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NASA Day dog show photos provided by the President of the China Kennel Club, fascinating armchair trip to The People’s Republic Of China.




NASA Day - Show Shots from China!

Lana Tsan China Kennel Club President- ©


Editor's Note: These photos were taken in early 2001 prior to the 9-11 Twin Towers tragedy which occurred just before Tam Cordingley and I were scheduled to fly to Beijing to judge at China's largest dog show.  We cancelled our trip to Beijing even though Lana told us that China would have been one of the safest countries because they do not allow Arabs-Muslims there.  Fortunately, we have a rain check from the Chinese government and will look forward to another opportunity to travel to China, judge a dog show and to assist in Lana's dog-education projects.


We hope readers will also help by contributing photos on the two subjects most needed for the China Kennel Club classes on Grooming and Handling. Especially needed is instruction on coated breeds, Springers and Cockers, and handling that is somewhat breed-specific. You do not have to be a handler to know how to present your breed and you can pay your dues by helping real dog people in a foreign land. Please send your articles and photos to and we will publish them on the site so that your experience and know-how can be accessed by people all over the world!


If you find these arm-chair trips interesting, explore the educational projects under way in the China Kennel Club.



Mandy Deng with her Shih Tzu. The mini jumps are for small breed, as Hong Kong does not have a lot of living space and most people has small breed.

The all-Girl team of Agility and training counter.  Head of Training is Angie Kwok, coordinator for the whole activities. Mand Deng, in pink T-shirt, is in charge of the training and is here discussing matter with her assistants.

The Lady in red in the middle is Louise Lau.


The two sets of training equipment side by side.

Mrs. Ho and Butterfly explaining how to feed medicine to your cat.

Groomer Wang Lai Mei from Beijing

Groomer Yiu Mei SHan from Quanzhou (Canton).

The human food counter only serve jumbo hot dog.

Hill's pet food counter (left) won the most selection prize.  Hill's has the full selection of science diet and prescription diet.


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