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It Pays To Prescribe And Immunize

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Most veterinarians are good people who care deeply about animals but they have to earn a living which often means succumbing to business models based on extensive vaccinations, prescriptions, and expensive tests.


Before you vaccinate or medicate, learn what Big Pharma teaches your veterinarian about profit and how veterinary medicine has changed.


Most Medical Professionals Are Paid To Prescribe

What used to be a symbiotic relationship that supported development and research has turned into a profit-driven scheme to boost prescription profits by influencing the physicians and veterinarians to prescribe particular products - often.  Did you know drug companies also get doctors to persuade patients to participate in prescription drug trials? You've seen the TV ads encouraging you to "ask your doctor about" the new wonder drug.  It's just one part of the profit protocol. OK, then what do you think your best brood bitch or that answer-to-your-dreams special looks like to a hungry drug company?


Major pharmaceutical companies subsidize medical and veterinary universities with text books and tools which shape the student's educational process. After graduation, promising medical doctors and veterinary practitioners may also be provided (at no cost) with computerized record-keeping systems that provide automatic prescribing feedback to the pharmaceutical company.


Tobacco companies suppressed evidence that smoking can kill us but today, pharmaceutical companies get by with murder!!  Two of my vet-friends operate veterinary practices which are little more than store fronts - the new protocol to boost profit and reduce liability. One has visiting ophthalmologists, cardiologists, orthopedic specialists and surgeons.  He does no surgery and schedules health certifications and exams for visiting "specialists".  The other friend just does routine shots, "wellness checks" and writes prescriptions.  Anything else, she does referrals.  She doesn’t even do spay and neuters, instead scheduling them for the rotating surgeon who uses her facility.  Even her best clients are sent to an emergency clinic for any after-hours problem. She says she now “has a life” and I guess I understand....


GOOD VETS KNOW COMMON SENSE IS GOOD VETERINARY MEDICINE!Our horse vet was afraid of dogs, wouldn't get out of his truck until my Dobermans were locked in the house, but together we learned things.  Clifton Hart taught me how to sew up a horse and I taught him how to read a dog.


Large-animal vets used to be like that.  I tell my puppy owners to search for a large-animal veterinarian who joined a small animal practice rather than retire as age demands when they are no longer able handle "testy" bulls and stallions.


Many bright young veterinarians succumb to profit over procedure, preferring supply rooms to satchels as they struggle desperately to repay student loans.  Beginning in early 2000, many veterinarians sold out to the conglomerates. Same office, same vet but totally different practice. Many struggling medical doctors did likewise, the result being that both groups are under the pharmaceutical company thumb.


Here's a real-life example of suppressing new treatments to protect profits.  Doctors once considered leeches a sure ‘nuff cure-all and "bleeding" patients to within a quart of their lives was common.  Pretty gruesome but no worse than the millions of  ulcer victims  walking around today with only part of a stomach because doctors were taught to maintain them on expensive prescriptions for as long as possible and then use the knife.  They did no wrong, it was accepted protocol.  But know this...  After years of being professionally derided (and muzzled at the medical conferences he attended), an Australian researcher’s persistence finally paid off when his “newly discovered” cause (and simple cure) was reluctantly acknowledged - and immediately followed by a "prescription" to rid patients of pylori bacteria. The "prescription" is in your dog supply cabinet. We call it metronizadole, i.e. flagyl.  Tell that to your friend or relative with only part of a stomach after ulcer surgery.


The Vaccine Epidemic Changed Medicine Forever

Let's look at vaccine profit and more to the point, why and how some vaccines came to be.  I've been threatened for exposing background on Parvo, Lepto, and Canine Flu but let's start with the history of parvo virus? (see below).  You may remember that it supposedly erupted spontaneously at the Collie Specialty back in the early 70s.  Sure.  And it spread almost simultaneously around the globe?  Impossible!  Unlike the rapid spread of human virus, dogs didn't jet around the world that week.  There was a flurry of veterinary articles that espoused the laboratory-created theory but they were drowned out by drug company press releases. The desired result occurred as grateful owners rushed to get their dogs vaccinated for parvo virus.


