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Huskies, Malamutes, and Danish dog breeders compete in survival sledding and conformation dog shows - with the same dogs!  See VIDEO!




Coverage by Charlotte Andersen (Please be patient - lots of photos) VIDEO below


I will for fun write a little about how it is to show Siberian in Denmark and train with our dogs, I think you will find it really old school – but I just love the way, we do shows in Denmark.


Almost all kennels in Denmark, which has Alaskan Malamute or Siberian Husky, they do shows and train the dogs, not often we meet someone that only do show, in a way you can say, that the kennel get more respect if they have nice dogs in the show ring and the same dogs can work on the mountain.


Typically the kennel has between 5-15 dogs – I don’t have a kennel, but 7 dogs, that is a part of the whole family – they are all in the car when we go to show, then the all stand on stake out next to the ring, and can enjoy the day with all the other dogs.


Relax after show. How many Siberians are in the photo?


A dog show in Denmark is like this: You meet early in the morning, so you can go round and give hugs to everyone and talk to everyone, and it look like we all are a big family. You use a lot of time to talk, look at new dogs and just to be social.


When the show begins, then we are focus, and go in the ring for winning, BUT we have fun in the ring - In the ring you are competitors, but never in a bad way, always in a good way. Often we talk a bit when the judge looks at another dog. We all have suit on or nice dress – we never look like we are on the way to a party. We often do shows out site, but we still dress nice and professional. Sometimes we have a little fun in a special class (male and female in the ring as a pair), the we dress up with hat, butterfly and have a party. We only do this, because we will make fun and make the audience to laugh, and make the day special – we do not do this for winning with the dogs.


When you win or another winner, then you go nicely over and give a hug or hand and congratulations with the fine dog.


This is a James Bond look, the male dog have a butterfly on, and the show play the “007 song”

Here another wins, but happy faces and a good time



A ring side party. On the photo you see 4 person from different kennels (I am the red head)

Typically one or to person have cake, coffee or champagne in the show tent, and the handler/owner take a coffee time after/under the show – and you can always hear a lot of happiness all over the show area – and it is not because they win, but because everyone is happy to be a part of the show party. Yes, you can almost say that we are like a big youth club where age is from 20 years and up to 70, and everyone is invited to be a part of it. The social is a large part to shows in Denmark, and many come to be with friends. There are not many groups fighting against each other. I would almost go so far to say, that you have a problem, you can get help from everyone. Sometime another handler come under the show, and tell if you have to run faster/slow in the ring, or if I do something wrong.


We don’t help a dog in same class, but we help when we not competing. We never run to close on the other dogs, and never try to do dirty tricks – because the handler is also a friend out sit the ring. I have sometimes checked with friends / other handlers, if it's a good idea to say “yes” to a kennel, that want to use my male with a particular bitch - and then there is serious response that does not contain any kind of envy.


The same people who do shows train their dogs in the woods, and some of us running survival race in the mountains in Sweden. This means that the race is 180 km, where one cannot get help, you have to be together with your dogs throughout the race, sleep, eat and drink with them. It's a tough race, as it often is bad weather. The Siberians is in Denmark runs typically 1000-1300 km from October to April (which is winter in Danamark).


The show dogs owner help on the 180 km race

A girlfriend with nice show lines Siberians and one Alaskan Malamute


At the start line

After a hard 160 km the dog rest for one hours on the mountain before they get at finish after 180 km


Some going on a sled and I run 180 km on ski withe the dogs, so I work as hard as the dogs


The musher must live out site with the dogs on the race. This is after 85 km and Anne make dinner for the dogs, before she sit next to them for eating.

The musher sit in -27C and wait for the dogs to sleep, so they can run again. The musher go in a sleeping bag and get some rest to. On the race there is a lot of vet from all over the world, and lot of show dog owners, that help (sleep, eat, live out site for 2 days)


The next photos are so you can see how nice our dog show are - happen to be all American judges on the picture. The red male Siberian has in 2014 been “the best polardog of the year”, he has nice American and Danish show lines from Hey je ho cold play. Same dog (who is 3 years) has just taken part in the Polardistance of 180 km, so he can also work. In 2014 he went: Danish, Luxembourg, International champ. He is very close to be a German and Nederland Champ, he was Benelux winner – but best of all, he can work and run like a dream.



We had many judge from US, and they all told us, that the way we do dog show is VERY nice and relax. So I think, that we do dog shows on the old fashion way, and it is amazing. You don’t see any professional handling, the owner handling their own dogs, we have dogs of fine show lines.



I hope to see you in Denmark one day, and I can promise that you will have a good time, with lot of happiness and you will get a lot of new Danish friends, so welcome back to the old fashion ways, where we all absolute love our dogs and we handle the dogs that way (no hard handling – just lot of love and work with the dogs).


NOW PLAYING IN VIDEO THEATER....All the best regards from Denmark, See you.


All the photos taken by another Siberian owner, that have a dog in the same class – no problem :o)


For more Denmark Dog Show and Sledding Information, visit VIDEO Theater and watch Siberian Huskies and Alaskan Malamutes sledding in Polardistance 2015 in S?rna.  Exciting, touching, this video has it all.



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