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by Karen Rhodes, Family Dog Consultant, SAAB Member


Can Toy breeds or small mixed-breed dogs be more susceptible to reactions from vaccines and medication that are actually generalized for medium-sized dogs?



I think so because last week I took two small dogs in for a Distemper-Parvo combination booster shot and a Rabies revaccination by the veterinarian whom we have used for many years.


My toy breed dog weighs just under 6 pounds, a lively and healthy 1.5 yr old male. I brought in another of my dogs for the same regimen at the same time, a healthy seven year old spayed female, she weighs approximately 15 pounds.


I got a phone call from the veterinary office the following day as a courtesy call to check in on the pups after their visit, which I always appreciate. I told them that the dogs were a bit quieter than normal but I do realize that after any vaccination dogs (and people) might feel a bit off.


Neither dog has ever displayed any sensitivity to the given vaccines in the past so I was not alarmed in any way until the next day the younger smaller male was showing discomfort and malaise. He was not active, curled in a ball and was shaking.



I called the office and was told I could give him a quarter of a 25 mg Benadryl twelve hours apart. I administered the medication shortly after the call. I did notice slight improvement in his condition and hoped all would be okay. But I worried and checked him throughout the night. My tough little terrier got more sleep than I did.


I ended up calling the veterinarian as soon as they opened the next morning because my dog’s shaking had increased and his behaviorial changes warranted an emergency appointment. They got me right in and the vet’s treatment plan was changed to Meloxicam and Cerenia.


The vet tech gave him IV fluids and the first injections of the medications I was given to take home for the following day. He was still running a fever at this time.


I was told by the veterinarian that my small dogs should not receive two vaccinations on the same day.


I’ve had dogs for decades and didn’t know that so I am sharing this information with all who have small canines that could have an allergic reaction from administration of two different vaccines at the same time. I didn’t think to ask him if combo-vaccines are to be avoided?


It is worth noting that both of my smallest dogs are also unable to wear Seresto tick and flea collars. They are related although from different litters but they react adversely to the neck collars. I have discussed this with the veterinarians and because deer ticks are rampant where I live, we have planned a different course of treatment for these two tiny dogs.


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