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Class and Shenyang Kennel Club

by China Kennel Club President, Lana Tsan


Graduation Day. First Handling Class in China, the date for this class is June 22nd to 25th, 2001. It is a very intensive course going from 8:30 am to 6:00 pm as long as there is sunlight.


Then at night too because the course is set at the countryside where you can have a small showground plus the dogs can stay in the hotel and the students live next door to the instructors. So instead of going out at night as any place that is open at night is about 2 to 3 hours drive away, we have discussion groups and the tropic again is about dogs.

From Beijing we went off to Shenyang, Mr Wong and I were met in Shenyang by the principle of Shenyang national police academy.

The next day, we were asked by the SHenyang Kennel CLub to visit their office.

For my trip to Beijing, I was given two more titles other than the one of being their chairperson for ASAP, the consultant for their Magazine PET ZONE and the foreign director or International director for China Cat Association.

For Shenyang Kennel CLub, I have now the honor of being their consultant. Photo left, I am short one.

For Dalin Pet Association they have already affiliated their club to NASA last year.

During this trip in Shenyang, we were the go-between for the National Police and the Shenyang Club with the city government and the Shenyang National Police Academy with NASA joining up to put on a show for OCT, 2001. This is definite now but the date is still not yet announce because of the attending high government official.



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