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Barbara (BJ) Andrews, Publisher, SAAB


Is the brain-twisting movement to put animal rights over human rights, fake meat over steak, and weird Oscar Awards justified in the new mentality?


It was as though COVID-19 isolation touched off something in the brain of otherwise normal people. Thousands took to the streets to destroy businesses and the lives of innocent people. It was classic mob mentality. Have we hatched a generation of self-centered, uneducated, misfits whose only talents are rioting and destruction?



NBC reported “We're seeing a big increase in some really egregious cruelty cases…” Science Times headline “COVID-19 Pandemic Leads to Increase in Animal Abuse...” And leaping off Google pages are dozens of animal cruelty cases such as in Washington state which reported “Animal cruelty and abuse cases in 2020 now equal the previous two years combined in King County…


On the other hand, millions of people who had never owned an animal turned to cats, dogs, cage birds, even fish for psychological comfort. Having something to occupy the mind and stimulate our emotions in a healthy way saved countless lives.


Karen Dawn and have been mutually united against animal cruelty. The American Humane Slaughter Act passed in 1958. It wasn’t long before the newly hatched “animal rights” supporters made FUR a major issue. Karen and I weren’t around in 1866 when the ASPCA was established in New York City but in 2020 we learned “…millions of mink were killed…and plans to raise more were banned in numerous countries due to the danger of vaccine resistant Covid-19 mutations spreading to humans….” Right.  Killing the mink because of "animal rights" makes perfect sense.


Dawn is right though - humans grossly outnumber and endanger wildlife and at the rate we are reproducing there will be no room for animals or for food crops…and indeed, 2020 “… was the year that the dairy industry was discussed at the Oscars and in major mainstream media as a serious social justice issue.” ~ Dawnwatch.


Yep, Joaquin Phoenix's Oscars acceptance speech which was a tirade against milk but sadly for a movie idol, clearly showed his ignorance. His observation “We feel entitled to artificially inseminate a cow, and when she gives birth, we steal her baby…” was typical of misinformed zealots. Dairy and beef farmers depend on contented moms and healthy calves which nurse for weeks before switching to milk replacer and beginning to eat grass and grain.


But the Oscar winner was disturbingly factual as in “(2020) was the year that the first pieces of cell grown meat went on sale, a development more likely than any other to end the slaughter of billions of animals every year for the human food supply.


Did you know that “cell grown” or cultured meat is “…produced by in vitro cell culture of animal cells… It is a form of cellular agriculture. Cultured meat is produced using many of the same tissue engineering techniques traditionally used in regenerative medicine.” ~ Wikipedia


Did you know that “cell grown” or cultured meat is “…produced by in vitro cell culture of animal cells… It is a form of cellular agriculture. Cultured meat is produced using many of the same tissue engineering techniques traditionally used in regenerative medicine.” ~ Wikipedia


That sounds creepy to me but if humans continue to multiply like rabbits, the earth will run out of assets. The fact is, we are drilling ever deeper for oil, raping the forests, polluting the atmosphere, the soil, and our water supply.


My Comanche grandmother would say “they are killing the earth.” She was far wiser than today’s actors and politicians. Fact is, in her day animals were revered and respected. They were hunted for food, never for sport… And there was no waste whatsoever. Hooves, hides, and horns - every scrap was used.


Can we say that today?


Perhaps we should listen to Chief Joseph, at left (famous leader of the Nez Perce tribe) and just bow to forces we cannot fight. When animals have rights that dominate the lives, diets and politics of humans it is time to surrender... As he wisely said "I will fight no more forever.


Pandering politicians happily forget facts. Animals have no “rights” or they couldn't have sustained American families for over 13,000 years! But then what do politicians know about our place in the structure of “mankind” and the centuries-old tribal “politics” that worked for the First Americans.


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