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A first-hand account of animal rescue gone wrong, is it more about profit than service to animals? Non-profit shelters and rescues work hard to get dogs adopted but this first-hand account of rescue gone wrong seems more about profit.





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BARBARA COLLUM - ABOUT THE AUTHORI have done a lot of fostering for CCR (Critter Cavalry Rescue) since last year. 90% of the time, I'm left with paying the expenses involved, except vetting. I haven't really minded doing this since I figured I was doing my part as a volunteer and helping keep down expenses. But, now I see that the welfare of the dogs takes a back seat to the rescue’s profit margin even though it claims to be non-profit!


RESCUED PIT BULL GIRLS SHARE LITTER CAREI took in a boxer-mix and her 9 puppies from a shelter when they were going to be put down. I already had a pitbull foster going through a false pregnancy so I figured Penny could help feed the litter if the emaciated dam didn't have enough milk.


So I became a foster home for Penny, Duchess and her 9 babies. CCR took the puppies when they were old enough and adopted them out but refused to help or take any responsibility for the 2 sweet adult pit bull girls. They even expected me to pay for the vetting but here is the real problem.


My Home Owners Association gave notice they were enforcing the 2 pet limit (I have 3 of my own dogs) and I had until the end of May to get the rescue girls out or liens would be placed on my house. I checked, they have the legal right to do that!


SWEET, HOUSE TRAINED PIT BULL RESCUES NEED A HOME!CCR refused to help me, stating they didn't have other foster homes. Ridiculous! Surely I’m not the only person that takes in abandoned animals. Critter Calvary Rescue would not return my calls or answer my emails other than to say that they were not going to pay the vet bills on the two girls.


Critter Calvary rescue totally backed out of their agreement to save these dogs, leaving me in a horrible and unexpected predicament. Basically, they got their money out of the puppies and the adults weren't worth their time. Shame on that “rescue organization”!


They have the audacity to beg for donations and foster homes while leaving dogs in shelters until they can get them adopted out. Leaving animals in a shelter is not rescuing. Other dogs are being put to sleep while “adoptable” CCR dogs take up space. To dump on your foster homes is bad enough but to turn your back on healthy sweet dogs just because they are adults or pitbull mixes is unacceptable. And they call themselves a rescue. What a pity!!


I contacted TheDogPress and everyone I could think of, asking for help placing these wonderful, friendly, housetrained girls. Tons of people helped and showed support. Penny and Duchess were taken in by Companion Pet Rescue in Dickson, TN and they have been so wonderful with them. Their website is and Stormy Walker has a branch of CPR in Dickson, TN. Email is and they would love to hear from your readers.


It burns me up that Critter Cavalry turned their back on what they thought were unadoptable adults. Several people called and told me similar stories about CCR. Someone even told me their nonprofit status had been dissolved last year because of unpaid taxes so people should always verify that any shelter or rescue is a valid nonprofit. That chaps me knowing how they still beg and accept donations.


They tried to tell people that they paid $950 in vet bills but didn’t mention that they adopted out 5 of the pups at $400 each. We lost 4 to parvo and that was their excuse for not vetting them; they said their vet bills were too high. So I had to explain that that’s part of rescuing and that $2000 minus $950 in vet bills was hardly in the hole.


RESCUED, FAT, SASSY, AND  NOW NEEDS A LOVING HOMEI haven’t heard from them at all since then but I guess they got one of their followers to write me nasty emails telling me that I was only hurting the animals by telling this story, trying to make ME feel guilty.


I personally had the dogs fully vetted and spayed at Caring Hands Veterinary Hospital in Franklin in gratitude to Companion Pet Rescue for agreeing to take them. Penny and Duchess are safe and will find homes and I get to visit them anytime. They did not deserve to be tossed aside because they aren’t quick flips.


I’m attaching the photos you asked for and thank you for the opportunity to let other people know to check out any shelter or rescue before getting involved with them.


Editor's Note: Critter Cavalry Rescue was founded by Candace Simpson Giles and Vivienne James. To criticize a shelter or rescue is somehow equated with slamming the Red Cross. Yet the Red Cross had serious problems in 2007 which, when exposed on CBS, were quickly corrected. Most rescue groups, shelters, and certainly, foster homes are dedicated, unpaid volunteers but when a shelter or rescue appears to be more about profit than about saving animals, it should be scrutinized.

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