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Dogs were man’s FIRST domesticated species. Dog breeders must protect our traditional right to own well-bred, family-raised, purebred dogs.





Tam Cordingley, CSI Instructor, SAAB Member


Dogs have served mankind since the wolf domesticated itself to us eons ago and primitive man first began to selectively breed dogs 30,000 years ago.


In fact, the dog was the planet’s first domesticated species (1) and today, there are “responsible breeders” all over the internet. The problem is that many dog breeders are deemed “good breeders” by people who are not now and never have been breeders, good or bad.


When this was first written 5 years ago, there was hysteria about HSUS/APHIS.  Now as 2018 begins, we have still not gotten in front of restrictive legislation that robs us of our history. Where is the younger generation, the Heritage Dog breeders who should devote their time, money, and energy to preserving their future rather than largely ignoring the situation and chasing ribbons?  What is the future of purebred dogs overall?(2)


The heritage predecessor of the Skye, a Clydesdale or Paisley Terrier - extracted from Skye Terrier 1900, photos courtesy Pam Guevera Five years ago I had a radical proposal. I felt we should recognize those who support our right to enjoy the company of family-reared, carefully created purebred dogs. I said let's give breeders a certification for doing a really good job preserving the quality and value of heritage breeds.  AKC decided to award Breeders Of Merit but the title doesn't apply to preserving breeds.


Purebred dogs were brought to America by those who fought for our personal freedom and liberties. The family-raised purebred is part of our culture and we must protect that heritage. It is the purebred dog that guards our livestock, protects our cities and airports, leads the blind, the handicapped, medical science, and most of all, represents our culture of individualism.


The British Kennel Club has an Accredited Breeder Scheme. Our AKC still hasn't warmed to the idea. I know there’s the AKC Breeder of Merit award but its primary requirement is to register every puppy in the litter. I believe people dedicated to preserving our past and protecting our future can do this on our own. The time has come for Americans to preserve a big chunk of our heritage. The American Quarter Horse Association and the Morgan Horse Association united to take care of what American breeders created and we must do the same.


The Heritage Dog Breeders Of America (HDBA) sounds better than ever.  It isn't too late to start. An HDBA Program might look something like this:


White English Terrier 189 extinct ancestor of the Bull Terrier, courtesy Pam Guevera The HDBA member will always strive to adhere to the same principals as the Breeder Of Merit and the AKC or UKC standard of the breed. The Heritage Breed’s character, instinct, physical and mental soundness must be paramount and must be preserved.


Heritage Dog Breeder Members breed for good health, temperament, and type, i.e. for the betterment of the breed, not just for production of puppies for money.


An HDBA Member will not breed a female on more than two consecutive seasons, skipping at least one season before breeding again. Not more than 5 litters or two cesarean deliveries in a lifetime.


All Heritage dogs will be maintained in clean and spacious quarters. The dogs will be given suitable exercise and groomed appropriately for their breed. No fleas or ticks will be evident. Appropriate health checks for common problems within the breed will be done.


Old English Sheeodog 1903, a Heritage Breed, photo courtesy Pam Guevera The HDBA Member will sell his pups with contracts stating that the breeder must be notified first if the dog needs to be re-homed.


The Heritage Dog Breeder will prove the quality of his/her breeding stock by achieving a conformation, performance title and/or obedience degree on all breeding stock. Public exhibition of a Heritage Dog Breed puts its structure, brains, and temperament on public display. Just as important, even a basic obedience degree requires one-on-one time with the dog.


This is good for the dog and good for the owner.  Time spent training and conditioning signifies a devotion to dogs outside of the whelping box. Our breeding dogs need recreation and there is nothing they relish more than your full attention. Training fulfills this requirement.


The requirements for membership in the Heritage Dog Breeders Of America are what any dedicated dog breeder can and should achieve.


TAM CORDINGLEY KNOWS DOGS!Qualifications need not be complicated. In addition to the above, a Heritage Dog Breeder does more than pay lip service to “fighting bad legislation”. Every HDBA Member regularly gives their time and expertise to local politicians or by contributing time to or funding a national legislative group.


No animal rights group or government entity would be able to find fault with HDBA members or to justify spending government resources to regulate such leaders in the dog community.


Photos courtesy Pam Guevera

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