I wrote for The Dog Newspaper back then, the weekly predecessor of the original Canine Chronicle. Dr. Erbeck was our veterinary columnist. He provided technical data to support his theory that parvo virus was in fact, a laboratory mutation. Our reader survey generated a flood of reports that conclusively linked serious health problems to the unproven, untested, early release of a feline distemper vaccine for parvo.  In nothing flat, there quickly followed an approved canine-derivative parvo vaccine and re-vaccination was recommended!  Double the bang for parvo vaccine.  If the creation of parvo virus was a marketing strategy, it was an inconceivably cruel but enormously successful strategy. Parvo was profitable and it set the stage for a host of new diseases and a plethora of new vaccines.


From Parvo to Lymes to Norovirus to Canine Flu?

To understand the profit potential, we have only to follow the vaccine epidemic in both animals and humans.  For example, there are medically sound questions about the efficacy and need for Lyme Disease vaccine exposed (1). This is about dogs so let's just stick with that although the fear (and acceptance) of contagious disease is what leads to pharmaceutical success.  First the big scare, carefully placed news releases in the doggy press. Then, conveniently, a vaccine. One little glitch.  One pharmaceutical company charged its competitor with marketing a vaccine for which no disease had ever been diagnosed in the canine!  Fur flew. It was a repetition of the scandals surrounding the feline leukemia vaccine. By the way, refreshing my memory, I just spoke with a vet friend. She told me that some of the newer vaccines are labeled as “aids in the prevention of” which sounds a lot like the disclaimers on most wormers. Like selling birth control that might work.  Doesn't matter, the push for Canine Flu Vaccine worked (see below) and became proven protocol.


Dr. Pitcairn, a widely respected holistic veterinarian said “We do see a number of health problems that we associate with vaccines, (often) having to do with immune problems or allergies.” He also points out “It also seems that animals become more susceptible to other infections, so that a cat that gets the feline leukemia vaccine might come down a month later with FIP. There is some evidence reported in the veterinary literature that after a vaccine, the immune system weakens or the animal is more susceptible to diseases of other sorts.”


One of the world's greatest authorities on vaccines, Dr. Jonas Salk (polio vaccine) cautioned about over-use. He cited examples of rabies vaccine damage and espoused the “herd immunization” theory which is simple. Vaccinate one cow and she sheds the virus that then immunizes ten cows. Problem with that theory is obvious. If applied, it would cut drug company profit by 90%...


There are hundreds of medical reports that point out the rise in diseases and unbelievably, the highest number of deaths ever recorded from tuberculosis was in 1998! Where has science taken us? Malaria still claims over three million victims yearly.  Salmonella caused the most outbreaks of any disease (855 outbreaks between 1980 and 2014) but norovirus had the greatest number of recorded cases, more than 15 million since 1980.


Flesh-eating bacteria (necrotizing fasciitis) and vibrio bacterium actually attack human fleshIt's not just viruses.  Today there are horrible new infections such as Flesh Eating Bacteria.  According to CDC medical epidemiologist Rajal Mody, such bacteria “account for an estimated 80,000 illnesses, 500 hospitalizations and 100 deaths each year in the United States.


The simple truth is – the more we vaccinate, the more the virus mutates. The more we treat with antibiotics, the more resistant the bacteria become. I’m not saying we shouldn’t take advantage of the marvels of modern medicine. After all, we have come a long way from using leeches and castor oil for disease but along the way we seem to have lost common sense. Take time to find out if there might be an alternative treatment without risky side effects. And keep in mind that the medical establishment has a clear history of putting a damper on any treatment not protected by patent rights.


The overuse of vaccines parallels the pharmaceutical push for heartworm prevention medication which often presents equivalent or greater risks to the canine immune system than do heartworm larvae to the heart!


I hope this vaccine information and the associated risks to over-stimulating the immune system will pop into your mind when the veterinarian (or medical doctor) recommends a new vaccine or yearly booster shots.  How many polio, measles, or mumps boosters did you get?  Right.  Now you're thinking.  I have no medical degree but am approved to share large doses of common sense with thoughtful people.  Thank you for visiting


Reference Information: (1)  Lyme Disease Exposed

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