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Titillating details and quotes by sexually abused Humane Society employees against 2 CEO perverts, Shapiro and Pacelle, revealed here...





The Humane Society Of The United States

by Fred Lanting, All-Breed Judge, SAAB Member


The political world, the Olympic-sports field and Roman history are not the only arenas where slaves and lions are in conflict, one devouring the other.  Closer to home for many of us in the dog world is the board battle of the Humane Society Of The United States.


CEO Wayne Pacelle may finally be getting some deserved comeuppance. As a former HSUS employee says, “You believe these guys are the heroes - compassionate because they’re speaking up for animals - you trust them.” That trust was allegedly broken by at least two high-level animal-rights activists, Paul Shapiro former CEO and Wayne Pacelle, current CEO.


Reports by Gidman of Newser and Paquette of the Washington Post erupted at the end of January 2018. Paquette found senior female leaders who said their warnings about Pacelle’s conduct went unheeded. In addition, Politico, which mostly covers Washington, D.C., and the Washington Post are exposing a pattern of sexual misconduct at HSUS dating back to at least 2005.


So far, at least three complaints of sexual harassment are being studied at the time of this writing (5 Feb) with another three being offered settlements, and the rumor mill has it that more may soon surface. Charges include being fired or demoted after speaking up about abuse and sexual transgressions. Among the allegations: Wayne Pacelle asking an employee if he could masturbate in front of her and get oral sex from her; becoming abusive when a subordinate ended such a relationship, having had consensual sex with both donors and volunteers.


Politico dug up more than half a dozen similar accusations against Paul Shapiro, a former VP at HSUS: trying to have sex with employees, distributing porn in the office, and making unwanted sexual jokes. Pacelle denied most of the complaints, while Shapiro admitted most of them.


Law firm Morgan Lewis interviewed dozens who reported the “common knowledge” that many women owed their career success to these relationships. Their memo said that several former high-ranking women earlier had warned Pacelle that having sex with subordinates, donors and volunteers could hurt the charity. Wayne originally took the position of argumentum ad hominem, a fallacious strategy whereby an argument is rebutted by attacking the persons making the claim, rather than attacking the substance itself. He first claimed, “No one has ever warned me of such a thing, ever,” and “…allegations only... rumors and unsubstantiated”, but later admitted wrongdoing.


Eric Bernthal, chairman of HSUS board of directors, stated, “We do not have information that can be shared regarding the investigation, its findings, or board actions at this time.” That, despite reports a dozen years old of Pacelle’s sexual pressures and successes. Telling women it would be good for their careers, asking to watch him masturbate, disrobe, engage in oral sex, etc. and then in at least one instance, telling the woman not to tell anyone or she would destroy the Humane Society and lose her job.


Pacelle denied complaints but at long last, the investigation began on Dec. 20, 2017 after the Humane Society received another anonymous complaint. That investigation found that Pacelle had maintained a sexual relationship with a female subordinate who became afraid of him after the relationship ended, describing him as abusive and controlling. Pacelle denied all. The findings are based on interviews, witnesses’ evidence, and Pacelle’s emails.


According to IRS, his salary as of 2016 had climbed to nearly $380,000 - which one would think would be enough to afford extra-curricular sex outside of the company.


The memo revealed to The Washington Post said “the chief executive created a toxic environment at the Humane Society in which workers thought they had to sleep with Pacelle to get ahead….” According to Paquette, “one woman said she received a settlement from HSUS and two more received payouts” after speaking up about Pacelle’s “sexual behavior in the office.” Pacelle refused comment.


Others are cutting ties with the HSUS national organization after many prominent Board members February 1, 2018.


On Feb. 2nd, Pacelle resigned “amid sexual harassment complaints” and concerns expressed by major HSUS donors. It should be noted that the HSUS board chairman dismissed the allegations “as lacking credible evidence.” Perhaps the entire HSUS Board of Directors should resign!


On the other hand, here’s one of the comments from a typical “snowed” supporter: “I hope Wayne gets things straightened out and remains at HSUS. He is a genius.


Some people will forgive just about anything. EST 1998 ©   1802



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