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Last year dogs were poisoned at dog shows here and abroad. With Crufts and Westminster coming up, be watchful and aware, animal rights whackos do not love dogs!




by Sherry L Shivley, 2014 Journalist Award Winner


Show dogs have been poisoned so we must be vigilant with bait, consider Exhibitor Cards for the grooming areas, and use the buddy system to protect our purebred dogs.


The unthinkable happened. It was across the ocean, yet each one of us held our dogs a bit closer and wondered how anyone could poison an innocent animal. The dog's only crime? It was a show dog. I can only imagine the horror the owner felt as the Vet tried unsuccessfully to save the Irish Setter. Why that one dog? Could it be dog show jealousy? Someone dislikes you so much that they would make an innocent animal suffer the throes of poison?


It’s unbelievable but someone does dislike purebred dogs that much. The animal rights organizations rule Great Britain with a firmer hand than the Queen. No cropping! No docking! No removing dewclaws! Now it has spread to Canada. You, the purebred dog owner, breeder, judge, or handler have no say at all in how the dog is presented in the ring. The Brits and Canadians have lost all their rights. They dance to the tune of animal rights activists that wouldn’t know what to do with a show dog if they had one.


A friend of mine commented that the BEST is not at Crufts. The world's largest and oldest registry and dog show will not allow docked or cropped dogs to compete there, so those of us in the U.S. who received invitations to show cannot attend. They've gone overboard.


For example, a handler created a firestorm by grasping the tail of the Scottish Terrier during the Crufts Dog Show in order to reposition him on the table. How many times have we seen terriers moved this way to prevent the coat from being mussed? Did you hear shrieking? Did the dog even notice? No! It doesn’t hurt. Terrier tails are made tough enough to pull the dog from a burrow where he's after game. Do you think for one minute if an opinionated Terrier was in pain, he wouldn’t voice it loud and clear?


If you do not understand, become educated before you become an ass! Instant Information on ii AKC's meaning of Improper Treatment


If we are not vigilant here in America, we will be dominated by animal rights groups who do not want dog shows, horse shows, cat shows, cattle shows, etc. The animal rights radicals believe all animals should run freely scavenging for food, breeding as nature intended, living wherever they can find a warm, dry spot as they did in the wild. Humans should not “own” animals.


Instead of focusing on something like puppy mills that flood the market with un-socialized inbred balls of misery, the animal rights whackos attack those of us who have spent years learning about genetic health, loving and trying to improve our purebred dogs.


When I worry about animal rights acts, I think about all the "bait" handlers leave behind after tossing it for the dog to look. How does another dog know if it’s leftover bait or tainted meat? They can gobble it up so fast that it can be down the dog before you knew it was there. People, please, pick up your bait! And watch your dog carefully, this is a different time today.


Another thing that I wonder about, does the general public really need to be in the grooming areas? If so, then we need to tighten up security a bit.


Owners, handlers and those involved in the show should receive, along with the judging schedule, an Exhibitor Card to be worn on a lanyard while in the grooming areas. It would have the names or logo of the shows and the year date. They wouldn't be expensive to print and would actually "advertise" those show clubs to the public. If you do not have a grooming section pass or are not with someone who does, then you have to stay in the public area where the dogs are being judged and where the info booths and rest rooms are located. If you are found wandering around where dogs are crated or being groomed and you don't have an exhibitor pass, you would be questioned as to your purpose.


Know your neighbor in grooming, introduce yourself and offer to watch their dogs and keep an eye on their equipment. If you see someone suspicious hanging around, snap a picture and ask if it is someone they know. The Buddy System may save a dog’s life!


Think about what you will say to an animal rights activist if confronted and be sure you stay calm. They want you to become agitated while someone else videos it. Just smile and get away as soon as possible, then report it to security.


The new show season is just getting started but after the Paris attacks, we all need to be more vigilant. Animal Rightists are the dog breeder's terrorists and this may be a really turbulent year for us. I hope not, I hope we can enjoy ourselves and our wonderful companions as I write this with my old dog resting his grey head on my arm.


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