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Shelters are busy businesses because animal rights lobbyists pass laws that force owners to give up their dogs, which if large or dark colored are then euthanized.





Barbara "BJ" Andrews, Journalist, AKC Master Breeder


For every dog adopted out to a loving home, statistically four more take its place thanks to animal “rights” legislation, mandatory spay and neutering, and ever-increasing zoning, nuisance regulations and license fees.


Most of new intakes are killed because they are too big, too old, have health or behavior problems (the shelter does not want to be sued for selling defective merchandise) or they are just shy, ugly, or otherwise considered unadoptable, i.e. not saleable.


this elderly man's Rottweiler will be put to sleep at the shelterAnimal rights lobbyists are forcing owners to give up their dogs. Faced with new animal ordinances; outrageous license fees and mandatory spay or neuter surgeries, families can’t cope in a crushing economy.  In many cities, animal control officers canvas door-to-door, issuing fines for failure to comply with tripled dog license fees families couldn’t afford.


Thanks Politicians.  We elected you, we deserve this.


Pets are not a luxury for the ill and aged; they have proven health benefits yet they wind up in shelters.  Most are like their owners, elderly.  Old dogs have wisdom, social skills, intelligence and training, but are rarely adopted.


Thanks Animal Rights.


Forced to choose between pets and providing for their children, loving dog owners take them to animal shelters.  Others simply abandon them, telling themselves someone else will “adopt” the dog.  The “humane” thing for HSUS to do is to return part of the $200 million per year collected from animal lovers to overburdened families as temporary pet assistance but they won’t.


All children need a dog to love and to give them loveThanks Humane Society of the U.S.


How many adults grew up with a dog, or any warm, loving, responsive pet?  We are so “urbanized” that many children don’t know how deprived they are because their friends don’t have pets either.  Children learn about caring for others through caring for pets.  Pets teach youngsters responsibility.  Caring for a dog instills good work habits and conscientiousness that will help them as adults.  Even if you detest animals, let your kids volunteer at a shelter or rescue group.


Thanks busy, urbanized parents.


We’re told the animal shelters are full but did you know that big city shelters fly dogs in from offshore islands or beg small “cute” dogs from other shelters?  Were you aware that many shelters charge more in “adoption fees” for a problematic dog than good breeders charge for healthy, socialized, well bred and lovingly raised puppies?  Thanks shelters.


PETA says adopt from a shelter because buying from a breeder kills a shelter dog.  Sure, that’s why they have to import dogs from Costa Rica!  The Humane Society of The U.S. isn’t that at all.  HSUS fraudulently solicits donations to help animals while pledging to end all animal ownership.  HSUS is directly responsible for the ii 2007 legislation that stopped humane horse euthanasia, resulting in horrible suffering and inhumane death for thousands of American horses trucked to other countries every year. 


Thanks HSUS for being responsible for inhumane laws!


Hobby breeders are blamed because so many shelter dogs are purebred.  Most are from puppy mills and pet stores.  Where is the animal shelter’s outrage over puppy mill dogs churned out with physical and mental deformities?  Crippled, blind, or chronically sick dogs are disposed of at shelters, creating inflated numbers and higher budgets.  Hobby breeders donate time and money to the same shelters that refuse to openly condemn the puppy mills.


Learn what the SPCA is not.  If you live in NYC, that is the first and only real SPCA and you should support it.  But you need to know that anyone can be an “SPCA” and many unscrupulous individuals, shelters, and rescue groups claim that title.


Donate to your local animal shelter or rescue group after you personally check it out.  Do they bring dogs in from outside your area?  Make them give you a straight answer.  If making a substantial donation, ask to see their books or a copy of the tax filing.  Are their hours compatible with family adoption?  Many shelters are closed by 3 or 4 PM and on weekends.  Does the shelter support rabies vaccine and spay/neuter clinics?  Is it volunteer staffed?  Does the shelter provide vet services for old or sick animals or does it just kill them?




Most shelters are taxpayer funded and the rate of “rescues” determines the budget.  The return rate of un-trainable, un-socialized dogs is estimated at over 60%, falsely inflating rates and funding.  That is your tax money wasted.  So find out; does the shelter competently evaluate dogs, provide basic training, and match dogs with families?  Or does it just keep sending social misfits out the door?  Donate your time and money to shelters that do it right.


These are things you need to know about shelters and puppy mills.  Share this with friends, and neighbors.  Take time to learn if your local and state politicians know the difference between protecting pets and “animal rights.”  Before you support a shelter or politician, ask if they receive funds from HSUS, PETA, or any “animal rights” group.  If they don’t know…


Thank them for finding out and letting you know the answer! EST 1998 ©   1571611709



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