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As I sit here at my keyboard, connecting with old friends and new readers, it seems that as we dog breeders grow older, time speeds up with good times ahead.





Sherry L. Shivley, NetPlaces Network Field Reporter-Photographer


I remember our first litter of Boxers. One puppy went to a Pain Management Clinic as a Therapy Dog. Another puppy went to Australia to start a new bloodline but first we showed here and gained his Puppy of Achievement award.



Two puppies went to a wonderful family who will show them but more important, they are also therapy dogs to the Mom who is in constant pain. One female was chosen to be Miss December for a local Calendar. My husband fell in love with a rather plain boy who will be used for Obedience and Agility. The one I kept showed with great success and also gained his POA.


As a Breeder, to have loving, caring homes for my puppies is like hitting a home run. I joined a Facebook Group that supports Preservationist Breeders. The group is doing so much good for purebred dogs and public education on training and caring for dogs.


We breeders must act as one, supporting and leading the way to a better life for all dogs, not only our purebreds. If we continue to remain quietly in the shadows, watching life go by, we will be like the dinosaurs. Forever gone.



In 2020 we lost Breeders, Judges and Show Fanciers, infinite knowledge gone! What do I see for the future? Young people carrying the torch enabling our passion to continue. My Grandson showed for the first time at our County fair, winning Reserve Grand Champion with my good ole Hobbs.


Two very talented Juniors from here in Colorado were invited to Westminster to show that year. Jade and Parker, good friends in and out of the Junior Ring, have passion and drive as well as natural talent to show their dogs to the best of their ability.


If you have any doubt that the dog world is alive and well, go watch the Junior class. They are our Future! Encourage them, donate trophies or cash as prizes if you can. Let them know they are as important as any Best In Show winner.


I see every New Year as full of Promise and Hope. As a dog breeder I wish for all of you the same - as well and puppy kisses and wagging, wiggle butts.


See ya around the ring ~ Sherry

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