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Pfizer, Inc is prepared to sell off its animal health unit as part of the company's mega expansion into heavier production of human pharmaceuticals after settling numerous lawsuits seen as marketing magic in formation of another veterinary drug division: Zoetis.


Pfizer, Inc, makers of Rimadyl, settles lawsuit but like ancient Mayan shape shifter, morphs into Zoetis veterinary medsIs this shape-shifting connected to the public's perception of Pfizer veterinary product safety?


Will shedding the animal drugs assets, including the $68 billion purchase of Wyeth pharmaceuticals made in 2009, make animal owners forget about the Rimadyl lawsuits, another settled in 2013? Ref #1


SEC charged Pfizer with FCPA Violations Ref #2 which is another good reason for Pfizer Inc to change its image.


Further distancing itself from the veterinary drugs market, Pfizer has disclosed a new name for it's retained the animal-health business.  It will be known as Zoetis, which Pfizer said is based on the root "zo" found in animal-related words such as zoo and zoology.


According to the 2012 Wall Street Journal report "Pfizer plans to make Zoetis a stand-alone company by July 2013, which would require a second-step transaction following the IPO. Pfizer executives previously had said the second step could be an exchange of Pfizer shares for shares in the animal-health business, or some other form of distribution of Pfizer's post-IPO stake in Zoetis."


This editor observes that Pfizer could change its name to Santa Klaus but sooner or later, it would be seen as a bearer of burdens, not gifts for healing.  One of the most egregious results of vaccines for profit is VACCINE INDUCED DISEASE - VID: INSTANT INFORMATION


Animal Suffering & Pfizer's Corporate Crimes

by CORPORATE WATCH - TheDogPlace August 2008

provides the following important background on Pfizer Problems


11. Animal suffering

"Pfizer uses animals to test its products. But of course, as a company with high stakes in animal health care, Pfizer claims to be "your pet’s best friend". Pfizer gives its customers advice on ‘what to do when your best friend (your pet) is hurt.’ E.g., in case of osteoarthritis, when you notice the symptoms, you’re being encouraged to see your veterinarian and ask him/her about Rimadyl®, a pain relief medication that can help a dog suffering from arthritis. Rimadyl is supposed to relieve pain, ‘allowing for increased activity and freedom of movement, thereby improving a dog's quality of life’.[58]


"But many dog-owners saw the quality of their dog’s life deteriorate instead. Jean Townsend filed a class-action lawsuit was on Oct. 12 1999 on behalf herself and other dog owners whose dogs had suffered or died after taking Rimadyl® (the ‘miracle drug’ for arthritis heavily advertised by Pfizer). Jean Townsend’s dog’s situation deteriorated fast after taking Rimadyl, to the point where he had to be euthanized. Quite a few other dogs, it turned out, had suffered adverse reactions to Rimadyl as well. The class-action lawsuit alleged that Pfizer Inc. knew about the adverse side effects, and did little to communicate them to pet owners [59]." Ref #3


Note: Corporate Watch is a small independent not-for-profit research and publishing group which undertakes research on the social and environmental impact of large corporations, particularly multinationals.  Their aim is to expose the mechanisms by which corporations function and the detrimental effects they have on society and the environment as an inevitable result of their current legal structure.


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