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China undergoes rapid changes to meet with the western world ways of treating and eating animals; pig, cow, okay but dog is friend, not eaten.




Lana Tsan, SAAB Member


China is changing cultural food customs that have been practiced for centuries, as in most Oriental and ancient societies.


First about the bear matter, this has been in the news about at least 2 to 3 years ago and is now no longer practice here as the companies and people were closed down, animals rescued by government agent. We love Panda and establish with humane center to care for these other bear with idea to release back to the wild. The people involved were arrested.


People here now may have to pay not only a fine but may have to face firing squad if they kill or even if an endangered species died of natural causes and they were caught eating the remains - the penalty is death.


As for dog shows here in China, there are quite a few and clubs and associations are now being set up by civilian in many city with the Government help. The main kennel club is now being set up by the Government which will involved head of Police, (including the approval of Army, Custom & Excise, Cultural and Agricultural dept.) That means everybody will have to fall in line as according to their rank in the Chinese government. The one party system to prevent any split ideas.


The police has just taken 20 million to open a stadium and a 8 story building to centralise control of the activities of dog shows in China at least right now. They just had the first big show in China which feature all the 4 military bases and their states dog unit. Each has to send a team.


I was lucky enough to be invited along with 2 members of our association club committee. They have a guest list of 4000 provincial Government heads and could not even admit any that is under that grade. We were the only civilians with seats in the grandstand. I was also detained by the head of police for Dogs or the CID head which includes the dog unit, to be their guest at a special dinner after all the events were over. It is believed that I may have a place in the committee and a room in the 8 story building to operate from for the civilian events in China.


Right now, nearly all the biggest shows in China are co-ordinate by our association (we have turn down 2 because of being on the same date and difficult to reach - at least 8 hours drive and then railroad and then drive again).


Most of these events do not offer a big sum for airline tickets. In many places I have to pay for my own travel expense and in the beginning, even my own hotel expense. Now I don't pay anymore especially as the shows. When we don’t turn up usually end up with arrest by police due to them being unable to get a license or police approval and most of these events involved dog fights after the show and a huge wager or bet is also usually involved. Good but because of our stand against this activities under the cover name of dog show, I have also receive threats.


I am also right now involved in setting up Agility in China, because in doing dog shows, we found a lot of Chinese people has bought dogs which is not pure bred for huge sums because they have no idea. We are setting up Agility and other show events so that these dogs and owners will survive with each other.


Also, in China it is still legal to eat dogs although we seem to be right now winning and turning public opinion against the idea to the extent it is no longer found in the menu of many restaurants. The fight and the vote is not done as we still have not legalise the dog in the city law. The old law still stands as a threat, it might again be carried out.


I have just got back from China and had to re-file my home and office computers due to a virus from Taiwan!  America be careful.



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Editor’s Note: November 24, 2000 This is a historic event in communication, made possible by, one of the first American websites allowed access by the Chinese government. We may find the spoken language difficult, but the language of DOGS is universal!



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