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Dog Dilemmas


Housebreaking, chewing, barking, itching, scratching? Spay-neuter? Toenails, mange, microchipping, lost dog? Breeders, veterinarians, and trainers provide expert answers in the world's 1st dog-site.




Activities Alleviate Dog Boredom

Have you ever come home to total chaos created by your beloved house dog?



Stop Car Chasing

My dog chases cars and bicycles - I’m afraid my dog or someone will get hurt!


Crate Training Your Dog

The importance of crates, cages and X-pens for a happy, healthy and safe pet.



Heartworm Mosquitoes

How far can a mosquito fly? What is the real risk of heartworm disease?


Command Consistency Training

Ever tried learning a new language? Imagine a dog learning commands and the words being switched up each time.



Behavioral Consultants

Professional dog trainer's advice for dogs that bark, dig, chew, etc.


Snake-Dog Dilemma

International judge shares 1st hand info when his German Shepherd Dogs are bitten by a rattlesnake!


Snake Bite Treatment

Emergency! Your dog has been bitten by a snake! Cutting the wound and sucking out the poison is no longer routinely advised... Here is quickest best treatment.


Puppies Fear July 4th

Independence Day fireworks can frighten, even traumatize your puppy and instill a lifelong fear of loud noises.


Teach Your Dog NOT To Come!

You'll learn more from this than anything the trainer may teach, guaranteed to work!


Find Your Lost Dog!

What to do before he strays too far, is overcome by panic, or injured in traffic.


Microchipping Your Dog

Weigh risk of straying against injection site cancer.


Neighbor's Dog In Season?

How your dog reacts to scent stimulus and hormone cycles.


Dog Sprayed By Skunk?

Vinegar or tomato juice doesn't work on skunk odor but this does...


Spay & Neuter health risks are significant, spaying or neutering can cause cancer, obesity, hip dyplasia, low thyroid and other problems associated with removal of sex hormones due to being spayed or neuteredThe Cruelty Of Castration

What is the risk vs. benefit of surgical sterilization?  Get ready for medical facts!


Rethinking Spay & Neuter

Study reveals shorter life span, higher vet bills, hormone & health problems...


Safe Sex and the Family Dog

There are as many myths about sex for pets as there are about people.


Early Spay/Neuter Very Risky

Dr. Zink on health problems for pups spayed/neutered before 6 months.


Evacuating A Forest Fire With Dogs

First hand account of dog owners who fled the Los Alamos fires.


"Dog Days" are hard on dogs, they can suffer heat stroke, sunstroke, heat stress, and here's how to recogize heat stroke and treat it as an emergency!Heat Stroke Kills Dogs

Symptoms, emergency treatment, and why dogs are more susceptible to heat stress and sunstroke than humans!


Dreaded Dog Days

Summer sense but oft-forgotten advice from dog show judge..


Heat Alert; Can Your Dog Swim?

Drowning and heat stroke claim over 12,000 dogs each summer!


Train For Barking

Takes you inside puppy’s head to instill proper "watchdog" response.


Animal Disaster Preparedness

DVM on emergency resources and what you MUST have on hand.


Emergency Evacuation With Pets

Your cell phone, medications, and water isn’t enough!


Disaster Survival

Dr. Lee's plan can make the difference between life and death for your family and animals.


FIDO 911! When A Dog Snaps

Is the dog snapping at children who haven't been taught how to behave with a dog?


5 Most Dangerous Plants

May be in your yard or home PLUS Poison Control numbers to print and save!


Dog-Dangerous Holidays!

Poisonous decorations and National Poison Control emergency phone number!


Who Gets Custody of The Pet?

A major divorce court concern; sensible solutions by a dog "judge".


Simple Safety Tips For Your Dog

Similar to child safety because both are exploring their surroundings.


Puppy Has Mange?

The immature immune system.  Is it Hereditary?


How Could You?

Moving? Giving up your dog? Not before you read this "dog story" that brought national acclaim.


Pet Safety Tips

Life and sanity-saving tips from AKC judge.


Can We Keep The Dog?

A frequent question and a true story of a long-lost Belgian Sheepdog.


Great Dane Puppy Tragedy

Buyer Beware experience that puppy buyers should read and heed.



She quieted her dogs and her neighbor's complaints with de-barking surgery.


Barking! Debarking?

Common sense, in-depth information on sensible solutions to quiet things down.


Have A Healthy, Pet Safe Christmas!

Unsuspected health risks cause vomiting, diarrhea, even fatalities.


Maynard-Neighbor Collie Case

is typical of neighbor problems, except this dog owner has a "neighbor from hell."


Behavior & Attention Problems?

Dog owner or parent you need to know about excitotoxins.


Itching, scratching, allergic dog with fleas, scratching himself bloodyScratching The Surface

The real cause of of itching, licking, chewing and self-mutilation.


Terrible Toenails

Trimming or grinding prevents crippling foot and joint damage, by AKC Judge Gammill.


Cleaning Teeth & Cutting Toenails

How to do it yourself and save stress, time and money.


Common Sense Dog Sense

How to pet-proof the house and prevent fleas, licking, and chewing.


Give Your Dog A Job!

Air Force training methods can solve your dog's behavior problems.


Booster Shot Schedule

Are are all those shots really necessary?  When and how often to vaccinate.


Save $ By Grooming Your Own Dog

Dog show Judge says preserve huggability and what you need to DIY.


Bathing, Ear Care, Fleas & Mites

Part 2 of Judge Lanting's grooming tips will surprise and intrigue you.


Letting Go Isn't Easy

but it is about doing the right thing at the right time.


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