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The Dog Show Fancy is born in China with Chinese government backing, a 20 million dollar Stadium (also for Olympics), grooming schools and...




New China Dog Shows

A Compelling History of Dog Shows In China

Lana Tsan China Kennel Club President- © 2000


The main kennel club is now being set up by the government which will involve head of Police, including the approval of Army, Custom & Excise, Cultural and Agricultural department. The police has spent 20 million to open a stadium and an eight story building to centralize control of the activities of dog shows in China at least right now for all Government concerned dog units.


North America Working Association has several shows in Hong Kong and was also involved in training vet assistants in HK with the help of the University of South China (one of the 3 nationally recognized agricultural university - the other 2 is Nanking University and the Beijing University.) 14 of its top professor were send into HK to teach for 15 months on daily basis. What is so unique about this course is that it was done before the Chinese takeover of HK.


After the take over, NASA (short for North America Working Dog Association) was the first to co-ordinate with the Small Vet Association of China for the First National Show, in Oct, 1997. The place was Zhuhai and our BIS judge is Mr. Kariyabu - the President of Japan Kennel Club and Puppy BIS was Mr. Igarishi. We had over 28 foreign guest including Mr. Brian Leonard, then the director of International Business of the Kennel Club (Eng). We had over 800 Chinese officials attending the show.


In Dec, 1998, the China Kennel Club (GD) was formed in which I have been make a Vice President plus also Vice President of Small Vet Association.  Above see too fat Tibetan Mastiff, not all people want to show at dog show.


In Sept, 1999 we was asked to co-ordinate the Shenyang First International Show. I was asked to speak at the press conference and opening of the show. The show is hosted by the Government of Shenyang and NASA is a coordinator.


In 1st Jan, 2000, we had in the Quandong (Canton) Millennium Show with the China Kennel Club (GD). 23rd April, 2000 we had the Nanhai Show with China Kennel Club (GD)


7th to 9th September, 2000 we had Ms. Peggy Walton as our BIS Judge for the Dalin Show. 4th -5th October, 2000 we co-ordinate with the Small Animal Protection Association of Beijing for its first show. I am also the vice President of the above association.


22nd - 26th October, I and 2 of our member were the only invited civilian for the first national police training trials. The minister of police of China attended the show and thus all the who's who in the police must also attend. Four thousand high ranking officers arrived. Only Provincial ranking officials were invited. EST 1998 © #0011511703


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