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Dalin Pet Association Meeting

by China Kennel Club President, Lana Tsan


The date for this is June 2001


The photo is of Dalin Pet Association the two standing behind me is the president Mr. Koon Kin Kwok (the one in stripe) and Mr. Suen Sing Li, vice president. The Dalin Pet Association and the Chinese Trade Promotion Association are joining to set up a 3 day show in Dalin but unfortunately the date crash with Beijing. They have the two Vice Presidents of China arriving for this show. Our three day meeting for this trip is how to set up another date. Dalin is famous for its seafood, but we never went to any place but that conference inside the club office.   Much to my disappointment and that of all my members who were thinking that I must be consuming all the lovely seafood feast that we had with our last show trip to Dalin. I think all our members except Matthew have given cuisine awards to every restaurant that we were taken. Matthew had food poisoning after the first night out he had with Andy Yuen another judging member of NASA. Andy has friends in Dalin that took them out to their restaurant. It is also good luck that Matthew has also a degree in medicine from the University of HK. So it is a case of healer heal yourself.   The last trip to Dalin was also memorable because we have Margaret Walton, Chuck Whitney and Judy Cooksey from USA and Terri and Pam Jarvis, and Alister Henderson from Australia.



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