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CinDee Byer, Breed Clubs Editor


Circus GONE, victory of the miserable over the magical. Animal Rights now target another American tradition, dog shows and the Breed Standards that define the purebred dog.


Sunday May 21st, 2017, will be remembered as the day wonderment of the innocent died. It is the day the lions lost their roar and horses had no more magic. The day elephants retired far away from India and the wide eyes of children stopped straining to catch sight of the man on the flying trapeze. There will be no more glittering princesses, no more strong men and no more clowns. Gone are the amazing dogs and animals of all shapes and sizes. Gone is the circus.


Gone forever is the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey show. The loss of the circus is most certainly a victory of the miserable over the magical. For one day, under the big top, the circus was a fairytale trip around the world. There we not only met animals of all kinds, we saw amazing performances we had never seen before. We watched in awe as performers, legally admitted immigrants of all faiths and backgrounds with a respect for our country, brought with them a piece of other worlds. The circus would introduce us to many types of animals and their amazing trainers.


According to Frank Grover (Father of the American Doberman Pinscher) by the 1930’s the Doberman became famous in the United States part due to the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus. At that time, Ringling Brothers circus had a troupe of Dobermans performing around the country with professional trainer Willy Necker from Germany.


Dog acts in the circus inspired dog owners. The knowledge of the circus trainers helped us bring our dogs from outside dog houses into our homes and beds. With this new ability to communicate with and train our dogs as companions, the world of purebred dogs blossomed. Breeders flourished, breeding many excellent specimens of all breeds. The AMERICAN KENNEL CLUB raked in millions from registrations. Obedience classes and obedience trials boosted the local kennel clubs bottom line and also increased revenue for the AKC registry.


And Then Came The Miserables To Steal Our Rights.


The miserable; they call themselves animal rights activists. They claim they are for the betterment of animals. They say that low attendance killed the circus. They lie. They tell us that circus was abusive and outdated. They lie. Those involved know better.


It was the constant threats against the circus from animal rights radicals that killed the Big Top. Financially these attacks took their toll. Animal Rights protests outside the circus made many afraid to take their family. People became afraid of being labeled animal abusers and stopped attending. Radical protests on the inside made circus trainers fear for the lives of the animals. This is what killed the circus.


It Is A Victory Of The Miserable Over The Magical


Animal Rights radicals did not give the circus animals a better life. Most are in sanctuaries far from the only home and family they ever knew. It is a picture that looks good on TV. It sounds good as a headline but it is not beneficial to the animals.


Instead, separating an animal from its trainer creates new stress. It severs a bond between the animal and its humans. Elephants are particularly impacted. This was a bond the animal understood. What the animal rights radicals did was destroy the security these animals felt. They unnecessarily hurt the animals they claimed to be saving. They hurt the people who spent years working with them.


Who is next? Radicals have entered the world of dogs. They have convinced the registries that they are helping our dogs. However, just as they used fake abuse of elephants to take down the circus they are claiming fake abuse in breed standards.


Radical animal rights are attacking breed standards to end the breeding of purebred dogs. The GOAL: if all dogs looked alike and performed the same, there would be no need for purebred dogs…


Our registries are caving! Today the American Kennel Club is running scared. Will the AKC breed standards survive the miserables?  Cropped ears and/or docked tails, features that define many breeds such as the Doberman Pinscher, are already under attack.


It is immersing itself into the mixed breed dog. By promoting products instead of purebreds they have begun contributing to a radical agenda. With mixed breed registrations and programs produced for the mixed breed, the American kennel club is enabling the radical transformation.


By taking away power from breed and parent clubs the AKC has weakened its breed clubs. By forcing these clubs to open Breed Standards, include rescue and health testing they have divided the clubs. By its own actions AKC is destroying its foundation, the breed clubs. The result is turmoil throughout the organization. Registrations are down and shows are failing.


If the American kennel club does not find the strength to separate from the radical animal rights movement it will no longer be a ”club of clubs”. It will become as those distant roars of the circus lion. It will be as a fading memory of amazing elephants. If it continues to diminish the purebred dog, the only asset which makes it unique, the AKC, perhaps the second greatest show on earth, will be gone! EST 1998 © 1706



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