings attached or lectures when trying to sell pet puppies.



Dog Clubs, At That Time

Insightful first-hand view of a legendary Doberman breeder, the DPCA Breed Club and other national AKC Parent dog clubs then and now.


Judging Crufts

Mrs. Purnell-Carpenter describes it as a highlight of her international judging career.



Crufts Juniors

Two-Time Winner Colton O'Shea has a special message for other aspiring Junior Handlers.


Lucky In Showing Dogs?

The secret to success in the show ring and in your breeding program.


Westminster Show 2013

Breed judging Video, changes, and navigating NY's biggest dog show!


Westminster 2005

The largest and most glamorous dog show event in New York City!


2011 PREMIER Dog Show

See video and over 9,000 dogs competing! Allow 3 seconds to open!


How To Show Your Dog

AKC Group Judge on how to prep and present your dog and what NOT to do in the show ring!


Grand Grand Champions

AKC judge says appreciate their magnificent maturity and use them for stud.


History-Preserving Clubs

Do our Parent Clubs protect, promote, and preserving dog breeds?



Exclusive interviews with the people who shape our sport!


Lessons For Juniors

AKC judge on angry mother's missed opportunity to teach her daughter a valuable life lesson.


Showing With Aging Bones?

Most handlers have back problems but this new-type surgery was a perfect solution.


GSD Standard Changes

Reps will be attending all U.K. championship shows to curtail double handling at ringside.


Reach, Drive and Proportion

Multi-Group judge explains - simple anatomy is the answer.


Topline: Canine & GSD

Correct topline graphically and authoritatively illustrated by top international breeder-judge.


When Animal Rights Go Wrong

Last year dogs were poisoned at Westminster, Crufts and other dog shows, be watchful!


My Handler Laughs At MeHandsome dog with shorter ear crop

As a matter of fact, many show people do. You see, I don’t go to a dog show expecting to win.


Exhibit A Cropped Cocker?

You chose a breed with cropped ears or a docked tail... would you let a political activist change it?


Show Dog Structure

Compensations, overdone heads, angulation, etc. turn off this AKC dog show judge!


AKC or UKC Shows?

The nation’s oldest and most prestigious dog registries offer superb signature show events.


Why We Have Dog Shows?

Big Money, Politics, and disregard for tradition.  Will it change the sport?


What Is The Dog Show Fancy?

A funny term for people involved in the sport.


Dog Show Concerns

The rain began as a drizzle, then the sky opened up and so did his perception of dog shows.


Judging Consistency

Multi-Group judge says selecting for show ring extremes negates the breed standard.


Pick The Right Show Puppy!

Picking the right show puppy for YOU is the most important choiceBreeder-Judge on balance, fault fallacies, shoulders and how they change.


Why Size Matters

Size can't be a show ring priority but it matters to symmetry and type.


Extremes In Purebred Dogs

Judges award them, the public rejects them, and they wind up in shelters.


Developing An Eye For A Dog

Balance and symmetry, whether judging dogs or selecting a pick puppy.


How To Examine A Puppy

Judge to judge, re-examine your approach and remember when...


Flash In The Pan Show Puppy

AKC Group judge on how they are created, judged, and wisely used.


Will Working Dogs Disappear?

International judge, GSD Breeder on Sieger Shows, Pt. 1


Plight of the Working Dog

Type and Working Ability Changes, Pt. 2



Training for movies & "Fat Man" television since the 60's.


Preserving Breed Standards

Why do faults become breed type? Multi-Group judge answers!


Showing The Fight In The Dog

5 pound Poodle pulls over 300 pounds to earn her UKC Weight Pull title.


Dog Show Group Judging Changes

AKC considers 6 placements instead of 4 and new Groups.


Winning ShowDog Pedigrees

Multi-Group AKC Judge on how to build a bloodline that will be awarded.


Dogs' Inherent Behavior,

It “appears” dogs reason but are their actions deliberate and how can we mold them?


UKC Coonhound Championship

"Walk the Nite" with AKC pro handler, UKC Director Mark Threlfall


2000 Coonhound Championship

UKC's report, overview, over 6,000 of the hottest hounds.


UKC Dog Shows Sold

UKC under new ownership, former AKC VP follows the "total dog" concept.


Obsession & Too Many Dogs

Old or obsessive dog fanciers, rescue people, and the pitfalls of too many dogs.


(AFP/Getty)  The Chinese millionaire, known only as Mrs Wang, and the Tibetan Mastiff, Yangtze River Number TwoTibetan Mastiff Show Dog

Sold for $582,000, amazing story...


Dog Show In Denmark

Photos and VIDEO of Siberian Huskies, Malamutes competing in survival races!


Find Dog Breeders

Pick your breed AND your breeder carefully. Here' are breeders CERTIFIED by their peers.


