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Sociologist/Psychologist takes you to the shadow world of back alley births, newborn puppies, and the underbelly of society. Bring your mind, hold your heart…





by Roberta Lee, DD., PhD., ND. TheDogPlace Science Editor


Did you know there is an Underworld that takes blood from stray and shelter dogs and subjects them to a life of medical torture and stainless steel cages?


There is a bitch that is whelping her first litter. She is in a dark, cold, lonely place and she is alone. She does not have a whelping box or a soft bed for her newborns. There is no hand to pet her lovingly, no soft words of reassurance.


But as a product of nature she instinctively knows what to do, how to rip the sack from the newborn's faces, roll and tumble them to stimulate their first gasps as she chews away the umbilical cord. She knows exactly how to nurture her new babies and this mother dog unselfishly gives to her young all that she has to give.


The seven licked-clean newborns don't know that they have been born into a nightmarish back-alley hell and that the only saving grace for most of them is that it will be short-lived.


How will their life end? Most will die suffering, grossly neglected or injured. Those will wind up on a garbage heap or in another dark alleyway. Of the pink-nosed pups whose only thought right now is to push their way to the nipple, one will be beaten and shot and one will be soaked with gasoline and burned to death by bored teenagers.


Between this night of their birth and the day of their death, there will be hours, days, months, and years of neglect and abuse. Some of her newborn pups will endure lonely confinement or the weight of a chain around their necks, dragging away at their hearts and souls. Yes, dogs have souls. God has said so.


Dogs kept for laboratory research are starved for the touch of a human handSome will be lashed until they bleed, or worst of all, stricken by the very hands they try to kiss. They will be kicked, cursed, and denied food.


Two of her babies will wind up as strays to be picked up by another dog catcher. They will be taken to the shelter where one will be "rescued" by a local vet and live out her short life as a blood donor dog, caged in a tiny steel prison where her blood will be regularly taken to transfuse into "paying dogs."


Two of the hapless newborns will suffer an even worse fate. Bunched with other "shelter" dogs they will be sold to medical laboratories to be injected with drugs, steroids, antibiotics and infectious diseases in order to develop and test "medical miracles" for humans.  Starved for the touch of a human hand, they will live like research mice!


The underworld you have just glimpsed is a hidden one which includes the so-called shelters that sell dogs to research laboratories. Our world looks the other way when veterinarians "adopt" dogs in order to condemn them to unspeakable mental and emotional torture, living their lives as test subjects for pharmaceutical companies and surgical research.


But these puppies have no precognition, no premonition as they whimper into life. Not one puppy knows that the one thing they will not receive is love.


Found later by animal control later that week, the whelps are gathered up and placed in the cold steel compartment of the state-of-the-art new truck the city bought. The mother dog doesn't object to her babies being lifted from her nipples. She is after all, a Pit Bull Terrier, bred for generations to never challenge a human.


Anxiously she follows the animal control worker to the truck, whining, imploring him. He picks her up and gently places her in the next compartment where she anxiously snuffles at her puppies. She can do nothing as they grasp for purchase on the bare steel floor. They don't yelp as the truck makes a sharp turn and they slide across the cage, smashing into each other. They are already tough little babies but they can not defend against the fate which is about to separate and destroy them.


These aren't just any back-alley pups. They are Pit Bull Terriers, genetically engineered for the sole purpose of being used in the most degrading, disgusting, barbaric, inhumane sport in the world. Pit fighting is a blood sport which should be rightly named a death sport.


Ultimately no Pit Bull survives. Even if they always win in the fighting pit, they are bred from, then destroyed. This mother dog is lucky. She will be declared un-adoptable and with other "mutts" killed in a gas chamber the next day.


Her offspring will never know the love of a family, the gentle caress of a human hand, they will never be played with and in one way or another, all will live their lives in pain. They will be spotted for what they are and "adopted" by enterprising dog pound scouts.


Two will be grabbed up by a medical researcher posing as a family man looking for "a puppy for the kids" and who graciously says he has a friend who will take the extra pup. Those two puppies might have been better off dead as they will live in a crate where they will be used to test experimental pharmaceuticals, blood drawn daily, the staff trained to treat them like laboratory mice...


The underworld of pit fighting hides the sadistic humans who profit from the blood of man's best friend.  So do the pharmaceutical companies that keep experimental dogs... for as long as they last, until some drug kills them.


Don't think for a moment that the birth of those homeless pit bull puppies did not affect our daily lives, each and every one of us. They were real, warm, breathing creatures; truly man's best friend. Compare them to the truth we cannot escape; good dogs are created by bad humans who poison our society.



"Until he extends his circle of compassion to include all living things man, himself, will not find peace." Albert Schweitzer EST 1998 © Feb 2000 151018092012



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