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Much more than a rabies vaccine recall. It is only the tip of the iceberg that made the news. Veterinarians derive major income from booster shot visits. Despite the reluctantly agreed upon 2005 Am. Vet. Assoc. policy, many vets still insist on "sticking it" to dogs and their owners.


Fort Dodge Recalls Rabies Vaccine


dateline June 2006 - UPDATE ~ This in from Kris L. Christine, Co-Founder, Co-Trustee, The Rabies Challenge Fund,


NOTICE: Fort Dodge issued a recall of its RabVac 3 TF serial number 873113A rabies vaccine on May 25, 2006 after a vaccinated dog contracted rabies BUT according to Fort Dodge's recall letter, this batch of vaccine "was released into the veterinary market in November 2004 and expires June 29, 2006."


What we had said, based on a previous press release follows and may be even more meaningful based on the confusion.....


If your dog was vaccinated for rabies at any time after Christmas 2005 (stop and think now) you need to go find that certificate and check the date and in particular, look for the rabies vaccine Rabvac 3 TF, serial number 873113A. If this is the bad batch with which your dog was treated your vet should have notified you.


If you can't find the certificate, don't be shy about calling your vet and asking them to pull your dog's file and read you the date, manufacturer, type, and serial number of the vaccine used.


This is important because onset of pseudo rabies or real rabies can be delayed. This is but the tip of the iceberg. Untold numbers of animals suffer immune system damage, even death every year.  You need to know the vaccine-associated risks.  There are links at the close of this news alert and we (and your good vet) strongly recommend you take 20 minutes to learn how to protect your dog from immune system damage and the potential for vaccine induced disease.  This is not a new problem.  This sad example made news because we are a newly litigious society where the family vet, like the trusted family doctor is no longer "immune" to distrust.


Fort Dodge Animal Health located in Overland Park Kansas, is a leading vaccine manufacturer.  The company has voluntarily recalled about 330,000 rabies doses sold nationwide after a vaccinated dog contracted the deadly disease for which he had been routinely vaccinated.


Kelly Goss, spokesperson for Fort Dodge Animal Health, told the press "They don't know why ... the animal contracted rabies."  Please note, Fort Dodge has been in the vaccine business longer than most of you have been adults.  It is a very profitable division of health care giant Wyeth.


If they don't know why the rabies vaccine caused the dog to develop rabies, why are they producing and marketing the product???  Of course they know the risks.  If not, we suggest that Goss read the information contained in the links below so that she is objectively informed by many of the top immunologists in the world!!!


Goss continued "In the best interest of pet owners and animals, we made a decision to voluntarily recall that product."  That was a wise business decision.  To avoid a deluge of anticipated lawsuits.  It does not forestall legitimate suits nor does it cover up the fact that all vaccine manufacturers are aware of the risks associated with vaccines.  That does not mean they shouldn't make them.  That does not mean people should not vaccinate their children and their pets.  It just means it should be an informed consent to treat.


Goss said the company mailed notices to veterinarians on May 25, and will reimburse them for revaccination.  What???? If your dog did not contract rabies from the first (possibly contaminated) shot, bring him in and see if you can beat the odds again???  Think about that.  She went on to assure the reporters that vets are notifying pet owners to bring in animals for free shots.


Doesn't that make you want to rush down to your vet and get one of those free shots???


Fort Dodge began selling this particular batch in January 2005.


Dr. Steve Marks of the N.C. State University College of Veterinary Medicine in Raleigh says that the animals at greatest risk are outside animals and previously unvaccinated pets.  "If that initial vaccination did not work, then they're ... at risk for rabies," he said.


Listen to Dr. Marks.....  and read between the lines.  He said "Notified pet owners should act quickly to have their animal revaccinated" he wisely cautioned against panic.  "Just call your veterinarian if you're in doubt," he said.  A rational person might interpret that to mean if this was a booster shot, you might be wise to skip the free second shot!



Sit in on December 1988 roundtable discussion regarding the safety and efficacy of vaccines through quotes and excerpts provided.  The worlds foremost authorities, including Dr. Jonas Salk knew the risks and the benefits over 20 years ago.  Vaccines have improved but this news story underscores that what happened in 2006 is not news!! Go to Vaccines Index and learn about new vaccine protocols, puppy shots, and how to truly protect your pets.


Rabies Vaccine Legal Challenge to Kansas State 2008



Pet Vaccine Lawsuit


It's official -- the law firm of the Chicago lawfirm of Childress Duffy Goldblatt, Ltd. [} 312-494-0200 -- attorneys Roy R. Brandys and John Sawin-- has posted an announcement on their website about the NATIONAL pet vaccine class action lawsuit that their firm is undertaking at 


"arising from the misrepresentation of the need for vaccinations for your pets."


Anyone wishing to have a copy of either the 1992 French challenge study data from a research team led by Michel Aubert in which dogs were demonstrated to be immune to a rabies challenge 5 years after vaccination, or Vascellari's study which documented cancerous tumors in dogs at presumed injection sites of rabies vaccine, please e-mail me. Kris Christine



Take your dog in for yearly checkups but we suggest you avoid inundating your dog's immune system with vaccines and other unnecessary preventative treatments. Explore much more in Vaccines learn why vaccine-induced disease or death is a preventable tragedy.


Editor’s Note: Please, go to the Rabies Challenge Fund website and DONATE NOW!!! has worked with Kris for many years as she has single-handedly raised awareness, testified before state and local veterinary associations and lawmakers, and succeeded in getting some of the most highly respected vets and veterinary universities on board. Go to the site, the official backers and endorsement of the veterinary community will amaze you.


And forgive me for pointing out that one determined woman did this, initially by herself. Let this be an example to all dog clubs and legislative groups. Working alone is sometimes easier, no one interfering, but at some point, we have to do what Kris did – come together for the good of our dogs and their owners. See historical coverage of the Rabies Vaccine Reaction Lawsuit EST 1998 ©   0606


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