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See Chilling Statistics On Human Vaccine Reactions


Vaccines are a tough subject but critical to your health so sit back, prepare yourself for vaccine reactions and risks.

As you watch the videos we've assembled for you, imagine autism, ADHD, paralyzing migraines, kidney disease in your DOG.  Read "Rage Syndrome" caused by Lymes Disease vaccine because your pet can't tell you how much he's suffering, how intense the pain is, why he can't think straight, why he now has seizures...


Worse yet, most veterinarians either don't know about vaccine damage or they won't tell you for fear of being sued for medical malpractice.  As a parent or dog owner you need to know the truth about risk vs. benefit as clearly shown in this first vaccine video!  If your reaction is "no way!" just check the other links, including the google videos.  If not for yourself, be informed so you can help your friends and family.


Note: The 6 1/2 minute video has been removed from Youtube so we included a link to Gregg Wyatt's Are Vaccines Safe website so you can decide for yourself...


VIDEO of CDC Admitting Flu Vaccine Failure!

former NIH doctor discusses aspects of the flu vaccine


Prescribing Death VIDEO - Beware The FDA!

stunning 6 minutes on sick truth of prescriptions and vaccines


Yes, we are only presenting one side of the story on vaccines. That's because we know you are inundated with pro-vaccine information.  A google search for "vaccine information" returned an overwhelming number of links promoting the plethora of childhood vaccines but we finally found the right search key for balanced vaccine information which included what "they don't want you to know."  So for your children and pets, try this link:


But before you go to youtube, do a quick read to learn how little we know about what we take at face value.

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