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Shelters & rescues desperately need your support so before you donate to a fraud, learn where many animal shelters actually get dogs to SELL for profit, i.e. "adoption fees."




*DUMPING BINS, the shelter story that launched TheDogPlace in 1998*


Underworld Of Dogs

Sociologist/Psychologist takes you to the back alley births, puppies and underbelly of society.



Shelter Games

Humane Society, Rescue; terms with new meaning for those who see the business end of such entities.


Passion For Fostering Puppies

Why is it psychologically beneficial to provide a foster home for castaway pets?



Sex Scandal HSUS

Titillating details by sexually abused Humane Society employees against CEO perverts, Shapiro and Pacelle revealed here.


Rescue Gone Rogue

Christmas Puppy? International trafficking of feral street dogs carrying news diseases threatens you and your family.


Rescue's Ethics

He met a 30-year-old horse named Arthur owned by an 88-year-old widower who was committed to a nursing home, that's where YOU come in...


Shelter, Rescue and $

If this little girl found in a filthy dog crate in PA was a puppy in a TV commercial for shelters, would you send money?


Rabid Dog For Sale By Shelter

Before adopting what you think is a homeless pet, find out if your shelter is in fact a retail business that BUYS puppy mill produce or IMPORTS animals.


Support Shelter-Puppy Mills?

When PETA convinces people to obtain a pet from the animal shelter, indeed, what does that do responsible breeders?


Shelter Regulation Priorities

A realistic look by former State A/C officer; that every dog or cat is NOT adoptable so we must prioritize and make humane, manageable solutions for stray and abandoned animals.

Rescue Dogs, Abandon Breeders

Why do we rescue the dogs and condemn dog fanciers just when they need us the most?


Animal Shelter Scams

Be generous this season but fast-forward past heart-wrenching commercials begging you to donate to "national" organizations. This dog man says instead, GO LOCAL!


Shelter Marketing Unfair Trade

Can you afford to compete with shelter marketing and these adoption inducements?Shelters and Animal Rights work together to put hobby dog breeders out of business using your tax $$$, expert sales staff, free stuff – and plenty of purchased purebred puppies.


Shelters Trafficking in Dogs?

Estimates exceed $20 million for imported mutts!


Dog Rescue Gone Wrong

Olde English Bulldogge owners RAIDED breeder arrested, priceless litter confiscated.


"Retail Rescue" Phenomenon

Dr. Halpern on legislation that drives puppy buyers to shelters or rescue groups...


Animal Control Break-in

Little-minded Littleton police seize breeder's dogs and nursing litter.


Animal Rights Shelters

What if the shelter gave you this dog to adopt?In an effort to save every dog from euthanasia, shelters are being staffed by Animal Rights volunteers.


Rescue & Re-Homing

We used to just call it “helping out” or “doing what's right" without the drama!


Foster homes are often usually older women who rescue animals and may let numbers and costs become a problem.Adopt-a-Thons

What this deceptive shelter practice does to people who think with their heart.


Foster Home Secret

Caring for too many animals can be difficult, first-hand problems revealed.


Dog Rescue Gone To The Dogs

Rescue and shelters transports reported dumping dogs on the roadside.


SPCA Steals Valuable Arabians

The underside of "rescue", documented by John Stossel for 20/20 broadcast.


Inflated Shelter Statistics

They probably wouldn't change if we sterilize every pet in America; here's why.


Shelter Spay & Neuter Costs

Misuse of funds as Humane Societies compete with breeders?


Shelter & Rescue Gone Wrong,

First-hand account of a foster home that may be more about profit than dogs.


Min-Pinscher Battered, Starved

Photos of her last hours when she was finally loved.  True story, grab a kleenex.


Shelter & Rescue Imports

Shelter & Rescue numbers and imports rebuttal from another's perspective.


Dog Fighting Rings & Shelters

$5,000 bounties on ringleaders, pets stolen as ring bait, and worse.

Animal Shelter Fraud

Before you donate, see these SPCA and Humane Society income-expense financial charts which reveal a gold mine of donation scams, then GO LOCAL!


Pippa, The Puppy Mill Rescue

Weep and then rejoice as you read about puppy mill auction "dog No. 18."



Mother takes child to look for a puppy and finally understands what she means!


Animal Welfare vs. Dog Owner

"Rescues" rip away the one thing some people have to get them through the day...


Animal Shelter Importations

force new CDC regulations and Priorities


ARSF Changing Rescue

FL rescue group shares 30 years of success in purebred dog rescue and placement.


Petshop & Shelter Purebreds

Hobby breeders selling quality puppies directly to good homes is all but over.


Canine Underground Railroad

CUR is an acronym connected with shady animal shelter dealings.


Real men learn about real love as exemplified by a "boy and his dog" Human-Dog Bond

Animal Rights Activists would severe this ancient connection.


Your American Shelter System

Pets are dying in shelters due to shocking neglect, and criminal cruelty.


More Shelter Slaughter Cases!

Shelter shoots animals in SC, felony animal cruelty in Dallas, etc.


HSUS & Shelter Accountability

Reporting requirements for intake vs. adoptions vs. euthanasia.


Waiting To Be Rescued

It can literally be eternity for a lost pet "rescued" and taken to an animal shelter.


Shelter Dog's Christmas Eve

A poem or a condemnation of our celebration?


Shelters & AR Exposed!

Not all shelters are for the animals, get the truth before you adopt or donate!


Floods, Shelters & Evacuation

Pets drowning, rampaging waters drive people and pets to shelters only to find they accept people but refuse pets!  What kind of shelter is that?  What is your local shelter or church's policy on family pets?


Too Many Shelter Animals?

What do these numbers really mean?  How many run over, euthanized, owned?


Oprah Winfrey's Shelter Puppy

Most of the animal shelter population is mongrels - unless the shelter buys cute purebreds to sellHer dog dies of parvovirus even as she testifies on behalf of the shelter.


Shelter Solutions

reveal flawed shelter statistics and alleged pet over-population. EST 1998 ? 2007 1121391592110


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