Core Vaccines protect pets but non-core vaccines or over-vaccination can cause immune system and brain damage in humans and animals"The Jab" is high profit for the veterinarian because it often leads to serious immune system breakdown and/or neurologial damage




The FIRST website to track and expose Bad Boosters, Lyme Lies, Mercury Madness, Parvo Prism, Rabies Reactions, and Vaccinosis.



Canine Lyme Disease

Dogs can become aggressive for no apparant reasonCan cause neurological damage and aggression, misdiagnosed as rage syndrome in dogs or mental-emotional disorders in humans.


Violence and Vaccines

Nikolas Cruz practiced animal cruelty and killed 17 people, read what our subscribers had to say in this survey report.


Call Your Shot - It's Not Genetics

Unneeded assault on immature immune systems.


Call Your Shot - Save A Life

Salk vaccine saved lives, these shorten it!


Death By Vaccines (VID)

Veterinary provided photos, video, records.


Vaccine Induced Disease (VID)

Why Vets support the Vaccine Injury Compensation Act.


Vaccinosis Disease, Part 1 & 2

Symptoms, Prevention and Avoiding the Cause.


Vaccinosis Disease, Part 3

Restoring your dog's health.


What's In That Vaccine?

Dr. Jordan provides a shot of sanity!


Puppy Shots Schedule

Vaccines assault the undeveloped puppy immune systemAVMA Vaccination chart makes giving vaccines simple.


Core & Non-Core Vaccines

Dr. Vargas on frequency & efficacy


Non-Core Vaccine History

Core vaccines protect for life, like childhood vaccines.


Core Vaccines Force New Profit Protocols

Vaccines, Pills, Treatments = $$$VetMed reveals problems, solutions.


Profit Protocol Exposed

Doctors & Veterinarians paid to prescribe!


Vaccinations & New Protocol

by Breeder-Vet Linda Aronson, DVM


Pigs are affected by a porcine circovirus but says it doesn’t resemble canine circovirus.Circovirus Kills Dogs

where did it come from and what's the revealing story behind this highly contagious disease?


Inoculating The Immune System

Veterinary vaccine risks to immune system.


Over-Vaccinated Pets

Veterinary insight by Drs. Bloomer and Thomason


Vaccine Efficacy & Safety

Veterinary vaccine researcher creates scandal.


Class Action Vaccines Lawsuit

Led by veterinary pioneer, Bob Rogers, DVM


study debunks bats as primary rabies vector.


Rabies Fiasco and Remedy

Contaminated rabies vaccine safety precautions.


Rabies Boosters Shot Down!

Again... and again.  Risk greater than benefit.


*CDC: No Canine Rabies Risk*

Stated in 2007, there is no canine rabies risk in the U.S. so why keep vaccinating?



Print this form and take to your veterinarian, good in any state


Rabies Death Reports False!

No rabies panic in China: a call from Beijing


Rabies Vaccine Recall!

Alert issued by Rabies Challenge Fund


2009 Rabies Vaccine Argument

State-by-state, here's your tool to save your dog from Vaccine Induced Disease!


Rabies Vaccine Legal Challenge

delivered to Kansas state, use for your state


Measles Vaccine and DNA

Measles vaccinated puppies passing illness and measles rash to their offspring! Vaccine pulled…



Rabies Challenge Fund

Top veterinary vaccine researchers on rabies vaccine risk then and now and how the Rabies Vaccine Challenge Fund works.


Study Suppressed

Veterinary group reports 2019 pharmacology study linking aluminum in vaccines with behavioral changes in sheep was withheld from public.


Canine Flu Warning

How does this affect you? Dog Show Crud hit dogs and exhibitors coincidental to Univ. Of Florida development of a canine flu vaccine...


rabies vaccine injection site reaction results in this mast cell tumorVaccine Reaction Tumors

Veterinarian's photo-video evidence of VID and immune system damage.


ii Vaccine History concise chronology, 1981-today!


Adverse Vaccine Reaction

Veterinary photos before and after plus  surgery VIDEOS.



Print this form and take to your veterinarian, good in any state


To Vaccinate or Not - The Question

This new mother's terrifying experience is why puppy owners demand vaccine safety.


Vaccines: Immune System

the genetic impact, by P. Jordan, DVM


New Vaccine Protocol

How to avoid Vaccine Induced Disease (VID) by waiting until immune system matures.


Top 10 Canine Health Problems

Shocking indictment of vaccine over-use!


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Lyme Vaccine Disease (1)

Antigens explained, Patricia Jordan, DVM


Lyme Vaccine Disease (2)

CNS aggression, Patricia Jordan, DVM


PARVO: A 1981 Shot In The Dark

Historical vaccines will blow your mind!


Canine Flu Vaccine History

From "dog show crud" to new vaccine, the ugly probabilities.


Plum Island Lyme Disease

Bio-weapons research you should know about...


Too Many Shots

damage immature immune systems.


Booster Shot Warning

The risks of over-vaccination are serious and significant!

Leptomania: Lepto Vaccines

It's enough to drive you crazy! P. Jordan, DVM


Vaccines, Cancer & Autoimmune

The deadly connection, Stephen Blake, DVM, CVA, CVH


Vaccines can protect or harm healthDog Show Crud = Flu Fluke?

Jan 2005, Florida circuit, read, decide...


Bordatella 2010 Epidemic

Whooping Cough possible kennel cough vaccine mutation.


Over-Vaccinated Pets

Dr. Jean Dodds explains to the press


Deadly Bacteria Found In Vaccine

Bio-control reveals Proteus mirabilis in Intervet vaccines, undercover report from Zhongshan University

Vaccination Perspective

Australian authority issues statement:

"no need for life-long annual revaccination..."


Pfizer Shape Shifting Its Image

Selling off its animal health division but plans a new name.


Vaccine Disclosure Forms

Hearings bring more questions than answers


Dog Vaccines Risk Testimony!

report by Kris Christine, Rabies


We thank Patricia Jordan, DVM, Jane Dodds, DVM, Jane Barber, DVM, Stephen Blake, DVM, Roberta Lee, PhD, ND, Bob Rogers, DVM and other authorities for their dedication to the Vaccines Project.


ii Vaccine History concise chronology, 1981-today!