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Are dog shows, field trials, Agility or horse racing cruel? Is this Animal Rights advocate right? Share your opinion LIVE with over 24,800 subscribers!


Bark Back - Are Animal Sports Animal Cruelty?Yes, is about animal rights but we appreciate hearing their viewpoint which is interesting and reasonable. The Dawnwatch report leads off with “The New York Times has run an op-ed by a horse trainer who holds that the racing industry must change its ways if it is to be saved … If we can't get society to end the use of animals for entertainment, what hope do we have on more complicated issues such as medical testing and food?


But here is the thought-provoking issue put forth by Dawnwatch: “…let me share that California has announced changes in racing rules, including banning the permissive use of the whip. You can read about that on the Associated Press site at  When you see the issue covered in the media, please make comments that question the idea of tweaking rather than banning a barbaric industry that kills thousands of horses every year.


Dawnwatch states the March 27 NYT op-ed ran online and is the perspective of a horse trainer in France, Gina Rarick. We have excerpted some thought-provoking quotes about horse racing.


Rarick says in part: “Racehorses in the United States break down, which means they are catastrophically injured and then euthanized, at a rate double or triple that seen in the rest of the world. The spotlight is now on the Santa Anita track in California, where 22 horses have been killed since late December, but Del Mar, near San Diego, and Aqueduct in Queens have had similar spates of fatalities in recent years.


She cites examples and makes an interesting observation: “Animal rights activists, some of whom have never been within sniffing distance of a horse, are feeding on racing’s inability to right its wrongs. At the moment, they’re having a proper feast, with the Los Angeles district attorney investigating the Santa Anita deaths at the urging of racing foes.


"American racing can pull itself from the cross hairs, but there needs to be a huge overall change, and fast. The major difference between American racing and the sport in the rest of the world, including here in France, is the excessive use of medications, practically from birth."


Dawnwatch says the Times Newspaper writer “goes on to give details of some of the horrors undergone by US racing horses and of the changes needed, and then ends with the warning that if changes aren't made, animal rights activists will succeed in shutting down the sport. You'll find the full article on line at:


What are your thoughts on horse racing and other forms of sports entertainment that might harm or stress an animal? What about March Madness basketball injuries? Should we ban football? Soccer?


These direct contact sports are hard on humans. Doesn’t anyone care about people? Of course people can “choose” to risk injury, animals cannot. What is your take on this?


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