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The Mating Dance and all it implies. Spay, Neuter, or cope with the dog’s breeding behavior? How your family pet, male or female reacts and how to prevent stud behavior.




E. Katie Gammill © TheDogPlace January 2010


Your new puppy is a male. Will you neuter him? Do you have a vision of finding him a girlfriend? Mulling it over, huh? Initially “squatters” when they urinate, male puppies start “leg lifts” with testosterone and maturity. Introducing him to his “lady fair” encourages such behavior.


THE MATING DANCE - SPAY, NEUTER OR COPE WITH DOG'S BREEDING BEHAVIORA novice person asked me if I knew anyone with a female who might like to breed to their male. If you want another dog, it is wiser to buy a second puppy. Otherwise, you will suffer the resulting bad habits due to activating your male’s libido (sex drive).  The behavior triggered by ONE breeding leaves a male “ready and looking for action” year round. The female comes in heat twice a year and shows interest only during her cycle. This article answers questions regarding breeding both sexes.


Normally, pets do not come with health certifications. Serious breeders rely on three generations of a known pedigree of each parent. They plan ahead regarding future litters, sometimes into the second generation. They will neither use the dog, nor take a puppy back in place of a stud fee. They want no “unknowns” in their lines. Therefore Mr. Studly is “out of luck”.


Unethical breeders start their own “registry” simply to provide you, the buyer, with the opportunity to say you have a “papered” puppy. They sell you a puppy as quickly as possible for big bucks and give no further assistance. Pet store puppies may be the result of puppy mills and many aren’t purebred.


The American Kennel Club, established in 1884, has stud book ancestry records. History and purpose of all breeds are available. The United Kennel Club concentrates on Hunting Dogs, what it calls “using dogs.” Kennel inspections by the AKC, UKC, and USDA assure proper housing and proper record keeping. People in violation are fined and privileges are suspended.


LISTEN CLOSELY! NEVER allow a female in season to come into your home. The female’s pheromones are FOREVER. Any male dog entering that area will react and mark territory accordingly. If you want a good family pet, remember that just ONE attempt at breeding your male will encourage bad behavior for a lifetime. Chihuahua, Beagle, or a German Shepherd; he will react by sniffing and marking.


IF you choose to breed your male, DO NOT punish your dog for “doing what comes naturally”.  It is you who set him up for mating behavior for the rest of his life. Neutering often does NOT change established behavior patterns.


Your friend’s female comes for a “love fest”.  Females are receptive to males for a short time.  If the female is presented early or late, she becomes a force to be reckoned with. She snaps, twists, grabs at ears or worse, growls, mashes the male to the ground, and “takes his head off”. Young “stupid” males simply go back for more. He’ll forever spin his wheels and may become nasty about his personal hygiene. “Turned on” males smell like a Billy goat!  Be aware, Doggy Panties on females does not detract from their charm and may not prevent a mating you don’t plan on.


The female heat period is 21 days. She’s receptive for about 5 days.  The remaining time, the female has major PMS.  Research the mechanics of mating before attempting a breeding. Veterinary assistance may be required.


OK. So you’re successful with the breeding. Here’s the scoop!  You now own a “proven male.”  If a Chihuahua, Beagle, or Great Dane, ANY female down the block comes in heat, he knows it!  It’s literally written on the wind. He will drive you nuts reacting to pheromones you don’t even know exist.


My friend’s house was damaged when the neighbor’s dog tore through siding, insulation and walls to get to their female that was isolated in the bathroom during heat.  This happened twice!  This describes a male’s determination to breed. Size does not matter!  Small dogs stand on hills and rocks, large dogs find low places to “do the deed”. The owner of a male running free has no responsibility at all regarding placement of the litter. Guess who is stuck with the puppies!


A marking female advertises her estrus cycle. Aggressive males congregate. They are all vying for the attention of one flirting female and this causes FIGHTS! Mating animals are not for public entertainment. Responsible dog owners should build fences to keep animals at home but be aware that dogs dig under fences. Male dogs “loose it” when pheromones greet their nostrils.


Katie GammillOkay, you planned a breeding it now she has been bred.  Congratulations!  Now the female takes to the couch for 59-62 days.  On the other hand, your male remains ever watchful, wafting the air and still refusing to eat.  He urinates on every blade of grass, car tire, leg, and carpet to establish territory to advise other canines, HE did the deed!


Neutering males and spaying females stops future bad behavior problems. Dogs are dogs, and they scratch when they itch, lick wherever and whenever, in front of whomever, and do what comes naturally.


For most people, it is better to your spayed or neutered dog’s companionship. Make him/her a candidate for “dog park” activities. Concentrate on your pet’s unlimited supply of happiness, loyalty, and love. EST 1998 © #1106



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