PETA Billboard

This was on local news, social media-and everyone’s minds.


China - Bears & Dog Shows

Horrid Cruelty Halted! Endangered Species Act & Death Penalty.


Silken Curtain Of Dog Shows

by Lana Tsan, China Kennel Club, A First-Class ticket awaits, photo essay, inside news.


Shar Pei Specialty Show

Straight from China, by Specialty Judge Eric Omura


New China Dog Shows

by Lana Tsan, President of China Kennel Club, and V.P. of Small Vet Association.


Good Judges Speak Dog

Standards are the dog in writing but you have to know the language!

Twenty Basic Breeding Principles

Study Oppenheimer's principals and apply them to your own breeding program


Motorhome and RVs are great for dog showsMotorhome Magic

RV storage, fridge space, make patio parties more fun and getting ready to show easier.


New Colorado Tradition

Denver’s Plum Creek KC and Peak To Peak Working Dogs in new venue!


Car Is Red, Tail Is Docked

AKC judge says a contract is a contract and dog show judges agree to abide it.


Dog Show Rules - Violation?

Surgery to help a dog still falls under the Rules against alteration.


Quack And Shoot

Sit in the duck blind and see what makes a Working Certificate...


Animal Sports = Cruelty?

Are dog shows, field trials, Agility or horse racing cruel? Are Animal Rights advocates right?


When A Dog Retires

Animal rights groups infer that breeders don't care about their older dogs as they demean purebred dogs and animal ownership.


International Canine Events

Similar to AKC with Groups and Best In Show, the IABCA show is in Taylor, TX, entry info here…


Owner Handling Your Dog

Breeder-owner-handler shares decades of success in sit-down-and-lets-chat style.


Free Stacking Your Show Dog

How long and how well a dog poses; why it means nothing in most breeds!


Practice Prevents Dreadlock

A Martian would cause Dreadlock, freezing the brain, triggering a flight-fight reflexWhat causes a show dog to freeze and what NOT to do when puppy “shuts down.


Want To Show Your Dog?

Pro handler says showing your own dog is a great activity, and here's how to start.


Dog show judges will ususally critque your dog if you are politeWhat Judges Expect

Learn how to win at shows by showing your dog well, good advice straight from the judge!


Dog Shows Doomed...

Circus GONE, victory of the miserable over the magical.  ARs target another American tradition.


Dog Show Rules Work

UKC Judge says conformation ring judges must excuse or disqualify for...


Grooming Your Own Show DogCLEANING AN OLD DOG'S EARS

from coat care  to tooth and ear cleaning.  This judge covers it all.


Show Dog Toenails

Judge on why to do nails; because judges see bad foot care as neglect.


Building Sound Movement

Show dogs, must have muscle, balance, and agility in order to perform at their best.


Rally & Obedience

Why many people are happiest when Judging or Exhibiting at an Obedience Trials.


All Dogs Do Die

The reality of life, death and why, when health testing became the new standard, breed standards became expendable.


Preferred Breed Type

AKC judge says the stand-out best dog can be a show ring loser if not of "current" type.


A Sport Of Opinions

Multi-Group judge says judges education can get in the way of absorbing knowledge.


Dog Shows Rock And Roll

Multi-Group AKC Judge Canino on how symposiums work and what they can do for you.


Breeder-Judge Says Go!

David Arthur shares insight on the $5 billion sport of purebred dogs.


Dog Shows and breeds were very different a century agoDog Show History

Detailed records and wins from the first shows in America (Chicago) and incredible photos!


AKC 2-Show Day Pilot Program

Since 2010 has petitioned for a 2-show Day and finally it paid off!


Top 20 Judging ProcedureHow to present your show dog to the judge

This Judge’s plan improves spectator seating and judging drama. click any photo to enlarge.


American Dog Show Association

UKC Judge Cordingley on what Open shows could do for dogs.


Dog Dancing or Canine Freestyle

Fantastic new show ring sport catching on in America, a future Olympic Event?


Cropping & Docking History

Cane Corso photo courtesy Kathy Cressia, ICCF Ch. AdelaideMyths and reasons we crop and dock has nothing to do with showing dogs!


Crop-Dock Debate

Start with expression, appearance and breed standards.


Old World: New AKC Group?

Low-entry and new/rare breeds would profit clubs breeders.


Heritage Dog Breeds

As man's FIRST domesticated species, all breeders must protect our traditions.


Obsolete Dog Show Breeders

A prophetic 2006 column.  It won't take 10 years as Legislation sweeps country.


The Future Of Dog Shows

This Judge says discouraging new breeders is bad for the sport!


AKC Enterprises

Big-business where having the best dog is secondary to $50 million a year income. EST 1998 2013 19062003


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