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Kim Kitchens


This new mother's terrifying experience is why puppy owners are becoming aware of the risks of vaccine induced disease (VID) and demanding answers to vaccine safety.


As a new mother, I had grave concerns about whether or not to vaccinate our newborn son. As a trained massage therapist, I had worked with many chiropractors who had a clear understanding of the medical practices of our modern world. I read their essays and books which clearly raised concerns not only about vaccination efficacy but the dangers as well.


By the time our son had arrived, I was certain that a series of preservative filled, combined shots was not in his future. But, my husband was not convinced. He had received them as a child and so had I. He felt that if we had survived childhood vaccinations and stayed disease free, then our little one should have them too.


However, our medical paradigm has changed. Back then we were given one vaccine at a time and we a quarter of what is in shots today. A stable shelf life was a concern for manufactures and that lead to preservatives in our vaccinations and medicine, hard metals that erode our immune systems. The combination has become dangerous for our children, deadly for some.


The link between auto-immune dis-eases and our vaccination schedules is alarming. When I began researching this in 2002 for our son, the averages for autism was 1 in 110 children. Now, the average autism rate is 1 in 54! Although the official word from the media is that there is no proof that vaccines are dangerous or linked to autism, I have serious doubts.


My husband was still uncomfortable with the fact that our son still did not have the "protection" that we did. After 8 months of debating him and myself, I gave in. I tried to make sure that thymersol was not present and that live viruses where not being used. Many vaccines were only available as combination shots, even though I requested single dose vials. These were not typical requests, especially at that time.


We went forward with our doctor's vaccination schedule. The first two visits went fine but when we returned for the second MMR shot things went south. The nurse was supposed to note where and what shot was injected. Trying to inject needles into an infant is not happy or easy. The nurse got flustered and stabbed them in as fast as possible. My son immediately started screaming, much worse and different than the crying from the previous shots.


His skin started to bubble before our eyes. He began to blister and another shot was given, this time Benadryl. The bubbling subsided and the swelling began to go down. I called my husband to tell him about our little boy's reaction. He was terrified. By the time we got back home, Daddy had decided that we were not going to continue with vaccinations for our child.


There has been some backlash because of these decisions. We have been shunned from daycares and schools that feel that our un-vaccinated children somehow endangers their healthy-vaccinated children.


If childhood vaccinations work, then their concerns are unfounded.


I have a healthy and happy AB Honor Roll Student now with no learning or health issues despite his very serious reaction to being vaccinated. For Christmas 2012, we bought him a Toy Fox Terrier. This is the tiniest present, other that a diamond (almost that shiny) that anyone could ever give you. Our puppy was only 3lbs. and the breeder's health advice to me was to skip his rabies shot when bringing him to the vet. She said he is just too little.


My husband brought him to his first vet visit. Our veterinarian is a close family friend. He shoots straight with us. So, when he told my dearly beloved that he was big enough for the rabies shot, he listened to him-the animal expert and not Barbara Jean, the Toy Fox Terrier Expert. Simple mistake. Not exactly. Logan, our pup, came home sick. He stayed in his crate. When we removed him he was noticeably withdrawn. He barely raised his head. His entire body was swollen. He would not eat or move for two days! Swollen for two days!


We were so scared that we might have permanently injured our little puppy or even worse that we might lose him. We called our vet to let him know what was happening, that indeed he was too small or too young to have received his rabies shot and that he was not doing well.


So, as we approached our first year's check-up with the same vet and same adorable pup, now only weighing 4.5 lbs, I had to call my expert! Barbara Jean helped to dispel many of the myths, one being, that doctors know best. Sometimes the people who love them most become the authority and hence the expert. Two being that often mommies just know best. And three, that if unsafe vaccinations practices could almost take my son out, they could certainly do the same for a tiny little canine like Logan.


Vaccination is a serious decision. The implications can affect the entire family and should be considered as such. Please do your research in deciding what is right for you and your animals, become the expert! They are worth it!


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