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Most shelters and breed rescues are genuine and desperately need your support but check before you donate.




Shelter Dogs, Animal Rescue and Your Money!

CinDee Byer, Breed Clubs Editor


If this little girl, found in a filthy dog crate in PA, was a puppy in a TV commercial to raise money for shelters or animal rescue would you send money?


This darling little girl was found in Pennsylvania. Her parents left her for days in this filthy, old dog crate. She was given no food and water. She has never seen another child nor had a playmate. She has never even attended school. When our volunteers heard of this poor child they immediately took action.


They rushed to the property and rescued her. Thanks to our volunteers she was saved from a torturous life and now has found a permanent loving home. With your donation of just $.50 a day you could help us help more children suffering neglect and abuse.


A picture speaks 1000 words and the words are familiar… Doesn’t it sound like every television commercial concerning abused and homeless dogs? Yes, yes it does, the reason is that a sad story brings in big donations. Just like many of the dogs you see in these commercials, the girl in the cage above is not abused. She is actually the daughter of a very good friend. When you see this little girl in that rusty old cage and you are emotionally convinced, you want to help, i.e. donate.


In reality this young girl lives in a beautiful home with a wonderful family. The photo was designed to shock you much as the pitiful puppies in those “donate” commercials. Anyone can skew a story, choreograph a commercial or use a photo to give credibility to their statements. Shelter donation scams that come across our televisions are designed to pull at your heartstrings. Many of these associations, societies and shelters are simply names given to a financial agenda that does nothing but raise money and they actually have nothing to do abandoned or abused animals.


They are successful because they show you a picture and tell you what it is you are seeing. They set up a situation just like the little girl in the crate to “illustrate” a sad story. Our minds allow someone to tell us what we are seeing, to stir our emotions, and convinced, we donate. We believe we must do something to help these dogs that we see on these commercials.


Before you open your checkbook, open your minds. The next time you see one of these commercials turn off the volume and let your mind assess the situation. Do you see the pitbull mix with a logging chain attached to its collar? Take notice that the dog is in good weight. Note that his eyes are bright and shiny and that the nose is moist and black. These are all signs of a healthy animal. Note his coat condition… does this look like an animal living in mud, dragging a log chain that is tied to a doghouse outside? Really? The producers of these commercials understand that it is NOT an adorable, healthy animal that moves you to action. It is a shivering, frightened dog which you believe is abused that brings in the donations.


Don’t allow yourself to be taken in by subliminal advertising. Take notice that there are no feces around the animal. There are no holes dug in the dirt. These would be signs of neglect. Animal Abusers are not out there cleaning up feces. Typically if a dog is left alone outside and is neglected it will dig holes. It will chew on anything it can reach. You can expect it to be jumping and barking at any person who might come near it. Especially someone with a camera! Let your mind relax and note this is a trained dog in a down stay, not a neglected one. If this cruelty is so common that the advertiser has to have financial help to rectify it, why don’t they take the time to ride through town and simply film actual cases of neglect?


Remember just because an animal appears wet it does not mean it is left in the rain. A dog that shivers can be a dog that is excited and not abused. A dog shivering can simply be nervous about cameras pointed at it. Just because the dog is in a rusty crate does not mean it lives there. When you see these commercials ask yourself this... If an animal is freezing in the snow do you take the time to call the camera crew over or do you save the dog?


There certainly is animal abuse in our society by unscrupulous people, namely animal abusers who make millions off of that abuse. They are the bottom feeders who make a business out of selling abuse for large donations.


Support your local shelters, help the homeless animals in your area, and report abusive behavior or neglect that you see with your own eyes. Do not line the pockets of those who turn abuse into big business. As Judge Judy would say “Don’t let them pee on your leg and tell you it is raining!” Don’t contribute to those who promote abuse for profit. Be smart and donate smart! Start with your local kennel club to find who needs help and contact your breed club for reputable organizations.

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