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Why it is psychologically beneficial to rescue or provide a foster home for castaway pets, especially dogs that seem to understand and know how to return the love...




A Passion For Fostering Puppies

Karen Rhodes, SAAB Member and Family Dog Consultant


I have a dear friend who fosters puppies for a local dog rescue group. She has four dogs of her own but she has a heart big enough for every one of them.


She loves raising the pups and teaching them basic skills they so they might have a better chance at being adopted. She provides a lot of life experience and socialization with other dogs, cats, children and chickens before they leave her home.


She also teaches the babies to walk on a leash, go to the bathroom outside on and off leash, accept a crate, sit and other basic commands.


Her experience with breeding, raising and training dogs has been a lifelong passion.


One of the foster dogs she helped raise recently became a permanent member of her pack.


My friend also becomes part of the interview process, pairing up the adopter with a youngster who fits into their lifestyle. Some people have other pets, some children, and different experience with owning a dog. Her expertise in raising a multitude of dogs and her work in human services helps the selection process and at times, training the adopter to carry on the work.


I remember her telling me a story of when a group of puppies were discovered to have a medical necessity which needed instant attention.



Her dogs were separated from the newcomers initially so there was little to no risk to her personal pack. She knew and administered all the necessary veterinary recovery for the puppies after they were professionally treated. All the babies recovered, and they did not infect her dogs due to her skill set in caring for needs of this type.


I am glad Mel decided to help the little rescue puppies find human companions and admire how much she loves the work.


It would be easy to follow her lead, having a constant supply of cuddling and puppy breath, but I am also smart enough to realize this endeavor is not for me and my pack of dogs.


Blessings to all of you who help the unfortunate canine citizens of this country and who give them hope and joy after their less than fortunate start in the world.

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