By year 2000 dog shows were beginning to happen in mainland China, thanks to the efforts of purebred dogs enthusiasts with "political" connections.



NASA Show from China!

by China Kennel Club President, Lana Tsan


The date for this is June 2001, This is where the show took place. Not as fancy as the other location I sent to you but very good and accessible site for the public. They came in large numbers, very curious, very interested and from much publicity of show.


The opening speeches with Mr Gary Chiu (Lee Lung Company 's director for pet products) then Eric Omura, Lana Tsan and Wong King Kwok.

Afterwards then the event director Mr. Leung introduced all the department heads of NASA and others who helped with the event.

For the NASA counter, we have our Head of our Judging Dept to give talks and educational demonstration to the audience.

Mr . Fan also gives speech and demonstration of show handling and there was a very popular handling contest.

Then Matthew talks about the importance of show conduct and the code of ethnics.

Then we have the vet counter with the Hill's Veterinarian Mr Christopher Brackman answering all the veterinarian questions and giving free examination to all animal plus worming tablets.  He was also there in case of mishaps but fortunately this sort of service is not required for the whole day.

A very good time at show.  Music and many festivities.  Many many people come to these events and more are learning because they find out much information.

Andrew Leung delivering the speech about grooming.

Sandra Cheung Presenting the price.


The grooming counter (right -->) is managed by our Head of grooming department Ms. Sandra Cheung and her two assistants, Judges Miss Louise Lau and Andrew Leung in smart red association uniforms.

Very much interest from many people who come to see dogs and dog show judging and breeds they never see.




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